Messi Does not Tolerate Neymar in the South American Super Classic

Messi Does not Tolerate Neymar in the South American Super Classic

Having not been teammates for a long time and have not played any matches at PSG, striker Messi is about to have a big clash with Neymar in early September in the 2022 World Cup qualifiers, after Argentina has just won Brazil to register optical Copa America.


Early this morning, Lionel Messi and four other rookies of PSG including Sergio Ramos, Georginio Wijnaldum, Gianluigi Donnarumma, and Achraf Hakimi made a grand debut in front of thousands of fans right on the mecca of Princes’ Park. Except for Hakimi, the remaining rookies did not play in the 4-2 victory over Strasbourg.


As you know, Messi has officially signed a two-year contract with PSG. Here, Messi once again reunited with his former teammate Neymar after more than 3 years of separation. It was Neymar who had a great impact that PSG quickly entered the fight to bring Messi back to Paris.


Thanks to the good relationship maintained since the two were teammates at Barca, the Brazilian striker helped PSG easily take advantage of this cult deal.


Opening Ligue 1, coach Pochettino did not bring Messi to the field in the opening match, to give the Argentine player more time to recover. Messi can only play for PSG after completing the 2022 World Cup qualifying round with the national team. The capital team is so spacious because the upcoming schedule in Ligue 1 is quite easy to breathe.


Notably, the next series of qualifying matches in the South American region of the 2022 World Cup will take place in early September, Messi’s Argentina will face Neymar’s Brazil. Both are on the team registration list, and will almost certainly participate in this important match.

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Brazil is temporarily leading the South American region with a distance of 6 points compared to the team ranked behind Argentina. With that advantage, Neymar and his teammates have a mental advantage before this confrontation. On the contrary, if they lose, the Tango dancers are likely to lose their second place in the table and at the same time be at a disadvantage in the race to Qatar next year.


For a long time, the match between the two biggest football powers in South America, Brazil, and Argentina, has always been considered a super classic of this region. The atmosphere of the match was even hotter because the Brazilian players were boiling to wash away their hatred of being robbed of the Copa America silver trophy by Argentina just a month ago.


That time, despite having the advantage of home field and being full of the strongest force, the Samba team still had to receive a bitter defeat after the only goal of Angel Di Maria. The whole world cheered with Argentina, especially Messi, as he won his first title with the national team after many misses.


According to the schedule, Argentina will play three matches in September against Venezuela, Brazil, and Bolivia. On the opposite side, Mr. Tite also showed careful preparation when calling back 6 members of the squad that just won the Tokyo Olympics 2021.


Selecao has a special return of two veterans who are about to reach 40, Dani Alves (38 years old) and Thiago Silva (37 years old). In addition to these two veteran stars, Brazil still has familiar names over the years. Of course, Neymar and Messi are always at the forefront of the front lines.



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