Who are the Nenis? 

Who are the Nenis? 

Who are ‘The nenis’? Thus was born the viral label that vindicated women entrepreneurs


They are the enterprising women who were baptized as ‘The nenis’. (Instagram)


Who are the ‘nenis’? It is the question that you may have asked yourself in recent days because they have become a topic of conversation on social networks and have been the protagonists of viral memes. For this reason, we are going to explain to you how this label came about and why it caused such a stir. 


How did they classify the nenis?

The definition they used to define women entrepreneurs said the following:

“Definition: being who sells through social networks and comments to all his clients the words” beautiful, beautiful, cute, babe “and the like;They use “I’m going to close the order” or “it’s the last one I have left, beautiful” as a sales method; they appear in specific parts of the city and never look alike in the photos they have in their profiles where they sell ”; “Premium neni are the ones who send shipments,” 


Who are the nenis? The term refers to the person who sells through social networks and who comments to their clients with the words ‘ beautiful, cute, baby ‘ and similar adjectives, their sales methods are: “I deliver at an intermediate point”,’ I’m going to close the order ‘o’ is the last one that looks beautiful ”. Through buying and selling pages on social networks, these women began to sell makeup, second-hand clothes, beauty kits, and even handmade and functional products created by themselves, such as hand-embroidered masks, among other things.

Who are the Nenis? 


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Claim the word nenis (“struggling moms”)

Therefore, in the face of what seemed to demerit the work of women who sell from social networks and who come to deliver their products to different public points of the city, the entrepreneurial women claimed the nickname with which they sought to demerit them and expressed pride in being the nenis. 


After selling through buying and selling pages on social networks, be it makeup, second-hand clothes, beauty kits, face masks or products created by their own hands, they were proud to fight for their income and even assured that they prefer to be nenis to ninis.


“Being a neni is not ashamed, it gives money”; “Nenis, buy from morras, share businesses from morras, give their follows and likes to morras, prioritize products made by morras, in a country that does not guarantee us job stability, prioritizing ourselves economically is a revolutionary act”; “Millions of women are ‘nenis’ because men are absent (single mothers). Their taunts and nicknames that normalize economic violence towards us are despicable. And they don’t have an ounce of grace ”; “The nenis are supporting the local economy, if they want to use the term as a pejorative (as they did with the” struggling moms “), this time we all already know that the nenis are great”,   



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