Sunak raises comparisons.. children of immigrants in British and French political positions

Sunak raises comparisons.. children of immigrants in British and French political positions

Sunak’s accession to the position of prime minister opened a debate about accepting immigrants in Britain, unlike racism in countries such as France (Reuters)

LONDON – After the announcement of Rishi Sunak’s victory in the leadership of the Conservative Party, and his assumption of the position of Prime Minister in Britain, as the first person of immigrant origin to reach this position, the celebration on social networking sites of the British model that can be multiplied, which makes the children of immigrants win the highest positions in the country.

The arrival of Rishi Sunak as prime minister opened a wide discussion about the success of the model of integrating immigrants and their children into the British political system.

Britain is currently ruled by Sonak, the son of immigrants of Indian origin. In addition to the mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, a Muslim of Pakistani origin. The mayor of Westminster, which is considered the most important and wealthiest county in the United Kingdom, is run by Hamza Touzal, who is of Moroccan origin.

This political promotion, for names with immigrant origins, and allowing them to run the most important sectors and cities in the country, makes the Anglo-Saxon system in dealing with immigration better compared to the treatment of other countries with immigrants and their children, despite the growing phenomenon of racism and anti-immigrant from which the United Kingdom was not spared, which It expressed itself in the Brexit referendum, and then the enactment of laws aimed at curbing the flow of immigrants and refugees into the country.

Sunak raises comparisons.. children of immigrants in British and French political positions

The mayor of London called for the celebration of Rishi Sunak as prime minister as an “achievement” (Reuters)

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The arrival of Sadiq Khan to the position of Mayor of London was a major event in the United Kingdom and Europe, as a Muslim person of Pakistani origin would rule the richest capital in Europe, and his path was not paved with roses to reach this position, as he received his share of racist comments both at home and abroad.

Nevertheless, Sadiq Khan managed to establish himself in his position to the point that he entered into an open confrontation with former US President Donald Trump when Khan announced that London would not lay the red carpet for Trump, and also allowed the launch of a huge Trump balloon in conjunction with his arrival in the country.

Sadiq Khan imposed himself as an important figure in the British political equation when he won a second term as the head of the fog capital, and he is currently a leader of the Labor Party, and one of the most prominent candidates to lead the party in the coming years because of his political experience. The position of Mayor of London paves the way for the position of prime minister.

It is also credited to the Labor Party, that they took advantage of their historic victory in the province of “Westminster” to put at the head of this province, a young man in his early thirties. The British of Moroccan descent, Hamza Tozal, became the first and youngest Muslim mayor to hold the position of mayor of “Westminster”, which is the center of British decision-making and the richest municipality in the United Kingdom.

Tozal and this achievement were celebrated at the media and popular levels, without being subjected to any harassment or racist comments.

Rishi Sunak’s ascension to the position of Prime Minister remains the largest and most important position for a person of immigrant parents. This was confirmed by the Mayor of London Sadiq Khan, who commented on this event as reflecting the diversity in British society, and Khan called on everyone to put aside political differences and celebrate this “achievement”.

At a time when veiled Muslim women are being harassed in more than one European country, the British army is launching advertising campaigns urging these women to join the army.

Britain also witnessed the arrival of veiled women to the judiciary and the police, which is allowed in all workplaces without exception. However, hate-motivated attacks on veiled women in Britain remain a cause for concern.

Racism destroyed their path

In contrast to the Anglo-Saxon models of immigrant integration, there is the Francophone model, which presented 3 failed experiences, of women who were subjected to the worst racist campaigns after reaching important ministerial positions in France.

And it’s Christine Tubira, who held the position of the Ministry of Justice and is of African descent. This woman, who is known for her competence, was subjected to racism from newspapers affiliated with the extreme right, for example, the newspaper “Minot”, in 2014, put a picture of Toubira with the headline “Cunning like a monkey, Toubira gets her banana”, and a candidate from the far-right called Leclerc published a picture on her account. On Facebook, Tobira is like a monkey.

Then Tobira will gradually disappear from view after finding herself alone in the face of the wave of racism, abandoned by even the left to which she belongs.

The same attack was directed against two ministers of Moroccan origin, and it is related to Rachida Dati, who served as Minister of Justice under French President Nicolas Sarkozy and was subjected to many attacks, questioning her competence and exhuming her private life.

Dati had previously said that one of her colleagues in the government called him the “fascist minister” because of his racist ideas, and Dati’s fate was like that of Tobira, and soon she too disappeared from view.

As for the third name, it belongs to the young minister, Najat Belkacem, who held the position of the Ministry of Education, and although she was a successful face known for her struggle on the left, she was subjected to a systematic campaign, and she considered that her appointment put the French school in danger. As did former French Minister Natalie Kossieux, who is of Polish origin, stressed that the school “should remain provided and protected from any ideological whims.”

As with Toubira and Dati, Belkacem also disappeared from view, no longer holding any political position, and even staying away from political discussions.

SourceAl Jazeera


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