This Is Bill Gates’ Risky Prophecy About Smartphones

This Is Bill Gates’ Risky Prophecy About Smartphones

The founder of Microsoft theorizes about what the future of these devices could be

To speak of Bill Gates is to speak of one of the best-known billionaires on the planet. After founding Microsoft at just 20 years old, his ambitious career led him to create Windows, which is currently the most widely used computer operating system. That’s why every time Gates speaks, the tech world stops to listen.

This Is Bill Gates' Risky Prophecy About Smartphones
Bill Gates is one of the most far-sighted billionaires ©GettyImages

On this occasion, he has done so to launch one of his curious prophecies: he already thinks he knows what the next technology that will replace smartphones will be. An innovation that would allow millions of users to even do without the screen.

The future of mobile phones could go through an amazing new technology

The Rise of Chaotic Moon

It is about electronic tattoos, an innovative technology that is becoming very fashionable in the technological world. Chaotic Moon, the company that markets them, received a lot of financial support with the purchase by the consulting firm Accenture in 2015 and is now ready to mass market them.

This American creative technology studio was founded in 2010 in Austin, Texas, and has a division specializing in technology products. And this is where one of his proposals has shone: electronic ink.

What is electronic ink?

Although the technology incorporated in the screens of electronic books is also called this way, this time we are talking about another compound. Specifically, one that would expand the current possibilities of tattoos beyond aesthetics.

This Is Bill Gates' Risky Prophecy About Smartphones
Electronic tattoos could replace smartphones… according to Bill Gates ©GettyImages

For example, with the incorporation of microscopic NFC chips that allow mobile payments with the palm. The key is in the nano transmitters, tiny cybernetic allies capable of sending and receiving information.

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Thus, this technology would give rise to multiple applications that seem to be taken from a science fiction story. From the possibility of detecting fever or infections to sending or receiving messages, geolocating a user, and even making and receiving phone calls.

An uncertain future

Be that as it may, the truth is that this technology is still in the development phase. This means that its practical applications, as well as its implementation within the human body, are still up in the air.

However, for Bill Gates, this would be the next great leap for humanity in telecommunications. As he has explained, his idea is that this technology can be used in the future as another GPS. Something that could lead, over time, to a technology that we can all have tattooed on our skin.


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