The Best HTML5 Banners with Google Web Designer

The Best HTML5 Banners with Google Web Designer

When putting together a digital strategy in Google using the display network, creativity plays a very important role in the results. That is why achieving quality banners can be very expensive especially if HTML5 technology is also added. In this post, we will see what Google Web Designer is and which are its best HTML5 banners. Go ahead!


Google knows this and that is why Google developed the Google Web Designer tool, which allows you to create attractive banners with advanced interaction and animation elements in minutes for free.


You don’t need to be a programmer to use it, or even Google certified. What you need is to know the business, be clear about what you want to communicate, have very good quality images, and, most importantly, choose the correct calls to action.


What is Google Web Designer 

For Google, it is very important to ensure the quality of the content it offers to its users: Google Drive, Google Search Console, Google Photos, etc. This is why I developed the Google Web Designer tool, which allows your advertisers to create sophisticated banners in very easy minutes.


Google Web Designer is an advanced web application for designing HTML5 ads among other types of banners through an integrated visual and code interface. To use it, it must be installed on the computer.


From this application, you can create content using drawing tools, text, and 3D objects, it also allows the animation of objects and events in a timeline. You can create events with movement, touch sensations, and rotation on mobile. The creation is super simple, you can make multiple pages with the same creativity.


In the mobile part, you can create AMP HTML5 ads, the ads created with AMP load faster than the others so they are ideal for mobile devices. In the content, you can add functionalities such as photo galleries, video players, and maps, among others. Ahh and each component measures its metrics from each of the Google platforms. It also offers the opportunity to create exclusive ads for desktop and mobile views or both views together.

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How Google Web Designer works

The first thing to do is install the tool from the Web Designer link.

  • For the creation of the pieces, the tool offers a gallery of banners with templates by type of platform, making the creation process much easier.
  • The motion event settings allow you to react to user actions with pre-set or Javascript-provided events.
  • Interstitial Ads oriented to the mobile phone screen that adapt themselves to all types of screens are shown when the bar of the pages is lowered or when moving from one page to another.
  • Elements such as photos, logos, and texts are added very easily and the animation is defined from the platform.
  • It uses animation and interaction elements that are integrated with other Google tools such as Google drive as well as Google ads for display and video advertising and double click (Google ad manager).
  • Finally, it offers a preview tool to see the ready banner and uses the different Google platforms for its publication.


Advantages of Google Web Designer

  • Tool installation and use are free
  • You can certify yourself as an expert in the Google Academy link
  • There are many videos on the official channel of Google Web Designer
  • It offers a gallery of ad formats and templates, you just have to add the images and texts and choose the animation.
  • From the platform, it connects to Google tools for its live publication or saves in the Drive.
  • Generates data for other Google platforms automatically.


Types of formats for Google Web Designer


# 1 Flip Book 

Flipbook is an external video format for the mobile web. Use your existing video assets in a novel and playful way. When someone scrolls down the page, a short video clip plays at the same rate as their scrolling. When they stop scrolling, the video stops. If they scroll up, the video plays in reverse. The scrolling video clip is a short, visually dynamic 1-5 second clip that you choose from your longest video. People can click on the video clip to play the full video with sound and video controls

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# 2 Native video

The native ads are a better user experience because they conform to the appearance of the editor page, resulting in a greater commitment and greater visibility. Native video ads help you get to market faster by using a set of assets that publishers use to populate their native ad templates. Just upload your assets and a video to increase your reach on premium display inventory, including Google Outstream Video.


# 3 Parallax

Parallax is a component built into Google Web Designer that makes it easy to create a visually distinctive layered scene that animates to view on scrolling. There are two Google Web Designer templates available to demonstrate different approaches to using Parallax to build your brand: Parallax Window and Parallax Reveal.


# 4 Panorama

Panorama is a 3 frame gallery with space for your logo, high-quality photos, product images, and ad copy. Viewers swipe horizontally to move between frames. Data-driven creativity makes it easy to create high-quality brand awareness messages tailored to each audience.

# 5 App installation

The application installation format helps you quickly create a mobile banner or interstitial ad to drive application downloads using the images and details about your application from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store. Just select the app to promote, add a title and description, and your ad is ready.


# 6 App installation with video

The app install format helps you quickly create a mobile interstitial ad to drive app downloads using the images and details about your app from Google Play Store and Apple App Store. Simply select the app to promote, add a YouTube video, title, and description, and your ad is ready.


# 7 Cou card

Cue Cards is a flexible layout with room for your logo, background image, and 3 frames of ad copy. Viewers scroll vertically to see the next box of content. Data-driven creativity makes it easy to create high-quality brand awareness messages tailored to each audience


# 8 Lightbox

The lightbox ads are expandable ads between environments that provide an insert for large screen high-quality photos on the Google Display Network. Include 1–90 images in galleries of up to 10 images each.

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# 9 Lightbox video

Lightbox ads are scalable ads between environments that give you a large-screen interface for high-quality photos and videos on the Google Display Network. Include one or more YouTube videos and 1–90 images in galleries of up to 10 images each.


# 9 YouTube Bumper Ad

They are 6-second in-stream ads, mobile-first, non-skippable, purchased at CPM through Google ads. They are designed to generate awareness and reach.


# 10 YouTube Discover ad

TrueView Discovery ads connect your brand with consumers who choose to launch their ad. Your ad consists of a thumbnail image of your video with an ad title and description. While the exact size and appearance of the ad may vary depending on where it appears, TrueView discovery ads always invite people to click through to view the video. You will only be charged when viewers choose to view your ad by clicking on the thumbnail. The video is then played on the YouTube watch page or your channel page and this will increase the view count.


# 11 YouTube TrueView in-stream Ad

TreView in-stream ads allow advertisers to reach users while interacting with YouTube videos and the Google Display Network. Advertisers only pay when a user chooses not to skip their ad. Because users have the option to skip the ad, a view will also increase the YouTube video count.


# 12 YouTube TrueView for Shopping Ad

TrueView for Shopping is a simple and effective way to add product details and shopping links to your video content using a link from your Google Merchant Center feed. With relevant products appearing in the companion banner of a TrueViwe in-stream ad, it is easier than ever for people to navigate and consider purchasing products related to the video they are watching.


More and more users flee from everything that smacks of advertising, so it is imperative to develop content that speaks to the right audience with the right content. This platform is a great gift from Google that we cannot stop using.


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