The Digitization of Companies: Guide to Getting Started

The Digitization of Companies: Guide to Getting Started

Technology arrived with a transformative force, ready to modify all the processes that were believed to be established and eternal. Users got used to digital progressively, but forcefully. This is why, today, companies must, necessarily, adapt to changes so as not to be left behind.


Digitization is the adoption of technology, a process of change that seeks to transform an institution, company, business, etc. Some believe that having a website makes the company digitized. However, the process goes much deeper and encompasses every sector of an organization.


To get started with digitization, it is essential to establish an order. That is why, in this article, we are going to detail the guide to start the process.

# 1 Think about the customer

All the processes that are carried out in the company, at a certain point, end up influencing customers. This is why, before moving forward, you should put yourself in the consumer’s shoes and see how you can do to make them more satisfied.


For this, you must understand that your business must have the customer at the center (also known as the Customer-Centric model ). This type of business model will help you to stand out and innovate obtaining profitability since consumers will prefer your service to others.

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# 2 Seek outside help

For digitization to be carried out enjoyably and optimally, you must ask for help from an expert. Find someone who is experienced in the field and can see you from the outside. By having an external vision, professionals can visualize problems that the people of the company cannot perceive. This is why, in general, external audits can be much more effective than analyzing processes internally.

# 3 Establish an investment budget to carry out digitization

By having the help of an expert, you can know what you have to do in the company and, also, have an idea of ​​the investment that digitization represents. However, you should not be left alone with this. You have to establish a budget for each of the changes that you must execute.



Whether it is the acquisition of internal technology or digital tools, everything involves a cost. If you want to have a website, you will also have to add the cost of hosting, the acquisition of domains, the monthly maintenance expense, among other things. In the case of internal programs, you should look at the cost of hiring and implementation. Take all the details into account before setting a final investment number.

# 4 Create a roadmap

Before you begin, determine the path you are going to follow. This will help you to organize yourself better and not go off the beaten track.


The reality is that you cannot do everything at once. Priority must be given to the most influential sectors, and then continue with those areas whose change will be less impactful for the institution. Create a roadmap that is functional for your business, always prioritizing those issues that quickly benefit consumers.

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# 5 Determine what the infrastructure needs are

Digitization will necessarily include a change in the company’s infrastructure. In addition to digital tools, software, and applications, you will need to incorporate new technology.

You will most likely have to purchase a fair amount of computers. In addition, you will have to train employees who need to use new technology.

# 6 Digitize all parts of the company

As much as you think that there are areas that do not need updating, for digitization to be complete and functional, it must cover all sectors of the company. Each of the parties must be involved in the entire process. This knowledge will help to understand the role that each one has in the company and how it complements the other areas. In addition, involving all staff will provide more ideas and different points of view.

# 7 Determine metrics to compare

The digitization process is long, it may take a while to notice the results. However, you should be prepared to compare the before and after scanning.


For a correct measurement, you must first choose the key performance indicators (also known as KPIs s). It is about those metrics that are decisive to measure the productivity of the company. Some examples are sales, the number of customers, the number of products sold or products created, the total amount of money sold, etc.


As you can see, digitization is not a simple process, but today it is necessary. Businesses must adapt to the context we live in and the preferences and requirements of users. If you want to keep your company growing, you must start incorporating technology.

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Despite being complicated, digitization will bring more benefits than complications. What are you waiting to get started?


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