Free Online Marketing Courses That You Cannot Miss

Free Online Marketing Courses That You Cannot Miss

Free online marketing courses

IEBS Business School

At IEBS we offer free courses, webinars, seminars, and MOOCs every week. The business school covers several areas, from Business&Tech and Entrepreneurs to Social Networks and Human Resources. But one of his specialties is, without a doubt, the Marketing area. For this reason, IEBS offers a series of free online marketing courses for all audiences. These are the webinars that we have already carried out and that

  • How to create a step-by-step social media plan: If you don’t want to waste time or money and achieve the goals you set for yourself, don’t miss this webinar in which you will learn how to design a step-by-step plan and design the roadmap that It will help you be more efficient.
  • How to start a Community Marketplace: how to develop projects with social impact and find allies who support your proposal, because to go far you need to be accompanied. We work with as a case study, in an interactive way because our business grows thanks to the value that users bring.
  • B2B strategy in Facebook Ads: Course on online advertising and B2B recruitment strategies.
  • SEO for beginners: You will learn the basic SEO that every beginner should know. It is structured in the form of a workshop.
  • How to manage an influencer campaign? : Find out how to create a marketing campaign through these profiles and what kind of actions can be carried out.
  • Augmented reality strategies in marketing: You will know and apply the opportunities offered by augmented reality as a tool in the marketing strategy.
  • How to implement a Growth Hacking Strategy: Acquire the skills to accelerate the achievement of marketing objectives through knowledge of technology.
  • Email Marketing: Create your first newsletter: Learn to design newsletters, organize and segment contacts, and communicate with our audience through this channel.
  • Influencer Marketing: In this webinar, we are going to learn what influencers are and why you should include them in your marketing strategy. We will also break down the different steps you need to take to design a professional influencer marketing campaign for your company, in a successful, honest and profitable way. Something essential to boost your sales in the current context.
  • Productivity Marketing: tools for Effective Marketing: in this session, Sergio Cuesta will speak to us about his great experience and knowledge on  how to create optimized images, program content, analyze the results and be able to manage everything from a single place
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Google Activate

Second, Google offers extensive free training content through its Google Activate platform. The objective is to boost your business or develop your professional career with complete modules and courses. In addition, students can access a certification that certifies the knowledge acquired. However, to obtain it, it is necessary to pass the exams with 75% correct answers and achieve the minimum score per evaluation. Finally, pass the general exam of the course. The free online marketing courses offered by Google Activate are:


On the other hand, the company IBM offers its users various courses. Generally, in areas such as Analytics, Commerce, Systems or Security. The free online marketing courses offered by IBM are the following:

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Finally, through the Microsoft Learning platform, Microsoft offers free learning to advanced professionals and participants. His practical method helps to achieve results in a short time. In this regard, the free online marketing courses offered by this company are based on its Dynamics 365 platform:

Also, if you want to become a true expert in Marketing, study for the Master in Marketing Management, Sales, and Digital Strategy. You will learn to develop an integrated marketing plan with a global vision of the media, both conventional and digital. But not only that, but you will also take a tour of strategic and product marketing. What are you waiting for? We will wait for you!


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