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The Strangest Addictions In The World: You Will Be Surprised!

The Strangest Addictions In The World: You Will Be Surprised!

Today, the strangest and rarest addictions in the world are very present in everyday life, especially in a digital age where immediate gratification or reward is sought. Now, being addicted is not only about consuming a specific substance or drug, but also encompasses other types of activities that are equally harmful to health in general.

At buzzbongo, we have investigated on numerous occasions myths about addictions that are curious. In this new entry, we show you the rare addictions that some people can have. Keep reading!

First of all, what is an addiction?

Addiction can be defined as a strong and harmful need to engage in an everyday behavior or to have a strong interest in something. It is also considered a chronic brain disease, which aims to reduce anxiety levels through activities with addictive patterns.

Addictions result in the lack of resistance to the person in the presence of a desire to consume. Likewise, he is unable to accept and see that he has a problem, which can make his relationships with other people difficult. The longer the person stays in this addictive frame, the more likely it is that his quality of life will worsen.

The 10 strangest addictions in the world

Sometimes people have cravings that psychologists can’t accept as real addictions. Although these “obsessions” are not cataloged in a diagnostic manual, here are some of the rarest cases that exist.

1. Eat human ashes

A woman who eats the ashes of her cremated husband is one of the people with a rare addiction that is featured in the well-known English program “My strange addiction”.

In the program, it is seen how the widow, saddened by the death of her husband, carries his ashes with her everywhere. In an oversight, some of her ashes fall on her finger and instead of brushing the dust off her hand, she decides to eat it. Since then, the woman has consumed about half a kilo of ashes.

2. Drink air freshener

In another chapter of the aforementioned program, a woman is presented as addicted to drinking air freshener. We can see how a woman dedicates herself to spraying liquid air freshener almost 50 times a day, which turns into almost 20 cans of air freshener per week.

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The routine began when, by accident, some spray fell into the woman’s glass of water. According to her comments, her favorite flavor is “sheets”. Horrible!

3. Chew ice

The Strangest Addictions In The World: You Will Be Surprised!

Surely on more than one occasion, you have taken to chewing the ice that was left in the glass, it is normal. But, some people tend to chew compulsively and consume large amounts of frozen water.

This addiction is called Pagophagia and comes from the predisposition to eat foods that do not provide any nutritional value.

In this case, compulsively chewing ice can be a sign of problems due to stress or obsessive-compulsive disorder, in addition to some nutritional deficiencies such as iron deficiency.

4. Glass-based diet

The normal thing is that to gain weight we have a diet high in calories and proteins, as usually happens in most cases. However, for some people, food can be anything they can eat, regardless of whether it is harmful or even deadly. One of the rare addictions that have been seen is that of John, who has a recurrent consumption of glasses.

This is known as Hyalophagia, which is the addiction to eating all kinds of glassware, ranging from plates, through glasses to light bulbs. It is one of the most dangerous practices that exist for the body because it is not conditioned to digest this type of element. Don’t try it at home.

5. Swallowing toilet paper

It seems that some of the strangest addictions in the world have to do with eating substances or elements of daily use. A clear example is that of Micaela, a young woman who exceeded the limits of addiction by consuming toilet paper without control.

The young woman began her journey when she was six years old and, since then, she has not been able to put an end to this activity that she continues to carry out daily. She even confessed that she finds it much more pleasant to eat toilet paper than other more nutritious foods. In addition, Ella Micaela has been able to consume a full roll of paper in just under three hours.

6. Excess tan

The Strangest Addictions In The World: You Will Be Surprised!

When summer arrives, people look for any means to make their bodies look their best. Exercise, diet, buying new clothes, and other types of activities are very common during this time. One of these is to tan and show off a tropical skin tone, which can be considered normal.

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However, some people are considered addicted to this practice, which is called Tanorexia. It is defined as the obsession of wanting to be tan at all times, which leads them to abuse the sun’s rays and apply solarium sessions throughout the year.

Although the sun’s rays contribute their grain of sand to a person’s general health, the excess of these can also be harmful. In this sense, there is a risk that the person will contract skin cancer due to the constant action of UVA light.

7. Addiction to eating hair

It’s not just cats that are used to ingesting their hair when cleaning themselves. Indeed, some people recreate this activity and develop one of the rarest manias that exist, such as consuming hair.

This activity is known as Trichotillomania, an uncontrolled obsession with eating hair. In the long run, it can cause a person to lose hair on certain parts of the body.

8. Addiction to tattoos

The Strangest Addictions In The World: You Will Be Surprised!

The following of our strange and rare addictions may be common to you, as it is one of the most popular in recent times. This is because, in much of the world, tattoos have become normalized in society. However, some people are not satisfied with having a couple of drawings on their skin but instead seek to cover their entire body with ink.

Additionally, it is characterized as one of the most expensive addictions, because tattoo sessions involve a huge expense of ink. On the other hand, if the person does not control this constant urge to get tattooed, he ends up becoming someone unrecognizable in the face of so many drawings and marks on his body.

9. Eat dirt

Perhaps as a child, you have some memories in which you ate dirt, but it was probably out of curiosity. However, some people continued with this activity, developing an addiction known as geophagia.

It is also considered a pica disorder, but it becomes classified as an obsession when the person does not control their desire to eat dirt.

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10. Drink nail polish

For some, the particular smell that nail polish gives off can be a total disgust, while for others it turns out to be very appetizing. And that’s how we get to the last of the weirdest and weirdest addictions in the world. This was the case with Bertha, a woman from the United States who thought that it would be a good idea to consume these products instead of any normal drink.

Drawn to the smell and appearance of the bottle, she didn’t hesitate to try one when she got the chance. From that moment on, she developed a toxic obsession with drinking nail polish, to the point that she consumed up to five bottles a day. However, given the number of compounds and chemical elements with which these substances are made, this addiction could cause detrimental damage to her health.

What do you think of the strangest and rarest addictions in the world? They are not the only ones and there may be some rarer than these. If you know of any others, feel free to let us know in the comments!



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