Things That Tell You That You Have Found The Perfect Walker For Your Dog

Things That Tell You That You Have Found The Perfect Walker For Your Dog

Giving your dog to someone you don’t know to take care of it is a very important decision that requires a high dose of trust. How to know that we are facing the ideal person?

Whoever has someone they trust to walk their dog has a treasure. It is not a minor matter to leave our pet in the hands of someone with whom he will spend a lot of time and who will have to look after him as if we were ourselves. There are many offers of dog walkers, but the important thing is to find the person who fits our needs, and more especially: who fits well with our dog.

Taking care of a dog when its owner is not there requires a certain responsibility, experience, and know-how, and although sometimes this job is associated with very young people who want to earn extra money, really hitting the best dog walker responds to a series of issues that we can assess, point by point.

That he likes (a lot) dogs

It may seem obvious, but there are jobs like this that require a very strong vocation. Just as working with very young children requires knowing how to tune in with them, taking care of other people’s dogs too. It is an inescapable condition that the caregiver likes dogs, that they have a dog, and, preferably, that they have always had one.

It is not a capricious question: dogs communicate mostly with non-verbal language, they are usually quite coherent and clear, but to understand them correctly you have to have that harmony that is only acquired if you have developed a love for dogs and have lived with them. them a long time.

If the dog is hot, thirsty, afraid, or may come into conflict with another dog, these are situations that humans can perfectly perceive when we are in tune with the canine world, but someone who only does this work for money will not be able to discern.

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That he understands how much you love your dog

It’s hard enough having to part with our pets. Perhaps during the post-confinement period, you were able to telework, but that stage came to an end and the time you had recovered with your pet is now a daily vacuum for more than 8 hours. For this reason, more and more people turn to dog walkers, to keep them company and socialize with the dog during the hours when you are at work. But what about the emptiness that remains in you?

A dog walker who also takes your feelings into account is gold. It doesn’t take much, you just need him to tell you how he is, to give you a constant report on his mood, health status, and what he does. Probably every day there will be the same explanations, but a walker who takes these details into account is someone you can trust because he understands that your dog is not just any animal, but rather a being that generates concern, enthusiasm, and interest in you. Nothing will make you happier than hearing “he’s having a great time.” Therefore, it is outstanding if your walker constantly sends you photos of your dog: this choice is a 10.

Know and take advantage of the environment

Whether we like it or not, the place where the walker is going to move is very important, he should know what areas are in your neighborhood to be able to get the most out of the walks. Which places are overcrowded with dogs and perhaps it is not a good idea to go because conflicts may arise, which nearby parks authorize taking the dog off the leash, where it is less hot in summer, where there are fountains, which route has better soil…

It may seem obvious to you, but nobody is better than you to know which path to take with your dog and why, however, you cannot explain every one of your decisions in this regard, that is why the walker must move like a fish in water in your neighborhood.

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Caregiver insurance

A decade ago, dog walkers were an image that we had only seen in American movies. However, today it begins to be a job like any other. For this reason, some insurances adapt to the problems that may arise and the need of walking with dogs, professionally.

It may be that your dog has never presented a problem that requires insurance on a day-to-day basis, but keeps in mind that in most cases walkers have to take several dogs at once, it is possible that conflicts arise between them or that as a result of an involuntary oversight, a dog gets into trouble and the walker cannot solve it quickly. Who would bear the veterinary expenses or damages to third parties? Insurance is the guarantee that if something happens to your dog, or he is responsible for an incident, everything will be under control.

Is an individual caregiver better?

Some handlers work in pairs, and in turn, take several dogs. The typical image of a person being dragged through the city by a herd of dogs… Is this good or bad? Is it preferable to focus on your dog? This is a decision that you must make based on the temperament and specific needs of your dog, however, there are some tips that we can give you.

The most important thing to keep in mind is that dogs are gregarious animals, and they carry this condition in their genes, their blood, and in every molecule of their body. Therefore, they are passionate about the company and being part of a group. If your dog is part of a pack of several dogs and there are two people in his charge, he theoretically could not be happier and probably have an infinitely better time than if he goes alone. Socializing is hugely healthy for dogs.

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On the other hand, that a person is responsible for several dogs at the same time are big words, which in theory is a sign that they know what they are doing and that they have enough experience, character, and love for dogs, to do this I work perfectly, so we are probably dealing with a professional who knows what he is doing.

There is a case in which it is not recommended that there be more than one dog, yours. When the age of your dog is high. Older dogs need to go at a different pace, they may be more hesitant to be pushed or get into conflict with other younger dogs, and probably going with the flow of a pack can generate stress and not be to their liking.



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