Top 10 Free Online Courses In Complementary Health With Certificates 2022-2023

Top 10 Free Online Courses In Complementary Health With Certificates  2022-2023

With new practices every day, various fields are now more employee-friendly. Still, they won’t be without the necessary certifications, licenses, and requirements, and complementary health is one of them. Complementary health is now a generally accepted form of medicine around the world, hence the interest in online platforms where these courses with certificates are offered.

Complementary medicine is an alternative method of medicine that is practiced alongside or instead of Western medicine. Although not scientifically proven to work, these practices are several techniques that are being tested to improve the general well-being of patients.

Now, these complementary health practices fall into various categories such as massage sessions, multiple types of therapy practices, and multiple products, including herbal products, depending on the particular method being practiced. This article will help you describe those courses so you can start learning right away.

Unsurprisingly, these free online complementary health courses listed below are tried and trusted courses that help you properly prepare for your chosen career path. They are carefully selected to ensure they are conducive, easily accessible, and at little or no cost.

Why should you have a career in Complementary Health?

The medical industry is not far behind as the world is rapidly evolving in various categories. The quest to improve one’s way of life will always be a necessity, and so will the need for more hands, hence the importance of these free online courses in complementary health.

Due to the holistic approach that complementary medicine takes, this alternative health method gives you a vast understanding of various systems for good health. These free online courses on complementary health give you particular skills for any category you choose, be it meditation, therapy, herbal medicine, acupuncture, etc.

However, these various skills help you become an expert in your desired field and help you stay relevant and earn a living. Due to the nature of these methods, the knowledge to which he is exposed as a complementary health professional is infinite. He will find this knowledge important for attending to the whole body, which is one of the bases on which the practice is emphasized.

In general, the knowledge required would vary, from an understanding of human anatomy to physical practice treatments and evidence-based general practice. You can also master day-to-day problem-solving skills, which is a crucial requirement. Interpersonal skills are also a bonus and communication skills are mastered in a while on the job.

Why enroll in a complementary health course?

Certainly, as with any other health-related field, complementary health is not left out of the importance of enrolling in their courses. The various techniques help to provide you with the necessary knowledge to carry out the necessary tasks in these various fields to ensure the well-being of your clients or patients.

Also, since complementary medicine is relatively new, these courses are essential to starting a career in the field to help understand how it works and what you need to do. Considering how delicate and essential human health is, there is no place to bet on the type of practices that are used on patients.

While there may be room for new practices and improvements to existing ones, these courses provide the basics to begin any intended investigation and eventually improve upon. Free online complementary health courses are a great place to start and should also be taken seriously while taking them.

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How to become a complementary health professional?

To become a complementary health professional, various professional certifications and licenses are acquired to become complementary health professional. Available educational and training options generally vary depending on your chosen category or field of interest.

These certifications are acquired to ensure that your practice is safe and that you achieve proficiency in your chosen field of interest. It is essential to ensure that any selected program or institution you select is accredited to provide your certificates or licenses that are valid.

To become a complementary health professional, some fields require a license to practice, some require a bachelor’s degree, and some even a master’s degree. At the same time, some others require a doctorate (ND).

Licenses are required for fields such as massage therapy that they acquire upon completion of their program. On the other hand, dietitians generally need a bachelor’s degree to practice, while acupuncturists require a series of exams and internships to earn a master’s degree. The body responsible for your program is obligatorily accredited by the responsible body.

The governing body for naturopathy, the Council for Naturopathic Medical Education (CNME), signs all of its students after they have earned a doctorate (ND) before they can practice. These various fields involve multiple exams, in-class and field lessons, and numerous hours of training before they are finally certified.

Top Ten Free Online Courses in Complementary Health with Certificates in 2022-2023

As the industry-leading body for online courses, here is a handpicked list of the top ten free online courses on complementary health courses in 2022 available on Coursera.

