A futuristic trend: smart sneakers and aliens?

There are already several brands that are betting on extravagant designs and materials that are very unconventional. Along with the new technologies that are implemented in the textile world, the large and most famous companies have immersed themselves in a futuristic trend, experimenting with different formats, colors, textures, and elements, many of them unthinkable in the link with the textile industry. footwear.

As time passes then, it is more common to see that in the development of different sneaker collections, designers and creators opt for the use of the concept of ” intelligence “  and show a vision of futuristic aesthetics. Likewise, more and more consumers and users are demanding this type of shoe, which can have an exaggerated and dramatic appearance, for more traditional ones.

The technology is applied to the demand, giving users what they are looking for, since there is a reality and that is that the rarer the model, the more attention it receives and, many times, the greater success it has.

Smart shoes: What are the shoes with the most technology?

An innovative and extravagant design

Of course, the designs do not go against the current, everything that is staged is faithful to fashion and to the so-called megatrend, which in this universe of clothing indicates that the path in the following years is that of hybridization. among the most formal and sporty designs. They are so novel that they resemble movie costumes in an intergalactic or even alien context.

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They are extravagantly shaped and feature innovative materials, giant soles, absurd proportions, and innovative ways of ” closing ” that are a major departure from conventional lacing. They adapt to the shape of the foot, but at the same time, the morphology generally gives the effect of constant movement. There are designs that even have drop-down soles, which are ultra-edgy.

It can be seen that, on the one hand, there are those shoes that help you run more, those that help you leave injuries or blisters behind, and on the other, there are smart shoes, which are accompanied by technology similar to intelligence artificial, with the aim of revealing all possible details of a race as if they were a personal trainer.

Smart shoes: What are the shoes with the most technology?

4 smart shoes on the market 

Intelligence and comfort are the two characteristics that stand out in these new smart shoes. Don’t miss out on the best versions available on the market.

Unicorn x Balmain

Its main characteristic is the succession of plates and surfaces that make up the model. As for the sole, it is divided into four parts: the two on the front are waffle-shaped, while the two on the back have studs. All this is in order to guarantee excellence in terms of suspension.

The sole is made from eight separately created molds that are later joined together to cover the cushioning system. Regarding the laces, they are attached to a pressure system of three PPU bands that wrap both the exterior of the design and the cavity found in the sole.

In addition, the Unicorn, colorful as its name indicates, although there is variety in that sense, has a TPU case with curved shapes in the middle part and a small plate on the side of the tongue in which the logo of the Unicorn is located. signature.

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Smart shoes: What are the shoes with the most technology?

Shuttle x Scry Lab

They were made entirely with 3D printers and they arrived to change the game in a definitive way when it comes to shoe construction. It is a design that has many openings and gaps in the front, back, and sides. In fact, about 70% of “drain” slots are designed so that they can be completely “printed”.

They are shoes that are the product of research in the field of artdesigntechnologyculture, and the environment. Its virtue is to guarantee zero waste of resources and time to promote a social conscience that pursues sustainability. It is a one-piece “contoured” design defined by dynamic lines and “subtraction” details.

Smart shoes: What are the shoes with the most technology?

 Nike Adapt BB.

Nike has combined a new lacing technology and an app in the experience of the new smart shoes called Nike Adapt BB, special for practicing and playing basketball.

What happens when the user inserts the foot into this particular shoe, is that the sensors calculate the necessary tension for the foot and adjust the interior of the shoe so as to ensure comfort, but also the correct blood flow in the foot. The amazing thing is that the system and the tissues are capable of withstanding the same tension as a standard parachute cord.

From the mobile application, the user can adjust the tension according to the moment of the practice. For example, if there is an interval or the activity is of less intensity, there is the possibility of configuring the shoe for that mode.

Smart shoes: What are the shoes with the most technology?

Under Armor HOVR Guardian

The designers of the American brand have managed to incorporate a sensor inside that connects with the Under Armor MapMyRun application,   obviously, so that when the training is finished, the details can be consulted through the cell phone screen. It is rigid, hard, and has a medium support that fulfills its mission well to prevent the foot from going inwards.

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It has an upper part designed in light mesh to get the breathability the foot needs during the race. It has an EVA rubber midsole to have sufficient cushioning and reactivity, which is accompanied by UA HOVR technology that provides a “zero gravity sensation” to maintain energy return that helps eliminate the impact of the footprint. In addition, the sole is protected to take care of the areas of the foot that suffer the most and offer greater durability.