Tolerance Marketing: The Quality Of Your Commercial Message Matters.

Tolerance Marketing: The Quality Of Your Commercial Message Matters.

Tolerance is the result of a quality educational process in early childhood when moral values ​​and social learning are taught. What tolerance can do for your marketing effort is today’s topic.

I believe that many are aware of the processes that involve marketing strategies, especially those who depend on these acts to promote sales daily, whether in the commerce or services sector. Selling is necessary.

Marketing communication follows cultural trends and is updated from time to time, according to the advancement of values ​​rooted in society, there is this tendency to adhere to speeches by the customer on the part of marketing if for some reason society becomes politically polarized, the marketing message tends to be polarized as well.

Now with the issue of marketing being governed by metrics analyzed by algorithms, the trend of adherence to customer behavior is greatly accentuated, citing here the example of the issue of marketing promoted by social networks on the internet.

In this case, we are already observing the dynamic generation of the message, so the campaign to sell a particular product to a customer with a religious profile is generated specifically for this consumer. And so sequentially for each consumer accessing the marketing piece. The message you clicked on is made for you, even though the product is the same and comes from the same company.

Marketing: Adhesive to social values

Now, is the opposite situation true? Does a message far from current cultural values ​​have a sales effect? Is trying to market an item without adhering to cultural values an efficient strategy?

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It seems to me that in some situations, marketing with an educational bias can generate positive effects and influence culture, especially when the entire market begins to adopt measures in the same direction, as we have recently seen another effort to establish a green economy, after COP-26.

We need to be aware of establishing a more ecological consumption, we need to change some habits, and in this sense, citing an example, it is obvious that the need to travel great distances along with the national road network, for business or leisure reasons, it is much more ecological to transport your vehicle using the services of a vehicle carrier.

So the marketing message, in this case, study, shifts from a focus on the issue of price or commercial conditions to an ecological focus, demonstrating to the customer, through the commercial message, how the service impacts the natural environment, on which we are all dependent…

The new generation of consumers seems to be more aware of how consumption affects people’s quality of life, and yes, they are very correct in this, it is the way we consume that justifies the world being the way it is.

For a life of greater fulfillment, it is through the key of consumption that more profound changes can be provided, if what is consumed weakens the environment, it also weakens the satisfaction of enjoying life.

It is their consumption habits that define the landscape of the volume of jobs, the level of inflation, and the levels of violence, that is what it means to live in a capitalist society, where it is the transit of capital through the layers of society that shapes the society, for better or for worse.

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Tolerance Marketing: Selling the Different

Tolerance is achieved through an educational process in the early school years, quality socialization needs to be taught, and it is through the hands of professional teachers that the debate on how to deal with differences is addressed.

Tolerant marketing is a business process that does not exclude anyone. Promoting a commercial proposal that does not offend anyone is a feat of the communication sciences, especially in these times of great attention to prejudiced movements. A company, citing yet another example, selling real estate as in the case of the motorcycle transport company, should not exalt regional issues like a sales differential, as they can offend those who do not live in the region.

It soon becomes clear that your marketing action may have its efficiency affected by an issue that segregates customers, depending on the product, which can be a fatal action for your marketing strategy. Tolerant marketing does not offend a certain group or situation, a classic example is an obsolete theme of associating the image of blondes with a lack of intellectual capacity, already used a lot to sell products and services from several companies.

If today’s tolerance is a topic to be seriously evaluated in your commercial communication process, it was not always so, in the past many cases of segregated marketing were implemented, proving the issue of the seasonality of culture and commercial processes. Your message must adhere to the values, whether or not you agree with them.

Tolerance is when everyone laughs

Your campaign has a message that appeals to everyone, so it’s a tolerant message. People laugh at your piece of communication because it’s fun and inclusive and not about each other, so it’s promoting tolerance and can more easily get engagement, which is a much-needed item for the effectiveness of your marketing efforts for advertising companies. changes.

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Scholars also relate the effectiveness of tolerance with the quality of income distribution in a given society, there is a relationship between social peace and the current level of tolerance. It is not possible to achieve tolerance in a prison and forced labor regime.

Tolerance does not dialogue with dictatorships or slavery, it is also an open question in some religious practices. The bible for those who read it is not exactly an example of a book that deals with tolerance, being more related to strict obedience.

I believe that for the religious, it is more difficult to deal with differences precisely because of the nature of religion, which segregates those who are believers from others, the chosen people from the non-chosen, those of supposed moral elevation, and others. I write this from a professorship, because for many years I frequented the environment of churches, and there is no space for tolerance.

Being tolerant is, above all, being human, recognizing the individuality of each one as a unique brand is admirable, as it makes the garden of our existence more colorful. Diversity makes life more interesting and tolerant practice is the pillar of peace.


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