What Are The Shortest And Most Profitable Professions In The United States?

What Are The Shortest And Most Profitable Professions In The United States?

In the United States, you have competition in every market, niche, or vocation, which is why it is difficult to climb professionally. Therefore, instead of spending too much time studying a discipline, you can opt for a profitable short career and then focus on your professional life. Now, what are the options? We invite you to continue reading to know them.


Nursing science is one of the highest paying and shortest vocations in the US, considering several institutions offer “accelerated degrees” to get you licensed in 12 months. However, where can you work? In clinics and hospitals. You may even hold positions in management, leadership, scientific decisions, psychological decisions, and more.

Business Administration

The seductive aspect of business administration is that you can find a job in most areas that make up a company, be it as human resources director, sales director, financial analyst, and more. Not to mention that you will have the knowledge required to start your own business. This suggests that you will not have a ceiling on your income.

Criminal justice

If you want to get a job in the criminal justice field, you have many options, such as being a police officer, an ICE agent, a corrections officer, a private investigator, or an FBI agent.

Interdisciplinary studies

This bachelor’s degree can be acquired in 36 months or less. It is a dynamic field, which will allow you to develop as a journalist, manager, political analyst, reporter, or social worker in the ministry.

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Computer engineer

It is a must for every computer scientist to know the syntax of MySQL, C++, PHP, HTML, CSS, Java, JavaScript, JSON, and more. These make it easy for you to create programs, websites, software, databases, etc. Today there are too many disciplines where computing is vital, including the health sector, law, and economics, which is why you have plenty of opportunities. But how long is this race? 2 years and 6 months. On the other hand, should you learn this by heart? No. Programmers have books and Excel documents where they make notes: you just need to know the logic of the language, not memorize it.

Study about early childhood

If you are looking for a short career in the USA, early childhood studies are one of the most popular, since you will learn to take care of babies and children. Once you graduate, you’ll be able to step into a leadership role in kindergarten, preschool, and Headstart settings.

Corporate leadership

It is a bachelor’s degree focused on organizational development. Here you will learn about corporate communication, improve your human resource management skills, and delve into computer science. As if that were not enough, you will obtain knowledge in behavioral sciences, sociology, and psychology. Once you graduate, you will be able to get jobs in positions of authority: director of training, director of human resources, etc.


It gained popularity as one of the best technical careers in the US, considering the wide demand for assistants that they require in the field of Law. What is your purpose? You are going to organize the events that have occurred and carry out the investigation of the legal case that they propose to you. You only have to spend 24 months studying before exercising. It is a huge plus, considering that his remuneration is high.

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Police Force Agent

It is a discipline as long as the paralegal, however, it is more dynamic. Remember that it is not only dedicated to arresting lawbreakers or ensuring the safety of citizens, but you will have to testify in court (if you wish) and write reports on each case.

Electrical engineer

An electrician takes 4 months to acquire his certificate, which is why it is one of the shortest careers you can study in the USA. Not to mention that you will have a high demand at work: you will be able to provide installation, repair, and maintenance services for electrical current circuits in homes and buildings.

Physiotherapy assistant

Physiotherapy is studied for a couple of months, then you get your certificate. This means that it is a quick and profitable solution since its remuneration is just as impressive. What is your job? Help people recover from physical ailments and injuries.


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