New Ideas Into Technology And Art, Never Before Revealed: Vincent Van Gogh

An employee of an international branch of art, a teacher’s assistant in a boys’ school, a missionary, these are just some of the works and activities in which Vincent Van Gogh developed, before choosing in 1880 the profession for which he is world-renowned: artist.

And, although his life in this field lasted a short time, compared to other of his colleagues (approximately ten years), he managed to develop around 860 paintings, 1200 works on paper such as drawings, watercolors, lithographs, sketches, without forgetting also all the letters and correspondence that he maintained with his brother, thus managing to leave a vast inheritance for all those interested in his art.

His life and work have served as inspiration for a large number of people and organizations looking for a way to show not only his paintings but also to recreate part of his life.

Museums, traveling exhibitions, films, series, videos on various platforms among many others, are examples of how technology hand in hand with art brings us closer and closer in a surprising way to a world that its creators would never have imagined and, in this. In a specific case, it even makes us wonder: what if Van Gogh could today witness the impact his life and work have had?

We could imagine in a thousand ways the answer to this question, and if we don’t find one, we can also observe a possibility in an episode of the fifth season of Dr. Who, called Vincent and the Doctor, aired in 2010, but what follows. Reaching out to each of its viewers in a special way.

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This is perhaps one of the most poignant examples, but it is not the only one. For lovers of the seventh art, several films have sought to recreate the life of this famous and by many considered tormented artist. One of the most special for its animation, creativity, and work is Loving Vincent (2017) film where some of the most recognized works of this Dutch painter come to life.

Finally, if what you want is to awaken more than one sense, the Vincent Van Gogh Alive The Experience exhibition is perfect for all those who seek to experience and appreciate the art of this painter differently. 

In this, it is achieved using projection in large format on walls, columns, ceilings, and floors; and the use of SENSORY4technology, all this accompanied by music and fragrances to enliven the senses and captivate the visiting public.

These are just three examples out of a large number that show us how by using technology in various ways, viewers can be given what Van Gogh longed for: moving through his works and vibrant use of color. Through technology his works come to life again and manage to transcend time, thus preserving his legacy and his history.