Study Engineering And Computer Science With The Best Minds In America.

Study Engineering And Computer Science With The Best Minds In America.

With starting salaries of over $85,000 for science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) graduates, it’s no wonder these programs are wildly popular with prospective students. Beyond good pay, another big draw in these dynamic careers is the ability to play an active role in developing the tools and platforms that will shape our society for decades to come.

If you are one of the many international students looking for the right STEM program, then you will likely prioritize institutions that offer:

  • Rankings and reputation;
  • Internship abroad during or after your studies;
  • Active life on campus;
  • Flexibility in program design and implementation.

We’ll cover all of that and more in today’s article on California State University Northridge (CSUN). For starters, its College of Engineering and Computer Science is ranked in the top 10% of the nation by Best Engineering Colleges and is also ranked in the top 35 by US News and World Report.

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Former dean helps set global standards in STEM

When you’re looking for an engineering and computer science degree, make sure the colleges you’re considering are accredited by ABET (the Accreditation Council for Engineering and Technology). The educational standards they set have become the foundation for the quality of STEM disciplines around the world.

Unsurprisingly, CSUN has ABET accreditation, but there’s more. Not only is it accredited, but former dean, department chair, and professor, Dr. SK Ramesh, is now president of ABET! Dr. Ramesh has been an innovative powerhouse at CSUN, and his role as president is further proof of excellence for CSUN, further reinforcing the university’s role in setting standards for institutions offering STEM majors in more than 40 countries.

CSUN’s College of Engineering and Computer Science operates nine undergraduate programs for more than 4,300 undergraduate students and ten graduate programs for 455 students. There are five specialized departments within the Faculty:

  1. Civil Engineering and Construction Management
  2. Computing
  3. Electrical and Computer Engineering
  4. Manufacturing Systems Engineering and Management
  5. Mechanical Engineering

Wondering what it’s like to be an engineering student at CSUN? Watch our short video below, of Hrithik Das from Bangladesh, a Computer Engineering student whose parents thought he was too young to go abroad. Hear what made him decide to follow his heart and study in the United States; at California State University Northridge.

Gain three years of work experience after graduating in the United States

As Hrithik mentioned, the projects he worked on at CSUN used current technologies in the industry, which helped him land a job easily after graduation. By combining the academic knowledge he gains in classes with real-world projects, he will have a better chance of getting hired after graduation. And if he studies in the United States, he can apply for Optional Practical Training (OPT) to have the opportunity to stay in the United States and work.

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You can even apply for a STEM-related extension that will allow you to stay for up to 3 years. This offers you even more opportunities to gain work experience, network in competitive industries, experience American work culture firsthand, and of course, offer you an even greater return on your US STEM degree investment.

Here are the things you need to keep in mind about the OPT:

– Eligible students may request to receive up to a total of 12 months of OPT employment authorization before completing their academic studies (pre-completion) and/or after completing their academic studies (post-completion).

– If you have earned a degree in certain STEM fields ( see the list here ), you can apply for a 24-month extension of your post-completion OPT employment authorization.

About half of all international students on OPT visas receive job offers in professional, scientific, or technical services, such as computer programming, computer systems or software design, biotechnology research and development, and research and development. manufacturing, including semiconductors and electronic engineering. The United States Department of Labor reported that the average starting salary for foreign graduates in OPT programs was almost $87,000 in 2019.

Where do these talented foreign students end up? Many work at technology companies like Amazon, Integra, Google, and Microsoft. Those big five firms each hired more than 1,000 OPT employees in 2018. Among the top 15 companies hiring OPT graduates is the renowned Apple corporation, which maintains close ties to California State University Northridge, as a recently announced partnership demonstrates.

Apple chooses CSUN for an innovation project

To inspire more students to pursue STEM training, Apple reached out to universities across the United States to explore new ways to expand and improve educational opportunities for students, particularly Latinx students and students from historically underserved groups.

Given its credentials and student population, CSUN was chosen over all other universities in the United States as the new home for a Global Equity Innovation Center for Hispanic-Serving Institutions (HSI), in partnership with Apple and the State of California.

