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Will Smith reveals that his ‘Emancipation’ co-star ignored him during the entire filming of the film

Will Smith confessed that his work alongside Ben Foster made a great impression on him since during all 6 months of recording, his co-star did not offer him a word outside the set.

Will Smith’s new movie continues to make people talk in the world of cinema. Not only because of the return of the renowned actor to Hollywood, who after the controversial incident at the 2022 Oscars had an obvious decline in his career but because of the revelations he has given regarding the filming of ‘Emancipation’. In this sense, the 54-year-old star confessed to a particular situation that he experienced in said production, where his co-star, Ben Foster, surprised him because, during the six months of recording, he chose to ignore it. What was it due to? Here we tell you.

Will Smith confesses that Ben Foster ignored him during the six months of filming ‘Emancipation’

In the recent edition of ‘Red Table Talk’, a program hosted by Jada Pinkett, Will Smith provided unpublished details of his work on ‘Emancipation’, a film released on the ‘Apple TV+ platform, where the African-American actor gives life to Peter, a slave who escapes from captivity and goes to fight with Abraham Lincoln’s army in the Civil War in the United States.

According to Will Smith, his co-star, renowned actor Ben Foster, made the radical decision to “ignore” him during the six-month filming of the film, where Foster plays a slave hunter who pursues Smith at all costs. through the swamps of Louisiana.

“Ben walked past me without saying anything. I thought, ‘Oh, he sure didn’t see me.’ And then for six months he didn’t speak to me, he didn’t make eye contact with me, he didn’t say a word. He didn’t recognize me for six months , ”revealed Will Smith, who confessed that during the first day of recording, Ben Foster chose to ignore him.

Despite this, Will Smith understood that this attitude meant that Ben Foster was not playing at any time, so he felt a great honor working with him and recognizing the great role he seeks to present in ‘Emancipation’.

“But what he did that first day, for me it was like, ‘Yeah, I get it.’ We are not playing. This is real. This is serious. We are not playing with these ideas. I really give Ben credit for giving me another level of depth and focus ,” explained Will Smith.

Ben Foster spoke to Will Smith on the last day of shooting ‘Emancipation’

After the complete recording of ‘Emancipation’ was completed, Will Smith revealed that his co-star surprised him, as he approached him and for the first time they managed to have a talk.

According to what he said, this occurred on the last day of recording when Ben Foster approached the monitor to see a shot of Will Smith, which was supervised by Antoine Fuqua.

“He looks at the take and Antoine says, ‘I’m happy. We got it ,’” Will Smith said.

“Then I look at Ben, it’s the last day, and he extends his hand and says: ‘Nice to meet you ,'” were the words that moved the Oscar 2022 winner.

“We had been through that whole movie together. And the whole time she wasn’t going to her trailer, she would stay in her character tent all day and have all her stuff in her character tent. I was like, ‘Who are you? You kind soul,’” confessed Will Smith .


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