Newsweek: "Beautiful revenge"... This is what Trump will do if he returns to the White House

Newsweek: “Beautiful revenge”… This is what Trump will do if he returns to the White House

The magazine stated that a recent opinion poll showed that if the current president, Joe Biden, competes with Trump in the upcoming presidential elections, there is no doubt that the former president will prevail.

Newsweek said that Trump is keen in his speeches to use a “dark vision” of the country in which he emerges as the only savior, making it clear that the United States is a country on fire with the blessing of the Democrats and their masters, and he always stresses that there is no higher priority than cleaning the streets, which disturbs its security, and controlling its security. borders, stop the flow of drugs and quickly restore order in the country.

Trump does not cease to stress that the United States faces great external dangers, but for him, the internal threats represented by the “sick and evil” are the most dangerous, as he put it.

In Newsweek’s view, these convictions threaten to disenfranchise large groups of Americans, as well as the use of the FBI and the military to harass or even imprison political opponents.


The magazine says that the priority for Trump will be to issue a presidential pardon for himself, as well as for his family members, friends, and main supporters, and then he will work to assign his supporters to senior positions, starting with ministers.

Once he surrounds himself with loyalists in important positions, Trump will begin issuing a series of executive orders aimed at undoing as many of what are considered Biden’s accomplishments as possible, according to the magazine.

Also, he will work to consolidate his power and strive to achieve more control over the military establishment, even though the US Constitution prohibits US presidents from using the military for domestic ends.

Newsweek reported that Trump will also initiate a “purge” within the Department of Justice, and law enforcement offices, including the FBI, and install leaders that can investigate Democratic opponents.

External actions

Externally, the magazine says that Trump, once his government is formed, may resume his threats to withdraw from NATO, end commitments against allies around the world including Japan and South Korea, as well as take tougher positions on China.

The magazine quoted political and economic experts as saying that Trump will pursue a policy of more tax cuts, restore the flow of capital to the forgotten communities in the United States and that he may finally be able to build his wall with Mexico to prevent the flow of irregular immigrants.

No environment

On the environment, experts who spoke to NEWSWEEK say Trump will cancel all US climate commitments, open the door to oil drilling and coal use, and end subsidies and tax credits for electric vehicles and “green energy” initiatives.

Trump will also make electoral voting restrictive and uncomfortable.

Referee chair

In addition to all of the above, the former US president will search for the possibility of staying for the longest period in power, even though the US Constitution stipulates that his second term – if he wins it – will be his last, and any constitutional amendment requires the approval of both houses of Congress, or the convening of a conference To discuss the matter, provided that two-thirds of the US states request its regulation.

The magazine stated that any scenario to amend the constitution unconventionally must involve “some disturbance” that affects the democratic process, such as declaring a national emergency backed by the military, in which the results of new elections are suspended or canceled due to alleged fraud.

Source: Newsweek


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