This is how couples therapies try to fix love

This is how couples therapies try to fix love

Relationships can be affected for many reasons, from routine and jealousy to sexual problems or poor communication. In any case, it is possible to turn to professionals to help indicate the guidelines to follow to solve a circumstance that does not have to end in a breakup, as long as there is love and willingness on both sides.

If you have no idea what these types of consultations are like, today we will tell you how couples therapy works and what exactly it consists of to take advantage of its benefits.

What is couples therapy?

This is how couples therapies try to fix love

couples therapy, directed by a professional psychologist, is one aimed at improving communication and solving problems that arise between two people who have established an intimate relationship. Years ago, it was referred to exclusively as marriage help, but this only refers to one of the types of couples that exist: those who have married. In any case, this therapy or psychotherapy is intended for everyone and can help to improve and strengthen the relationship greatly when the protagonists take it seriously.

Otherwise, when the decision to break up has already been made, it is also possible to go to couples therapy. This will help to face the breakup in the best possible way and overcome the duel without it being traumatic. Having the support of a psychology professional in these cases is especially relevant in cases where there are small children and the couple will have to learn to coordinate their education and care.

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Communication in the couple

This is how couples therapies try to fix love

In couples therapy, the professional guides the members themselves when communicating. And it is that all human relationships are based on communication and are usually doomed to disaster when it fails. For this reason, the psychotherapist will influence the best of the couple’s communication.

Frequently, the couple is also asked individually to make a list of the negative and positive aspects of the relationship, which reveals a lot of information about the perception that each one has of it and helps to detect the problems that they are facing. they are facing.

Personalized intervention plan

This is how couples therapies try to fix love

These first contacts will allow the professional to evaluate the couple’s situation to design a personalized intervention plan, always in an environment of maximum trust and mutual respect, in which everyone can express themselves freely. Likewise, it is necessary to determine what objectives are expected or can be achieved to solve the problems.

Let’s not forget that once they have found out what is wrong and what the possible solutions are, the two members of the couple can do their part to overcome it, but it is also possible that one of the two refuses to accept reality and opt for the break. In both cases, the support of the professional so that the situation is as healthy and less traumatic as possible is essential.

Benefits of couples therapy

In a couple committed to therapy and wanting to solve that obstacle in their relationship, the benefits of improving their communication and following the guidelines given by the specialist are remarkable. They will learn to accept each other’s differences, and better manage conflicts and emotional intelligence techniques.

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They will also express their emotions more appropriately and openly without waiting for the other to guess them, they will obtain tools to be able to deal with feelings such as guilt and they will understand that love is not enough to maintain a relationship, but commitmentrespect are essential conditions. , compassion and communication.

When does couples therapy work?

This is how couples therapies try to fix love

With couples therapy, it happens as with any type of consultation or psychological treatment. It is not enough to go and sit in the chair; you have to get involved. If the two members of the relationship are committed to it because they want to solve their problems and follow the guidelines and advice that the professional offers them, the therapy will work.

But in those cases in which one of the partners insists on blaming all their problems on the other or the relationship and stubbornly entrenches themselves as the possessor of the ultimate truth, therapy will fail. Do not forget that a couple is a team that must work together, and never one person in a position of power over another.

In anything, going to a psychotherapist if you have problems in your relationship will always be beneficial to clarify your life. If your partner agrees to go, you may discover that they are willing to do their best to improve your relationship and strengthen your love, but you may also find out who you are with. In both cases, facing reality is essential to be able to enjoy the path of life by solving the problems that arise. And if you have a professional psychologist on hand, everything will be easier.

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