1. The science of wellness

The course is designed with various lessons that teach you to be better mentally inclined to be a happy person. Teaches about multiple ideas and opinions that people have about happiness. In addition, it explains the correct mindset to be happy and how to implement it to become more satisfied people.

Summary; the 100% online course has flexible deadlines and provides a certificate to share upon completion. It is also available in multiple languages, such as English, French, Arabic, German, Spanish, Russian, etc.

Supplier; Coursera

Affair; complementary health

Duration; 19 hours

Start date; happening now

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2. Healing with the arts

In healing with the arts, it is taught to perform physical, mental, emotional, and physical recovery through the use of skills. Through arts such as visuals, music, guided imagery, and even dance, you are given the resources to heal in all aspects of your life.

Abstract; The course offers skills like proper meditation, music, etc. It is a 100% online course and financial aid is available for enrolled students.

Supplier; Coursera

Affair; complementary health

Duration; 13 hours

Start date; happening now

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3. Aromatherapy; Clinical use of essential oils.

This course gives you the knowledge to add the use of essential oils into complementary health practice. The objective is to understand various essential oils and how to apply them correctly in the treatment of patients.

Summary; At the end of t, students should be able to adequately analyze and create favorable routines in clinical practice. You should also be able to properly evaluate the use of various essential oils on different clients and application methods.

Supplier; Coursera

Affair; complementary health

Duration; 17 hours 

Start date; happening now

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4. Everyday Chinese Medicine

This course aims to open up the world of complementary health by regulating herbal products in health care options. Students open up to various Chinese medicines and how they are implemented while evaluating their interaction in comparison to Western medicine throughout the course.

Summary; the financially aided course is also a 100% online course available in 2 stages with a shareable certificate. Students will be taught the basic principles surrounding this medicine and its practical application.

Supplier; Coursera

Affair; complementary health

Duration; 9 hours

Start date; happening now

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5. quackery; Traditional Healing Using Plants

The art of curanderismo is a branch of traditional medicine that focuses specifically on the use of selected plants in the art of healing. For this particular course, traditional medicine experts come to share their vast knowledge of these plants and how they can be applied in practice. The history of traditional medicine and its evolution will also be shared.

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Summary; Its lessons are divided into various categories creating a flexible learning routine. Like all the other courses listed here, it allows certificates to be shared and opens students to a wide collection of experts in their field.

Supplier; Coursera

Affair; complementary health

Duration; 15 hours

Start date; happening now

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6. Health Engineering; Introduction to Yoga and Physiology

Engineering Health focuses on physiological wellness as an alternative healthcare application. The practice is channeled into the use of yoga and physiologically inclined methods as an intervention to routine Western medications for chronic illnesses.

Summary; the course includes online lessons, yoga sessions, and group meditation classes during this duration. By completing the various lessons, you should understand the various methods involved and practice and direct others to practice specific yoga exercises for healthy benefits.

Supplier; Coursera

Affair;  complementary health

Duration; 54 hours

Start date; happening now

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7. Population Health; syndemic

The Syndemics method is an approach to alternative health that focuses on practices that believe that medical care and social health should be treated equally and not treated differently. They believe in finding the connection and making sure to treat both with proper methods.

Summary; Various research methods are employed for this particular study before concluding. A certificate is provided to share with all students at the end of the course.

Supplier; Coursera

Affair; complementary health

Duration; 21 hours

start date; In-progress!

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8. Name of the course; Introduction to Psychology

The course positions your lesson to open up our thinking about how the mind works and how it influences our various decisions, from how we perceive our society, how we respond to social questions, and ultimately how we are affected when medical conditions influence these activities.

Summary; Upon completion, the lessons expose you to abstract thinking and problem-solving skills and further sharpen your mind to think analytically.

suppliers; Coursera

affair; complementary health

Duration; 15 hours

start date; In-progress!

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9. Positive psychiatry and mental health

The course emphasizes teaching practices that enhance mental stability and various healthy approaches to ensure good mental health. The system has a rich bank of expert tutors who will share their knowledge gained over the years.

