What are the Benefits of Traveling for Your Health, Well-Being, and More

What are the Benefits of Traveling for Your Health, Well-Being, and More

Getting out of the routine and discovering new places are just two of the main benefits of traveling, the most obvious. But the advantages for your physical and mental health, for your culture and your personal development, are many more. In short, traveling is one of the best allies for your well-being, and in the age of the Internet, it has even ceased to be the luxury available to a few. So don’t stay in the comfort of home and go exploring!

Health benefits of traveling

Logically, going on a trip implies breaking sedentary customs. Whichever format you have chosen to travel, you are generally much more physically active than when you are in your daily homework-home rhythm. You visit tourist attractions and museums, you do leisure activities with sports overtones. Even if you plan to spend a week in a hotel on the beach, you will swim and walk instead of spending the day sitting in the car and front of the computer.


Also, normally, when you travel you are on vacation. And when you are on vacation, you take the opportunity to rest more. That way, you take advantage of a better quality of sleep, even if only for a few days. It is true that in some cases, jet lag or the rush to do many things in a short time can affect sleep. But it is not usually the norm.

Psychological benefits

As I was saying, traveling is breaking the routine, and that is very beneficial for your mental health. Unless you make the mistake of checking your professional emails on your mobile, when you go on a trip you are on vacation and you forget everything related to your other activities, be they professional, student, or home.


Those who opt for relaxing trips can expect a break from the usual stress. Those who are more active and accumulate tourist visits or activities day after day immerse themselves in art, culture, sport, or nature, and despite having a certain type of stress related to the intensity of the activity, they also break with the kind of stress that accompanies everyday tasks.


In the case of couples and families, a trip is an opportunity to find themselves in different conditions. The limits of everyone’s responsibilities within the family are erased, which gives everyone more freedom, and the opportunity for different and often deeper, more useful conversations.

Cultural benefits

If you travel, you will discover new worlds, some that will make you feel that you are in another place, and others that will strangely remind you of your familiar places. You will get to know the cultural heritage of other areas and countries through their monuments, their museums, or their gastronomies (among many things). You will learn about history, notice cultural differences, and perhaps you can even begin to become familiar with other languages. Even if you opt for the most touristic of the tours in the most touristic destination in the world when you return home you will be more cultured.

Personal development

But perhaps the most fascinating and the biggest part of the benefits of traveling is what it means for your personal development. When you travel, especially outside your country, and even more so if you go to a destination whose language is not yours, you have to re-learn the basics. You realize that many of your current certainties come from the comfort of your routine. You also discover that people have other customs, other reasonings, other opinions, other values. Contact with outsiders forces you to once again question many of the things that you took as dogmas and did not just prejudice. It forces you to think, to compare, to understand, beyond the clichés.

Traveling, especially in its human component, is an experience that can only benefit your personal growth.

It is not so expensive to travel anymore

If a few years (or decades) ago traveling was a luxury for a few, today you can discover the world for very little money. Within Europe, you can find round trips for less than € 100 a plane ticket. And if you dare to travel further afield, in my personal experience, around € 500 for a round trip ticket allows you to reach destinations within 10 or 12 hours of flight from here. It takes a bit of planning and spending a little time searching the internet but it is doable.


And concerning accommodation, in addition to the traditional hotel and hostel offers, totally free initiatives such as Couchsurfing have appeared, or very cheap ones, such as Airbnb. In the first option, a user of the platform accommodates you for free, while in the second, a private individual rents you a room.


You see, nowadays whoever has income and does not travel is because he has other priorities. A seven-day trip in Europe can cost you as much as what some people spend on two weekends of dinners and drinks. Money is still necessary, but traveling is a leisure option as cheap as any other.


Those are the main benefits of traveling that I have seen. Does any more advantage sound to you? You can share it in our comments section. We moderate each message.


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