Success Comes at a Cost! Perspire, Exert Yourself

To consider that success has a price is a misconception. A subtle mistake, but a mistake after all. Success comes at a cost. That is the proper way to understand the matter. Price and cost are not the same, the first is always a consequence of the second.


Things never have a “price” (or are “appreciated”), without prior consideration of the cost of “building”.


While price is an “external” consideration, the cost is an internal labor product. The concept of price is linked more to the material, especially to money. And the association between success and money is a great misunderstanding.


This error manifests itself in one of the following ways:

  • In the conception of success as the search and accumulation of money.
  • In the idea that “those who do not have much money cannot claim to be successful.”
  • The criterion that success responds to the “accumulation” of something.
  • The notion that success can be measured by some kind of “universal yardstick.”


None of this is correct.

The definition of success is something completely personal, intimate.

For everyone, it has a different meaning or connotation. And it has nothing to do with money.


Success can be felt by those who value the formation of a family as much or more than a large bank account. Likewise, those who overcome weaknesses and defects or those who find a love that they did not expect. There will also be those who measure their success in terms of money or power, but this is a category and not the whole.

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They are absurd social conventions that lead to qualifying people as successful based on money, power, or fame they have.


Simplistic conventionalisms. “Cultural canned goods” that are well adjusted to the mediocrity that public opinion always represents, the criteria of the masses.


These stereotypes produce much harm in the average person. They make her a complex, they force her to mortgage her tranquility (and often her morals), to qualify in the arbitrary models of success that the Company raises. They cause people to violate the law and good customs more frequently. Because violating them represents, many times, a shorter path to financial fortune.


Thus individuals are corrupted and the community becomes ill, justifying their actions in consideration of what is “good” expected of them in the world they inhabit.

The “social conventions” transcend preferences, classes, and levels of education.

The “pressure” to be “successful” often comes from within one’s family. Of the children who desire in their parents the material accumulation that they see in other homes. From the spouses, who feel they have the merit to possess and enjoy the same things that others already have.

The measure of “universal success”, an implacable standard.


So misunderstood that it not only affects people’s morale, but also the love between people. The idea of ​​the “price of success” causes harm. The conception that one can be “appreciated” through the collective lens provokes a desperate struggle to achieve a fictitious goal.


Success has no collective foundation, it owes nothing to the anonymous crowd. It is not plural, it is the most unique thing that exists: personal and intimate.


He has only one common thing for all people, only one because everything else is completely private in him. This common aspect is the cost of obtaining it.

No one can be successful without paying its cost!

The cost is work, sacrifice, effort, discipline, sweat, and tears. It is a very high cost, of course! As it is in the case of everything that has a lot of value. And the more distinguished the success, the higher the cost. Because if there is one thing people differ, it is in their willingness to pay the cost for the success they seek.

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This should be called character appropriately. That willingness of some to pay the cost of what they want in good spirits. Character is required to get where you want without fooling yourself with any effort or commitment.

Because if something is reprehensible, it is the self-deception that people fall into when evaluating the nature of their own success.

They tell and convince themselves that they are calm and at peace with what they have achieved. But they know well that they have not been realized, that is to say, that they did not obtain the desired success.


But they do not always naturally admit that their achievements are incomplete because they are not willing to pay the cost involved. That is all the work, sacrifice, effort, discipline, sweat, and tears that represent what they seek.


In the absence of a price, there is no obligation to prove to anyone that you are successful. But if there is an obligation with oneself to invest everything that life has endowed to achieve what is intended.

Avoiding the cost of building intimate and personal success is reprehensible. It is dishonest to oneself and a painful display of mediocrity.


The complacency is a defect that has, like sword blades sharpened at both ends:

  • It is reprehensible as long as it is satisfied with others to adjust to “social parameters that qualify success.”
  • And he is reprehensible when he moderates the efforts and sacrifices to be the best version of himself.

The human being is obliged to fulfill himself. It is not an option. It is a demand for the favors that existence has given you.

Nature never shows a bird that, having wings, refuses to fly. That does not exist. The most elemental creatures without exception honor the favors with which they have been endowed.


The bird does not feel successful just by spreading its wings and flying, it is in its nature. This is the same in the case of man! Personal fulfillment, building the best version of yourself is a natural condition.


But the cost must be paid. It takes effort, work, sacrifice.

Success is not a consequence of cunning or skill as long as they are not inserted into hard work. The drop of genius is only perfected when accompanied by liters of sweat.


There are no shortcuts to success! There are also no universal formulas. If this were the case, one might think that success is for sale and that a price that can be paid prevails.

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Who does not cover the cost with sacrifice and pain can delude himself thinking that he is successful, but he only has a facade, he barely has a hologram.

And at some point notice it. Especially when a deep emptiness manifests in his being, even though he possesses “everything that the world recognizes in a successful person”.


Do people often wonder why others do better than me?


Assuming that the comparisons are appropriate, the correct answer should be: Because they are paying the fair cost that it represents!

This does not mean that cost is a matter of volume, that is to say, that the more cost you pay, the more success you have. The thing does not work like that. Is an eagle more successful because it flies higher than a seagull?

The measure of success is internal, it does not respond to external criteria. But it comes at a cost to everyone!


Life is like a majestic theatrical performance and all human beings are invited to witness it in VIP seats. Arranged in a perfect semicircle around the stage. Everyone must pay the entrance fee to the function.


 Not everyone has the same seat reserved, of course, but everyone is placed in that semi-circle equidistant from the central stage. Who does not pay the cost attends the function at a distance, without being the protagonist of an act for which they had a special invitation.


Life is generous and it is not hidden from anyone. The show can be seen in the VIP seat or with binoculars at a distance. Each one chooses. The measure is the cost that you are willing to pay.

  • Get up a little earlier
  • Spend one more hour on that project you have in mind
  • Make those postponed decisions
  • Give up what you know you must give up
  • Love! Only then can you be loved
  • May your passion guide you and reason accompany you, never the reverse
  • Don’t take any shortcuts. The easy seduces, but the difficult pays
  • The more alone on the road, the better. The roads of mediocrity are always populated
  • If you suffer, let it be in good spirits. Suffering stops evolution for those who have good judgment
  • It always rests as a tribute to meritorious fatigue. Whoever rests without being tired first does not rest, lies …
  • If you want to cry, cry. Tears water the field of hard work that often frustrates.
  • Sweat, sweat.