What Is The CVV Of A Bank Card?

What Is The CVV Of A Bank Card?

When we make an online order, if we decide to pay by credit card, electronic commerce asks us, among other data, the CVV of the same. This is done as a measure to add an extra layer of security to the purchases we make online.

What is the CVV code?

The acronym CVV stands for Validation or Verification Value Code ( Card Verification Value ). This code is usually made up of three digits that are established by the companies that manufacture bank cards (American Express, Visa, Mastercard, etc.).

As for its location, the most common is that the CVV code is on the back of the card, although in some cases it may be located on the front.

What Is The CVV Of A Bank Card?

How many types of CVV ​​are there?

On the bank card we can find two types of verification codes:

Type 1 CVV: it is the code that is encrypted on the card’s magnetic stripe, so it cannot be seen with the naked eye. This type of verification code is read by the POS (Point of Sale Terminal) automatically when we make a payment or when we make a refund in an establishment.

CVV type 2: it is the three-digit code that appears printed on the back of the card and that we are asked for when we purchase over the Internet. These digits are not stored in the payment gateway, so they will be requested every time we make a transaction.

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What is a dynamic CVV?

Currently, some banks issue credit and debit cards that do not have the CVV code printed on them. It is what is known as bank cards with dynamic CVV.

This type of verification code changes from time to time, so to obtain it, the cardholder has to access the digital banking of their entity. Therefore, in each payment made, a new CVV is generated. This new validation code means going a step further in security in Internet purchases.


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