The keys to the signing of Julián Álvarez for Manchester City

The keys to the signing of Julián Álvarez for Manchester City

River Plate  The English team will pay the Argentine striker’s clause


Lack of official confirmation, Manchester City has practically closed the pass of River striker Julián Álvarez. The English club is willing to pay the clause of the Argentine striker, an operation that will end with the record sale of the Cordovan, which in total will be made for US$ 27,500,000, of which about 21 million will enter the CARP Treasury .


Julián Álvarez’s transfer to Manchester City began to close earlier this week. Even though River had no intention of selling (Napoli, Nice, Fiorentina, and Atalanta were interested) until the offer from the City arrived and caused the emergency meeting. Eleven Talent Group is the one that approached the intention of buying the MC through Hernán Reguera, who has a good relationship with Hidalgo. Eleven, the firm that represents Agüero (in River he has Mammana and in 2021 he added Exequiel Palacios) has close ties with City.


The operation, as the newspaper Olé already announced, will allow River to have Julián at least until June, with an option to extend his loan to October if the team continues to compete in the Copa Libertadores. The English club has no problem leaving him in Argentina for a while longer. The team led by Pep Guardiola could even look for a transfer since it continues with Haaland and Kane as market priorities.


A successful operation for River: of the 27.5 million dollars gross, he must deduct taxes and give US$ 1,000,000 to Deportivo Atalaya from Córdoba, who as a trainer kept 15% of his file but who at the time had agreed to receive that amount as a ceiling for a future sale. Thus, almost 21,000,000 net would enter, which also comes with the bonus that Manchester City itself will be responsible for the premiums of Álvarez’s contract at least until June. If River were to continue in the Cup and wanted to retain it for a few more months, they would have to pay (or, in practical terms, stop earning) close to one million American currency as a loan with a charge.


Julian Alvarez converted 26 goals and gave 17 assists. , broke records and lifted three titles last year. has a promising future in Europe. And although its sale will take place immediately, Marcelo Gallardo and River Plate fans breathe a sigh of relief because they will be able to enjoy it for at least six more months.


  • The keys to the signing of Julián Álvarez for Manchester City

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