Will Apple Watch measure Blood Pressure and Blood Sugar?

Will Apple Watch measure Blood Pressure and Blood Sugar?

According to the Wall Street Journal (WSJ), although the above features will not be available this year, the company has always aspired to make the Apple Watch the center of health control. 


Previously, some sources said that Apple was developing new features such as measuring blood pressure (only referring to an up/down trend, not providing readings of systolic and diastolic blood pressure), only blood sugar, temperature… in upcoming versions. 


During the discussions, some Apple employees questioned managers about these features, however, it is unlikely that they will appear this year.


The Apple Watch Series 8 is expected to improve sleep tracking, including tracking sleep patterns and sleep apnea. One problem that many devices often have when tracking sleep is too low battery life. Many people hope that the company will soon find a solution to fix it in the future. 


Besides, some sources also claim that Apple is “struggling” with blood glucose sensors to make it work. This is of particular interest because it does not require invasive behavior.

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If you’re using an Apple Watch, you need to update it right away

Apple has just released an important update for the Apple Watch SE and Apple Watch Series 5 to fix the error of not being able to charge the device.


According to Apple, a small number of Apple Watch SE, Apple Watch Series 5 users (using watchOS 7.2 or watchOS 7.3) have reported being unable to charge their device after enabling the Power Reserve feature

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If you don’t know which Apple Watch model you own, open the Watch app on your iPhone or go to Settings – General – About. you will know the version of the watch.


Will Apple Watch measure Blood Pressure and Blood Sugar?


Apple Watch SE is a cheap watch from Apple. 


What is Power Reserve?

When the battery capacity on the watch is below 10%, the screen will display a message asking if you want to activate the Power Reserve feature.


Of course, you can also turn it on manually by opening the Control Center, tapping the battery percentage, then activating Power Reserve. 


When Power Reserve is on, Apple Watch will only display the time, disabling unnecessary features (syncing, etc.) to prolong usage.


The WatchOS 7.3.1 update is currently available for two Apple Watch SE and Series 5 models, if you own these devices, users should update the watch immediately. 

Will Apple Watch measure Blood Pressure and Blood Sugar?

How to update to the new version on Apple Watch. 


How to update watchOS

To update your Apple Watch, open the Watch app on your iPhone, switch to the My Watch tab below, then select General – Software update. Next, users need to plug in the device and make sure the iPhone is connected to WiFi. 


Once the watch is 50% charged, the update will begin. Note, do not restart the watch or remove the watch from the charger until the update is complete.


Apple Watch SE is a cheap smartwatch model, however, the device is still fully integrated with necessary features such as heart rate and sleep monitoring, fall detection … 

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Apple Chief Executive Officer (COO) Jeff Williams said: “The Apple Watch SE is a combination of many elements of previous watch models but is sold at a more affordable price. We’re excited to offer another option for users to stay connected and easily track their health.”


If updating to the new version does not fix the problem, contact Apple support or visit an authorized Apple service center to repair the device.


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