Enterprising Woman and the First Steps to Entrepreneurship

Enterprising Woman and the First Steps to Entrepreneurship

Undoubtedly, the empowerment of women is increasingly notorious today, and their active and constant participation in society emphasizes their rights as women to gender equality, reducing the inequality gap thanks to their entrepreneurship.


The woman has made it very clear that she can have multiple facets, she can be a daughter, wife, mother, friend and, why nother own boss. And, her inclusion in society as an entrepreneurial woman has made her claim her own autonomy. This has led to her taking advantage of all her abilities and skills, because if a woman is characterized by something, it is because of her versatile ability, making her stand out and adapt to different activities.


Women and their entrepreneurship in the world

According to statistical data on entrepreneurship worldwide, such as the  Global Entrepreneurship Monitor (GEM) Special Report,  in the last two years, there has been a  10% increase in the rate of female entrepreneurship, while the same rate for males only reaches 5%, which implies that the initiative of women to undertake a project on their own is increasing.


 Global data also indicate that the populations with the highest rates of female entrepreneurship are Latin America and Africa.  As for the European continent, this undertaking is led by Spain, with significant growth in the services sector. This trend of entrepreneurship with greater influence in developing countries is because the cost of quality of life in them is higher and with fewer sources of employment, which encourages them to start their own business.

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This trend of entrepreneurship as a major influence in developing countries is because the cost of quality of life in them is higher and with fewer sources of employment, which encourages them to start their own business.


Entrepreneurship steps for a successful woman without failing in the attempt

To undertake a business project on your own and not fail in the attempt, follow  the following steps that we comment on :


Define what your business idea is: Decide on the business idea you want to carry out and the goods or services you want to offer. This should be something that you can achieve by setting realistic expectations.


 Carry out a market study:

To do this, you must study the market to find out if the product or service that your business will offer satisfies the needs of consumers and identify what your market niche and your competition will be.

Identify the resources you will need:

Identify what are the resources, raw materials, or equipment necessary to carry out the production process and if you have those resources or if you are going to require financing.

Establish a budget:

After you have a clear idea of ​​the business model, establish a budget with an estimate of the costs of the project and the possible expenses that may be incurred. You can always consult a business advisor to help you determine if the proposal is profitable or not.

Establish a work team:

Surrounding yourself with the right team is essential to prosper since it is very difficult to achieve everything that the venture requires without help. Also, different points of view are always important to improve.

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Apply information storage systems:

In addition, it is essential to keep and keep track of all the information that allows business management and decision-making. The best option is to use cloud storage systems in combination with hard drives, such as those available from RS Components. Both for accounting, and to always keep a record of all your activities and important documents.

Be organized with work:

The success of a business is not only due to having the necessary resources, it is also due to the organization of work. This will allow you to avoid wasting valuable resources for your business, allowing you to optimize them even better.


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