Pop life: Michael Jackson’s nephew Jafaar will play him in a biopic that will start filming this year

The 26-year-old singer is also the son of Jermaine, brother of the artist and member of the Jackson five. Antoine Fuqua, director of the “the protector” saga, will direct the film.


Michael Jackson has someone to act him. Yesterday, director Antoine Fuqua (“Training Day”, “The Magnificent Seven”, “Bullet Train”) confirmed on his Instagram account that Jafaar Jackon, 26 and nephew of the “King of Pop”, will play his late uncle in the biographical film that the director will face after the filming of “El protector 3”, a film that is already in its last stage of filming, in Italy.

Jafaar, also a singer-songwriter, is the son of Jermaine Jackson, Michael’s brother and member of The Jackson 5, the family group of which the youngest member ended up being the brightest star. Like his father and uncles, Jaafar has been dedicated to music since he was little: he has played the piano, sings, and danced since he was 12 years old. His interests are also in drawing, travel, and fashion, although he could not escape the musical destiny that marks the family.

It will be the first important film role for one of Jermaine’s 8 children (it is the result of his relationship with his second wife, Alejandra Genevieve Oaziaza). In this video you can see the undeniable artistic similarities between Jafaar and his famous uncle:

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The film will be distributed by Lionsgate and the experienced John Logan (“The Aviator”, “Gladiator”, and “The Last Samurai”) is working on its script. Managing the production strings is British Graham King, who knows something about turning the life stories of great music stars into gold: he is responsible for “Bohemian Rhapsody: The Freddie Mercury Story”. His company, GK Films, will produce the film along with co-executors from the Jackson estate, lawyer John Branca and accountant John McClain.

King said the team conducted a worldwide casting search before finding the actor to play Jackson. “I met Jaafar over two years ago and was blown away by the way he organically embodies Michael’s spirit and personality,” he said. “It was something so powerful that even after conducting a worldwide search it was clear that he is the only person who will take on this role. I am beyond thrilled that he has joined to play his uncle and I can’t wait for the world to see him on the big screen as Michael Jackson.”

Pop life: Michael Jackson's nephew Jafaar will play him in a biopic that will start filming this year

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Two Faces, One Family: Jafaar And The Challenge Of Taking On His Famous Uncle.

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Like “Bohemian Rhapsody” (which among its many achievements – in addition to its $900 million worldwide gross – reinvigorated Queen’s catalog and earned Rami Malek an Oscar for his portrayal of Freddie Mercury), Jackson’s biopic will focus on the musical achievements of the star, starting from a childhood hardened by the demands of his father, Joe, the demands of stardom that, as an adult, made him a planetary figure, which led to the drama of a life lived in the shadows and lurid details.

Regarding this last trait of Jackson’s personality, which undoubtedly overshadows his figure, initial rumors indicate that, despite having the cooperation of the singer’s estate, the film will not ignore the accusations of child sexual abuse by the that he was tried and declared innocent in 2003 due to the multimillion-dollar agreements that he had to pay due to the numerous complaints that fell against him. It should be remembered that Jackson never admitted any guilt and pleaded not guilty until his death, which occurred on June 25, 2009.