What Does Persuasion Mean and Why is this Skill Important to any Professional?

Persuading means handling words and ideas to encourage a person to carry out a certain action at a specific time.

Today, we are all salespeople in a world where there is a lot of competition, which is why to meet the objectives we require the use of tools such as persuasion, but what is persuasion?


If you want to know how to make people buy your products or follow your ideas, you should keep reading!

What is persuading?

The verb persuades, means to get through words, feelings or reasoning, that a person acts or does something that you want in a situation and at a certain time.

Once you know what persuasion is and you know how to use this skill, you will be able to carry out countless projects in your life, since there are several types of persuasion and different applicable fields:

  • advertising persuasion;
  • in the sale of products and services;
  • politics.

Each one has a different purpose and target audience.

What are the differences between persuading, convincing, and dissuading?

Knowing the meaning of persuading, we must also know what is to convince. Convincing is nothing more than leading a person to a conclusion by using logical arguments.

Dissuading is the attempt to make the recipient stop executing some action, stop acting in some way or change their thinking.

The difference between these is that persuasion, as we have seen, is based on emotional aspects, and convincing focus more on logic and argumentation.

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On the contrary, dissuading is trying to get them to stop taking a certain action.

Why is persuading important?

Being able to persuade people (ethically) allows you to get practically what you want, you can get them to buy what you are selling, to know the benefits of your product thoroughly, and even to vote for you!

I will mention three essential factors to be able to persuade in business:


The objective of a company is always to achieve closer communication with its consumers, to achieve loyalty with just the use of words.

Persuasion depends on how you deliver the message and you must, in turn, worry about how the receiver will receive it, therefore, you must study the most feasible marketing strategy to achieve a better positioning of your company in the market.

Marketing and publicity

The advertising persuasion is the one that aims to disclose your product to achieve its consumption, making it visible and palpable.

This is how advertising is one of the most used tools in traditional marketing and digital marketing to achieve the highest possible amount of sales and profits.


Practically, all the communicative situations that we carry out our sales situations, where we sell an idea, a product, a thought.

If your purpose is to achieve a surplus in your business and obtain a greater volume of sales, then, you must fully know the market where your company develops, for this, you should make a marketing plan, and thus, you can achieve your objectives.


If you’ve gotten this far, it means that you already know what persuading is. But if you want to be an expert in the skills necessary for the Marketing professional, keep reading articles of our Complete Guide to the subject and keep learning!