The Benefits of Clear Audio When Working Remotely

The Benefits of Clear Audio When Working Remotely

The pandemic caused workspaces to change and evolve towards remote work.

Many companies adopted this style of work, leaving empty offices and betting that each worker can carry out their activity from their home or from anywhere in the world.


It is for this reason that webcams, microphones, and headphones are essential tools for all workers who have adopted this way of working from home or any workspace outside the physical structure of the company.


Many manufacturers of technology accessories began to improve and launch various technological devices that accompany the development of work for each person.


One of these technology companies that is constantly innovating and improving its products is Logitech, which knows that remote work is a core activity that is here to stay. 


It is for this reason that, within its technological devices for companies, one of them that currently stands out is the Logitech H570E headphones with microphone, which were built taking into account the main concepts, that the audio should be clear, but to, in turn, they offer comfort by having them on the head for workers who must spend long hours in front of the PC or Mac.


To highlight some of the main features that these Logitech H570E headphones with microphone have, they are:

  • On the one hand, its price for the premium functions it offers, which is designed to be of professional use for the workplace.
  • Another important point is noise cancellation for concentration in working hours, through digital signal processing (DSP) that blocks noise that one does not want.
  • Another detail is that the H570E model can use Mono or Stereo.
  • When spending long hours at work, it has the advantage that they are light so that they are supported by our ears without feeling discomfort.
  • It has synthetic leather pads added to the padded headband with a metallic reinforcement so that it has the necessary adjustment for each person and that they are flexible.
  • Logitech Sound Protection ensures safe hearing by protecting your ears from sounds greater than 115 dBA.
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Since it was conceived as a work tool and designed for companies, it has the advantage of having certifications with the main software programs, so this guarantees to have wide compatibility for both Mac and PC. Some of the main products that support this certification are ZoomSkype for BusinessIntelCiscoBroadsoftBlueJeansVidyo, and Lifesize.


The system requirements for this USB headset with microphone are for PC Windows 7 or higher, or Linux or for Mac macOS 10.7 or higher, which have a USB 2.0 port to connect.


As can be seen, having good quality headphones with a microphone that meets certain requirements improves the productive life of the remote worker.

Benefits of working with the right PC headphones

Hearing aids are proven to improve productivity at work. Companies are realizing that by deploying headsets alongside the application they use daily, there is a better return on investment (ROI), both from a device and application point of view, as well as in productivity and labor focus.


Users who use headphones are 2.5 times more productive than workers who stand in front of their desktops without headphones. This is because noise isolation allows people to focus on work and forget about the noises in their home environment.


In remote work, when looking for greater concentration and better productivity, you should take into account choosing headphones with a good quality microphone so that your productivity is higher.


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