You Can be an Investor Without Money! (And One of the Best)

It’s more. You can earn a lot of money without investing money! This claim is not cheap advertising. It is one of the greatest truths that exist in the universe. Money does not qualify an investor in any way, it is their actions that do it. Invest is a verb, not a state.


Although it is a hackneyed statement, it is worth remembering: financial fortune is an outcome, not a goal. Silver is harvested as an effect of doing something. There is no such thing as the act of “making money.”


The lack of understanding of this elementary logic produces millions of frustrated and bitter people. Beings that become creditors of life and all its potentialities.


Targeting money is not only natural and legitimate, it is also a smart move. Finally, it is a resource of enormous importance to function effectively and comfortably in this world.

The investor is not who has money, rather who does not have it but wants to get it.

Does it seem counter-intuitive? Well, it isn’t, not at all! Investments are always made in the process, not the result. Nothing invests the athlete once he has won the competition, in reality, he makes every effort and resource to win the fair.


The seed precedes the tree, although later the tree itself produces more seeds.

The logic of investing is rooted in an act that has allowed the entire development of humanity: 


The basic definition of this is: ” effort, pain, action or work that someone imposes on himself to achieve or deserve something or to benefit someone .” The “merit” is always a consequence of work.


If you want to be the best student or professional in the group, you should marginalize what does not lead to that end. Investing time in the study involves sacrificing time for leisure or fun. Destining efforts to become an outstanding professional represents sacrificing resources that could be destined to friends or family.


There is not much mystery in this!

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The “sacrifice” is the engine of all human activities. And if its logic and power are not understood, few things of value can be done. In this sense, life is a “zero sum” process, what is added to something is subtracted from something else.


The concepts of investment and sacrifice are twin brothers. If energy is invested in something, it is sacrificed for another destination.

What are, in this sense, the resources of an investor?

Well, all you have at your disposal! There is always something that can be “sacrificed” to get something else.


The first and foremost thing that can be reversed is life itself. She is available to everyone and is surely the most valuable asset there is. When life is spent for a specific purpose, and what is right is sacrificed in the endeavor, what is sought is found.


Now, how many can say that they are investing their life properly? They may be clear about what they want, but approach the sacrifice with the logic of least effort and minimize the “discomfort.”


It is simple. If you want to do something specific in your life, there are many other things that you will have to ignore. There is nothing free in existence. It all comes down to honoring costs and “sacrificing.”


Those who have an appreciation for the goal of making money can invest many aspects of their lives in it. And if they do it well and pay the corresponding costs, they will get it. On the other hand, if money is not the main goal, then they will have to sacrifice some of it to get what they want.


The good investor is first clear about what he is willing to sacrifice to achieve his goals. Money is not any kind of medium for that.

Time and energy.

Investing time is a short and effective route to making money.

Time is a very valuable asset. And if it is sacrificed in the effort, it always honors the purposes. Now, the sagacious investor does not sacrifice his time for little money, it does not make sense! Whoever mortgages his life (which is precisely time) does nothing good for a few coins.


Many work systems lead to just that point: big-time sacrifices for little money. The logic of conventional employment is one example of this. Daily investments of 8 hours or more in exchange for a monthly stipend. This is almost existential nonsense.


Large numbers of people do it without hardly realizing it. And when they are made to notice it, they put forward an endless set of “good arguments.” Among others, the “impossibility” of doing something different, the risk or lack of opportunities, the inequities of the system, and so on. But the truth is simpler: few evaluate the need to sacrifice some comfort, stability, and short-term security to give greater value to your investment.

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Who invests his time for money must be healthy ambitious in entrepreneurship. This represents “sacrificing” the small amounts of money that the short-term grants, for higher returns in the future. You have to sacrifice coins to get tickets. It is not easy! Especially if you have built a livelihood that is based on coins.


There are no moral judgments in this. Everyone defines what they want. The investor who has his time for money can get more or less of it, it all depends on the sacrifice he makes.

On the other hand, one must take care of what the dispensing of energy represents. Because if, on the one hand, time does not recover, energy runs out. It is energy that determines the quality of time that is used.

The investor who invests time to obtain money must focus his energy on the process in an intelligent way. There is always time to spare as soon as the energy has run out. 


This is why focus is important. As long as energy is sacrificed in short periods, so much the better, especially if the goal is money.


Investors of time for money must take care of their energy, avoiding allocating it to other things when they are in the endeavor. For this reason, it is vital to measure well the evolution of the results and to know how to accept losses when it is reasonable. Be very careful with perseverance! , because when misunderstood it only consumes valuable energy.

Investment of ideas, knowledge, and others.

Money is fungible, ideas are an asset. There is more money available in this world than good ideas or knowledge on which it can be applied. In this sense, ideas and knowledge are valuable resources for obtaining money.


But here the same applies as in the previous case: the more money you want to obtain for ideas or knowledge, the more money you must sacrifice in the short term.


It is reasonable to assume that ideas correlate with the few imaginative and creative people in this world, but not all of them understand the investment mechanics that are being discussed. On the other hand, knowledge is accessible to all, whatever the field it covers.

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It is not that these resources are non-existent, it is, as in the previous cases, the willingness to develop them (sacrificing other things), and the intelligence to invest them in the desire to get money.

Investors grounded in talents, aptitudes, gifts, special skills, etc.

Every human being is unique, incomparable, and distinguished. No one does not stand out in something about the others. And this is, of course, the ideal mobile to invest in in search of money.


The question is, how many orient their life based on these aspects?

The truth is that atavistic conditioning of family and social education develop a “herd mentality” from which a few escape. And this is why there are so many individuals who sincerely consider themselves incapable of raising their heads and standing out above others.


Most are used (that’s the right word) to think that only money can make more money. And since this is not a norm, then it is comfortable to accept the fates of destiny.

Comfort is always the antithesis of sacrifice.

One final note.

None of this is new. Since the beginning of humanity, the character of investments and sacrifices has been raised.

The oldest scriptures treat the subject even as an imperative. The biblical story of Cain and Abel is a sample. In it, God favorably recognizes one offering (Abel’s) and despises another (Cain’s). The first corresponds to the intrinsic sense of sacrifice and the second to comfort.


The more valuable the sacrifice, the better the result. There are qualitative and also quantitative proportions to this. The story goes that Abel sacrificed the best pieces of his cattle while his brother applied the least effort and cost. Then the rest happens: one brother kills the other out of envy and revenge.


This is how things have always been. Instead of understanding the value of the sacrifice that some make to get what they want, criticism and judgment are raised about success.


Finally, it is obvious that the qualifier also corresponds to the investor who has the money to earn more money. But in it, there are more mechanics than deep meaning. Money is a resource that can be reproduced, but generally, only those who have understood all of the above arrived at this point.


Invest your life well and you will have all the benefits that existence promises. Possibly this is the best profitability maxim there is on earth.