Summary; The course is not only filled with expert tutors but fully recovered people who have experienced these illnesses and come out of them also share their experiences. This course covers yoga, creativity, and various forms of therapies.

suppliers; Coursera

affair; complementary health

Duration; 20 hours

start date; happening now

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10. Specialization in Abnormal Psychology

The course educates about mental health and approaches that help both individuals and people in various practices to understand and manage psychological problems appropriately.

Summary; While these practices can be effective, they are complementary rather than alternative and should be addressed.

Supplier; Coursera

Affair; complementary health

Duration; 4 months

Start date; happening now

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Do these Complementary Health Courses come with Free Certificates?

Different rules apply to various bodies that offer these courses to their students. While some may provide free certificates, others may show them on audit. This gives you access to his classes for free but requires you to pay for your certification. For some other platforms, financial aid is usually available for some courses.

Free Platforms for Online Courses in Complementary Health

If you’re looking for unconventional learning methods, are new and want to try them out, or want to know what options are available, here’s a list of helpful sites.

1. Coursera

Coursera is a recognized provider of online resources from trusted educational providers. Major universities, businesses, and establishments partner with the site to provide information that covers various categories or areas of specialization. The site has a feature that keeps you at an advantage by providing courses tailored to your chosen field when you optimize your account for a chosen area.

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2. edX

Another authority in the field of online courses is the edX site. Home to over 2,500 courses to choose from with a primary focus on humanities courses. Their language courses are one of the most enrolled in the course and something you should try if you have interests in that field.

3. Open learning

The platform managed by an open university has more than 1,000 courses available with all its systems free. It has a feature in its algorithm that allows you to choose your learning stage as a beginner, average learner, or advanced learner. With most of its practices focused on early learners, it is ideal for teachers looking to improve learning methods.

4. JustLearn

The SoloLearn site, which is more of a tech-inclined course, focuses on developing the programming skills of its users. It offers various courses for all categories of programmers, from basic classes to complex programming classes.

5. Udemy

The site’s quirky video tutorial teaching style has earned it its reputation as a leading online course site. It is well known for its vast nature of systems, as it covers a collection of topics from various works of life.


Before embarking on any field, deep research on what to do and how to do it is required, and that is what these articles on free online complementary health courses aim to expose you to. After deciding on the field of your choice, the variety of courses helps point you in the right direction to help you start your career smoothly.

As a complementary health professional, your patient’s consent is essential. Another vital point is to secure approval from their previous doctor if they abandon Western medicine altogether, or at least a detailed report on their medical history and current conditions.

All of this information, including knowledge gained from formal education such as free online complementary health courses, as noted above, helps ensure the smooth flow of complementary medicine. It also ensures the sustainability of the practice, as long as it ensures and promotes the holistic well-being of clinicians and patients alike.

Frequently asked questions

Here is a list of frequently asked questions with answers to help you on your online course journey.

What are the benefits of complementary therapies?

Complementary therapies have been reported to be responsible for numerous health benefits such as; reducing the stress levels of patients, relieving pain, and contributing to wound healing. It aids in clients’ relaxation, helps them feel better about themselves, relaxes muscles, creates a better and healthier mindset, and ultimately brings inner peace.

Do online courses provide a similar learning experience as face-to-face courses?

Barring the fact that you don’t have to dress up and go the distance for a classroom lecture, the answer is yes! Even better, it gives you the option to learn at your own pace. There is no chance of you missing a conference by scheduling courses in your spare time. You can always review a particular lesson that you don’t understand.

Do companies recognize our online certificates?

Online courses are now one of the leading educational platforms as distance learning is no longer a new idea. With renowned institutions like Harvard, Open University, IBM, MIT, etc. hosting some of these courses, the validity of these certificates is not overemphasized. So yes, these certificates are very valid for national and international companies.

Do you get a free certificate for Harvard courses?

Depending on the chosen course, free Harvard courses can be taken without academic credit, also known as auditing. However, upon completion of the course, a verified certificate can be obtained by providing a token to the institution.

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