Real Estate Sales Techniques: Before Showing a Property

Real Estate Sales Techniques: Before Showing a Property

The trends in real estate have changed and sold real estate is not far behind. People are already more prepared and anticipate searches on the Internet or even through social networks.


The roles change and instead of you as an advisor guiding them to find the ideal property, they are the ones who come up with ideas of what they want, however, they do not think about their budget, the area, the proximity to schools, or supermarkets, according to the case.


For this reason, one of the real estate sales techniques that you must master is asking your clients intelligent questions before showing the property to obtain necessary information from the prospect.

Some real estate agents fail by not knowing exactly what to ask, while others ask the right questions but don’t listen. The essence of the salesperson is knowing how to identify opportunities based on the customer’s needs.



The client does not take into account many things, as I mentioned earlier, they do not take into account external factors, the location of the property, the proximity to different places, among others. So asking basic questions will help you to better advise the client.

The questions have to be easy to answer, not intrusive or uncomfortable, short and clear; in this way, they will help to generate a conversation and the information is valuable for decision making.


Asking basic questions is the key to knowing whether to continue with the process or not. Many of the questions are useful for any client, but others depend on the type of property and the situation.

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Some examples of the questions you can ask to obtain the information that interests you the most are:

  1. Full name
  2. How many people will occupy the property?
  3. What budget do you have?
  4. If you are looking for something specific in the property.
  5. If you prefer a certain area.
  6. Where did he live?
  7. What do you work on?

You are the expert, the one who must ask these questions must be aimed at obtaining this information so that the client can better visualize what they are looking for, make the right decision, and also not lose your potential client.


Note that the basic questions do not have to be exactly the above. I cannot tell you what questions to ask exactly without having a prior profile of the request for information and the property in which you are interested, they are only a guide that will help you choose the right ones.

Listen well to the responses of your clients and keep in mind the questions that they do not ask you to answer yourself.


The questions you ask will always tell the client what kind of real estate professional you are. This is one of the best real estate sales techniques.

If you want your clients to continue choosing you to help them find the right home, learn to ask open questions and prepare them well.


Some real estate agents believe that they dominate the techniques of real estate sales and that the reason why they do not close sales is in the current market situation or any other excuse; not in his way of selling. However, they do not want to recognize that the techniques have changed and that their problem may be improvisation, they continue to use traditional techniques or the market change because the client is no longer the same.

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It is useless to know what to do or what real estate sales techniques to apply if you do not put them into practice properly. Finding shortcuts that require minimal effort has never worked in real estate marketing.

Applying any real estate sales strategy or technique effectively requires investing time and effort.

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