What & How to Hosting Airbnb: Start Making Extra Cash

Find out all about Airbnb when it comes to hosting and how the rooms or apartments you manage can turn into thousands per month.

A space in your home slowly accumulating dust can generate nearly $ 1,000 per month.

With Airbnb, you can double your home as a getaway for travelers exploring your city. Post a photo of the room or apartment you want to register and the facilities. Potential guests can review past reviews and contact you with questions or concerns.

There are also long-term rental options for landlords with free apartments. Whether you’re renting out your house to an adventurous couple for the weekend only or a student studying abroad during the summer, here’s what you need to know to get your home on the Airbnb listing.

What is Airbnb?

Airbnb is like Uber at home. If you need a place to live, Airbnb lets you choose from interested owners near you. There are Airbnbs aplenty in major tourist cities around the world. Airbnb also offers must-see experiences in different cities.

If you’re not looking for a place to stay, Airbnb can make some extra money. Airbnb guests might find your listing, and if they do enough, you can get an average monthly income from Airbnb hosts for $ 924, according to fintech lender Earnest.

How to host Airbnb

No host registration fees – registering your home is free. But there are a few important things you need to know before you can make your home accessible to anyone in the world.

Check local laws. 

Different cities have different laws about how long you can host guests and get local government permits through licenses or permits, according to Airbnb. They also say that these are the guidelines to watch in your area:

  • Business permit
  • Construction and housing standards
  • Zone rules
  • Special permission
  • Taxes
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Ask your landlord. 

If you are not the actual owner of your house or apartment, your contract may have special rental policies. Always make sure that hosting Airbnb is done with an association or host if necessary.

Create your prices and rules. 

To do this, you’ll need to research what other Airbnb hosts in your area charge. You can also adjust the settings to meet the needs of your guests. Many hosts ask guests to provide ID and agree to a listed home policy. 

Meets Airbnb Key Requirements:

  • Be responsive
  • Accept reservation requests
  • Avoid cancellations
  • Maintain a high total score
  • Basic supplies (soap, toilet paper, towels, pillows, bedsheets)

That’s all you need to host Airbnb. You can make extra cash as a host, but the super host is the one who stands out the most. Superhosts get more visibility, benefits, and rewards. Following are the requirements for a super host:

  • Overall rating of 4.8
  • At least 10 short-term stays for hosts; 100 nights for triple stay for long term hosts
  • Cancellation rate less than 1%
  • 90 percent of the answer

Airbnb hosting tips

The better you are verified, the more likely you are to enjoy guests traveling and presenting yourself when looking for people. And getting great reviews means going above and beyond your score. No matter what type of space you register – boat, treehouse, or penthouse – the rules for being a good host apply everywhere. Getting a good Airbnb host rating is essential to becoming a Super Host.

Airbnb recommendations

  • Complete the Airbnb Home manual. Here you are explaining things to your guests that make life at home a little easier. This includes the use of bathrooms, appliances, and other utilities. Instead of filling out an online guide on homes, Airbnb suggests that some hosts leave notes around the home.
  • Get more of everything. It is important to have as many resources as possible in the house to make it easier for your guests. Get extra snacks, extra toiletries, extra towels, and whatever else they can get through fast.
  • Greet your guests. If you live on the same website as your guests, make yourself available for tours or answer your questions. Guests don’t want to look back during their stay but offer them the opportunity to contact you.
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Airbnb Don’ts

  • Add bad pictures to your list. Photos are the first things your guests see when they search for options. Even though they offer great perks, they will never click on your ad because your photo turns it off.
  • Be sticky with your guests. Your guests are likely there to relax and unwind. Use your instincts to judge whether the party you are hosting wants everything you attend during their stay.
  • Give them hope. Don’t lie on your list about the quality of your space. The Airbnb blog states, “Overly colorful descriptions of your property can lead to lots of first-time bookings, but in the long run, you’ll get several bad reviews and cancellations. Always be honest. 

The pros and cons of Airbnb

Sharing a home with strangers can save you money or a lot of time and effort. The pros and cons of hosting on Airbnb may depend on the type of space you rent and where you live. Every hosting is different.


  • There is more to you than guests. Airbnb guests have to pay 12 percent to Airbnb when booking a room, while hosts only cough 3 percent. This makes it easier for the host to make money.
  • Airbnb earnings are tax-free if you earn 14 days or less per year. This tax exemption sometimes referred to as the Master’s Rule was created for the rich to rent out their homes to Masters tournament goers, according to Forbes. This extends to Airbnb hosts too. No matter how much you withdraw from 14 days of hosting, you can keep it all.
  • Airbnb is flexible. You can fill out a calendar and only organize on days when you can or want to. You can also block previous data. Plan as carefully as possible so that you can avoid canceling due to bad planning.
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  • Additional money is not guaranteed. Even if you post a list, there is no guarantee that someone will post you. Airbnb hosts in popular cities have more guests than hosts in small cities.
  • Answering questions can take some time. Many hosts communicate with your guests before and during their stay. Maintenance can take a long time depending on how often you rent the space.
  • You can meet guests with a high level of support and difficulty. The hosts say this is not the majority, but from time to time they find guests negligent. Because of this, some hosts ask you to agree to their house rules before booking.


Airbnb is a cheap and easy way to make extra money – if you take the right steps. Hosting can be profitable if you live in the right area. If you put in enough time to be a good host, you can get great reviews and a lot of money. If you have extra space in your room that you don’t use, Airbnb might just be your solution.