The United Kingdom is close to victory in Eurovision: the geopolitics of social networks

The United Kingdom is close to victory in Eurovision: the geopolitics of social networks

Second place behind Ukraine, Sam Ryder has 12 million followers on his TikTok account.

No one votes for the UK in Eurovision, much less after Brexit. Until now. The second place of the charismatic Sam Ryder, behind Ukraine, with his Space Manhas shown that the new musical geopolitics is no longer marked only by borders. Also social networks. When Ryder began in 2020, during the pandemic, to cover hits by Britney Spears or Alicia Keys, she simply swept it away. 12 million followers on his TikTok account, with characters like Justin Bieber, actress Jamie Lee Curtis or Alicia Keyes herself praising the singer. Three things have become clear: the UK has a talent for giving and gifting; when you are serious about something, you have the power to turn expectations around; and third, there is nothing more solid to compete than a professional musician with an accumulated career, and not the resource that the United Kingdom had resorted to in recent years of sending an old glory or some reality contestant to Eurovision.

The United Kingdom is close to victory in Eurovision: the geopolitics of social networks

The summary of Eurovision 2022

Sam Ryder, 32, was born in Essex and studied there at St. John Payne’s Catholic College. He is currently a music teacher at the Plume Academy in the small town of Maldon. The 14,000 inhabitants of it are the main followers of it, and those who have followed his career are the closest to victory in Turin. It was an Iron Maiden record, the legendary heavy metal band, the one who dragged Ryder into the world of music. He has not abandoned his image of hard rock, with straight hair and an abundant beard. He went from band to band for several years. The Morning After, Blessed By a Broken Heart… a lot of time on stage to harden his voice and his instrumental skills. “It was a flea on the back of a dog. I jumped from band to band, and all that time helped me learn, “Ryder said in an interview.

His success on TikTok caught the attention of the BBC, and the music production company Tap Management, which represents artists such as Ellie Gould and Lana del Rey. The public corporation and the power company have put all their power and experience on the table to promote Ryder. His song, SpaceMan, a song that exudes optimism and good vibes, was written by Ryder himself, Welsh songwriter (Grammy-winning) Amy Wadge, and Max Wolfgang, a regular collaborator with music star Ed Sheeran.

The United Kingdom has managed with Ryder to get out of the curse of recent years. In 2021 he was in the last position with James Newman. For all those who thought that Brexit had broken all the bridges, seeing how Germany or France -especially the latter- awarded the British representative the maximum possible points was almost inexplicable. But Eurovision is an increasingly complex and fascinating territory, in which talent, freshness, or originality can prevail over prejudice. Thousands of young British people, as in other parts of Europe, have been hooked all night on the performances and the votes in Turin. Who knows, maybe Eurovision will be the first step towards a future reunion of the island with the continent, to which it has never completely ceased to belong.


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