What Is GPA And How To Calculate It?

What Is GPA And How To Calculate It?

One of the questions we constantly receive from college students who visit our site is What is GPA? And also How is a GPA calculated? This article will help you solve all your doubts.

What is GPA?

GPA, which stands for Grade Point Average, refers to a grade point average calculated from the letter grades you earn in school on a scale of 0 to 4.0 or 5.0.

Each semester, your Grade Point Average is calculated based on the grades you earned in all classes during that term. GPAs are generally used upon entering college but are also used in high schools, where they are used as a cumulative process throughout the school year.

The GPA is used when applying for a copy of your transcript (known in English as a transcript ). When you apply to a university, they will require you to attach a copy of your student transcript, which will have your cumulative GPA. The university will use this number to measure your performance in school and compare you with other applicants.

What is the GPA for?

Your GPA is important for the future for several reasons, some of which are:

  • The GPA is used by various organizations when applying for a college scholarship to determine if you can earn and receive scholarships in the USA.
  • Even during high school, your GPA can determine whether you’re eligible to take Advanced Placement courses (called AP classes ) or International Baccalaureate (IB) during your high school years.
  • When applying to a college: Colleges use your GPA to determine your performance and eligibility to be accepted into the school. So the higher your Grade Point Average, the better your chances of getting into the college of your choice.
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Think of the GPA as your student credit score. Just as a good credit report gets you the best credit cards, a high GPA will open doors for the future.


The GPA can open the doors for you to be accepted to the best universities

Your GPA is an important point when applying for academic and sports scholarships as well as receiving financial aid

How is GPA calculated?

To calculate GPA, each letter grade is assigned a numerical value called a grade point. The Grade Point Average is the average of the grade points of the courses you have taken.

High schools and colleges generally calculate GPAs differently.

How to Calculate GPA (Secondary / High School )

High schools can calculate your GPA based on your GPA. Schools follow a scale from 0 to 4.0. For example, an A = 4, B = 3, C = 2, D = 1, F = 0. If the school evaluates based on 100.

Each class grade is multiplied by the evaluative credit for that class and added to determine the Grade Point Average. On the other hand, some schools calculate weighted averages, which give more importance to advanced classes such as honors, accelerated, AP, and IB classes. In this scenario, a 5.0 would be a perfect score instead of a 4.0. For example: AP Biology A=5, B=4, C=3, D=2, F=0

How to Calculate GPA (College)

Many universities have their methods for evaluating the GPA. Often “easy” classes (such as gym or art classes) are discounted or not taken into account when calculating this average and it is only calculated using intellectual subjects such as English, social studies, science, and math.

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This means that even if you are good in several classes, it is more important to do well in academic classes since these classes do count toward your GPA.

GPA is calculated differently in colleges and high schools

Improve your GPA right now

Don’t wait until the end of your high school career to have a good GPA or to start worrying about your Grade Point Average, as by then it may be too late. You can do it right now by getting an average of each class you take during your high school years.

If you don’t pass every class in your freshman or sophomore year, it will be nearly impossible to graduate with a high GPA. However, with hard work and planning during your first years of high school, you can have a better GPA.

What is GPA? Questions

If you have questions or need more information about the GPA or grade point average, leave us a comment below and we will help you find the solution to your doubts. Also, if you have tips on how to have a better GPA, please share them with us in a comment so other users can benefit.


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