What is Fashion Blogger, Fashion or Trend?

Being a “fashion blogger” today is a BOOM, in every corner you find children, adolescents, young people, contemporary adults, and even older people, with a great sense for life and with that nose capable of detecting the next trends, but really:

What is a fashion blogger?

He/She is a blogger specialized in the areas of clothing, makeup, fashion, crafts, etc., where through his blog, they share information from his/her perspective, based on his good taste towards fashion.


Do fashion bloggers need a blog?

In theory, the fashion blogger role arises from the development of blogs focused on fashion, however, in recent years many girls have extrapolated the role to other digital platforms such as YouTubers, Igers, or Instagrammers, among others.


Remember that a web blog is a website where content from different categories is shared within the blog.

It can have one author or different authors and all published articles (entries or posts) are ordered chronologically; the most recent post is always presented first.

Why did so many fashion bloggers emerge?

The term weblog was coined by Jorn Barger on December 17, 1997.

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The short form, blog, was created by Peter Merholz.


Before blogging became popular, there was the Bulletin Board System (BBS), which stands for Bulletin Board System.


The BBS is the forerunner of modern forums and blogs. The first BBS was created by Ward Christensen in 1978.


From that moment begins the BOOM of bloggers around the world.

Creating digital sub-worlds of different themes and listening to opinions and fresh ideas.

But fashion bloggers have set the tone, of that closeness and warmth with the digital community


What does this mean?

Thanks to fashion bloggers, fashion has become democratized and has become much more achievable for all people.


Previously, to consume this type of content, it was necessary to purchase magazines or be invited to private or public events related to the catwalk, therefore, it was not accessible to everyone.

What is the impact of a fashion blogger in today’s digital world?

According to the related report by Fashion & Beauty Monitor and Econsultancy, called The Rise of Influencers, it explores the role influencers play in the fashion and beauty industry.


Almost 60% of fashion and beauty brands have an influencer marketing strategy

While 21% plan to invest in this strategy in the next 12 months.


This shows the importance and the need to obtain an ally with great influence, presence, and the ability to move masses who are interested in the world of beauty and fashion.


The capacity of a blog is higher than social platforms concerning obtaining organic traffic from the various search engines that exist in the world.


Sometimes a constant blogger with nutritional content, sooner or later becomes a benchmark in the area, in this case, it would be a specialist in the world of fashion, also known as INFLUENCER.

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72% of brands admit that one of the great challenges is finding the right influencer in this sector.

And 59% say they find it a difficult and time-consuming task to select the right one.


Why do you say that it is difficult to select an influencer in this sector?

As previously mentioned, millions of bloggers around the world have emerged every time, with a different approach.

However, not all of them are prepared to accept professional responsibilities as trained role models.

Since an influencer when he marries a brand becomes an


Therefore, companies cannot take lightly the selection of the right person capable of projecting the lifestyle and the values ​​of the brand.

I started in the blogger world but specialized in topics such as entrepreneurship, technology, brands, and marketing.


But my habit began with the constant interaction and influence of professionals from some countries.

It must be admitted that Latin and North American countries have great YouTubers, igers, and influencers dedicated to the branch of beauty and fashion, but it must be recognized that:


In the world, there are more active users on the Internet than on digital platforms.

What does this mean?

That many Internet users browse the internet day by day, visiting web pages, blogs, virtual stores, or e-commerce, who do not have a presence or are not interested in participating in a digital platform such as Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, among others.


Why does some influencer give little importance to a blog or website?

As previously mentioned, in some countries there are great influencers with great power of appeal in different digital and social platforms, however, there are many influencers who take the topic of the blog or website lightly and think that a website is a mere digital formality.

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Therefore, that is one of the great weaknesses of influencers, you can take a test: look for generic topics in any search engine such as Google such as:

  • 5 tips for tidying up my closet
  • Clothes I must have in my closet
  • Seasonal colors

I can assure you that from the top 10, you can get many pages in it.

How to select the right one to become an ambassador or influencer for my brand?

Before randomly selecting a fashion ambassador, it is necessary to verify the affinity towards the brand, second, to corroborate the reach of their publications, in a few words their convening power.


For this, it is necessary to use various tools to measure and corroborate its reach, interaction, content, and community.


What keeps brands from not hiring?

39% are retained by budget restrictions, mostly the lack of budget prevents the development of influencer marketing strategies.


Another factor that retains brands is the low return on investment, and sometimes brands choose to invest in creating digital advertising strategies or create re-engagement strategies to attract consumers and customers.


Fashion bloggers are here to stay, although more digital platforms are emerging every day, they are unlikely to overthrow the power of your own digital home.


Remember that: your blog your rules,

Blogging is more than just a fad that started more than 20 years ago, it is becoming a global trend.