Where Do I Research Scholarships For International Students?

Where Do I Research Scholarships For International Students?

You should go to the following institutions and groups with which you have had a relationship to investigate the possibilities of obtaining scholarships through them:

  • Government agencies of your country, including education, arts, and culture, health, scientific research, etc., may have scholarship programs for studies in the United States
  • Faculty or department in which you plan to study
  • Local college graduate groups
  • Community, civic, or religious organizations
  • Businesses or corporations that employ you, your parents, or your spouse

Most scholarships and education grants awarded by US foundations are for US citizens and residents; there are few sources of support for international students. However, since there are opportunities focused on students from all over the world, you should thoroughly investigate all of these possibilities.

To begin your search for grants from US private foundations, corporations, and public foundations, use Grants to Individuals, our database of donor institutions that assist individuals.

For non-residents of the United States (and non-US citizens), this search is recommended:

  • Choose the term Foreign Applicants in the search field called Types of Support.
  • Combine it with one or more terms in this same search field (depending on the academic level): Scholarships–to individuals (scholarships, in general) / Undergraduate support (scholarships or financial support for undergraduate) / Graduate support (scholarships or financial support for master’s studies) /  Fellowships (study scholarships) / Postgraduate support (scholarships or financial support for postgraduate studies) / Doctoral support (scholarships or financial support for doctorates) / Postdoctoral support (scholarships or financial support for postdoctoral studies).
  • You can also choose International in the search field called Geographic Focus and combine it with terms related to your field of study, or your ethnic origin, gender, or other personal characteristics, which you will find in the index called Fields of Interest.
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To better prepare yourself for the scholarship search process, take our course, Getting Philanthropic Support for Your Education, which contains worksheets to help you identify appropriate donor institutions and prepare your applications and essays.

The following sources of information provide updated data on scholarships and other types of financial contributions for studies:

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surpass: SmartStudent Guide to Studying in the USA
the website offers a wide range of information for international students considering studying in the United States, from the admissions process to student financial aid, passports, and visas. The search is done through a search engine called FastWeb, which works in English. Prior registration is required (free).

Fulbright Program for Foreign Students
by the United States Department of State, scholarship and grant programs are administered by Fulbright Commissions in the students’ countries of origin. The selection criteria and requirements for these scholarship programs vary from country to country. The Fulbright Program offers scholarships to international students for masters and doctoral programs at universities and other similar institutions in the United States.

Funding For US Study: International Scholarships | Institute of International Education
(Financial Support for Studying in the United States: International Scholarships | Institute for International Education)
Database of scholarships, scholarships (“fellowships”), and financial contributions for all levels of post-secondary studies in all academic fields. Search by region, field of study, program name, or location within the United States.

Mobility International USA (MIUSA
MIUSA is a service organization for all types of disabilities that provides information on international development and exchange programs. Operates the National Clearinghouse on Disability and Exchange clearinghouse, which offers an online database of fellowships and other types of financial support for students who are not residents or citizens of the United States.

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Scholar Rescue Fund | Institute of International Education (Researcher Rescue Fund)
Provides scholarships for established researchers and scholars in their fields who are at risk in their professions and daily life. These one-year study scholarships support scholars in temporary academic positions at universities and other academic centers anywhere in the world. Its purpose is to safeguard people and ensure that they can continue their academic research.

Scholarships for Students Regardless of Immigration Status [PDF]
These scholarships do not require a social security number, legal residency, or citizenship to be eligible. As a general rule, if an application asks for your social security number and you don’t already have it, leave that space blank and fill out the rest of the application.

US College Search for International Students | Peterson’s (International Student College Scholarship Search)
This scholarship search tool offered by the publishers of the Peterson Guides includes International Scholarship Search and International Graduate Scholarship Search. for international postgraduate students).

Obst, Daniel (ed.). Funding for United States Study: A Guide for International Students and Professionals(Financing for studies in the United States: A guide for students and professionals). New York, NY: Institute of International Education. 2008.

Obst, Daniel (ed.). Funding for United States Study: A Scholarship Guide for Europeans. (Financing for Studies in the United States: A Guide to Scholarships for Europeans). New York, NY: Institute of International Education. 2005.

Grants Register The Complete Guide to Postgraduate Funding Worldwide(Complete guide to global financing for postgraduate studies). New York, NY: Palgrave Macmillan, Ltd., 2008.

International Exchange Locator: A Resource Directory for Educational and Cultural Exchange. International Exchange Locator: A Resource Directory for Educational and Cultural Exchange. Washington, DC: Alliance for International Educational and Cultural Exchange. 2005.

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Johnson, Nichole (ed.).  Funding US Studies: Graduate and Post-Graduate Opportunities for Latin Americans. 2000. Funding for Studies in the US: Opportunities for Graduate Studies for Latin Americans. New York, NY: Institute of International Education. 2003.


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