Plans for virtual programs have already begun, and the new building will open in 2024, along with its research labs and production space. It will be “a place to visit and a continuous virtual source of educational programs through mentorship opportunities, connections with STEM leaders and employees, and access to interdisciplinary STEM research.”

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Apple will provide “innovative technology, design support and idea collaboration” both during the development of the project and once it is underway.

Study Engineering And Computer Science With The Best Minds In America.


Competitions and clubs will help you take an active role in research and testing

Another advantage of attending CSUN is its location, which most likely influenced Apple’s decision to partner with them. CSUN is located in the center of the creative and technological economy in Southern California, known as Silicon Beach, which opens doors to a wide network of companies and a variety of careers after graduation.

In addition to the work experience you can gain through internships or the OPT, there are also plenty of opportunities to participate in student clubs and competitions focused exclusively on STEM fields.

For example, a CSUN mechanical engineering student team won multiple awards at a NASA competition in the spring of 2021. They were all members of the CSUN American Society of Mechanical Engineers student chapter. The project was part of NASA’s MINDS undergraduate design program, a multi-semester experience that challenges undergraduate students to design and build technologies for possible use on NASA’s Artemis mission, which aims to land the first woman and person of color on the moon in 2024.

This was not the first time CSUN had collaborated with NASA. Previously, two of his electrical and computer engineering professors oversaw CubeSat—a shoebox-sized satellite created by students and launched from the International Space Station that contributes to NASA research today.

STEM students at CSUN regularly participate in many competitions, from Matador Motorsports to building a cement canoe to their VEX robotics club (Matabots) that even ranked among the top ten robotics teams in the world in 2016.

CSUN has more than 300 student clubs and organizations, and some of those related to STEM is the American Society of Civil Engineers, the Hispanic Society of Professional Engineers, the National Society of African American Engineers, the Society of Women Engineers, and the League of Students Asian and Pacific Islanders.

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Conditional admission for international students who require help to improve their level of English

Thanks to CSUN’s Conditional Admission program (offered to both undergraduate and graduate students), there’s no need to worry about your level of English. They even have English classes related to engineering so you can customize your program according to your interests.

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You can start CSUN’s Intensive English Program (IEP) to improve your English and then transfer directly to your STEM degree program. It will be an easy move as you will already know the campus plus you will have comfortable campus accommodation and a network of new friends. The only thing missing is you!

Check out our previous article to find out more about CSUN’s English programs and get an invitation to join your next 45-minute English session for free. You will be able to participate with other international students like you in a real class led by an official CSUN professor.

Easy Access to CSUN short-term programs, for a semester or a summer

If you’re already studying in another institution’s STEM program, you can still experience CSUN’s amazing faculty, campus atmosphere, and California lifestyle. They offer a summer course at CSUN that will allow you to earn 6 or 12 credits in a wide variety of subjects.

Or if you prefer to stay a little longer, you can sign up for their Semester at CSUN program, which allows international students who meet CSUN’s English requirements to take a college course for up to one year of college credit.

Prefer to study for a STEM degree online? CSUN has you covered.

No matter where you are in the world, CSUN’s online programs can allow you to earn credentials from a top-tier university. They offer a wide variety of part-time and full-time programs, like these three STEM-specific ones:

– Master of Science in Engineering Management

– Master of Science in Assistive Technology Engineering

– Intelligent Manufacturing Advanced Professional Development Certificate

CSUN is no stranger to online degrees. They launched their first virtual program in 1999 and have been refining the curriculum every year ever since to create an exceptional online educational experience. This means that CSUN’s online programs are not your average zoom class. The university has a team of senior instructional designers who develop each online program with each professor. Your online degrees and certificates include live class sessions, access to on-demand program materials, and daily networking opportunities.

Please note that as these are online programs, you will not have to travel to the United States and will not be granted access to an F-1 or OPT visa. But you will get access to all of CSUN’s student support services as well as its global alumni network of more than 360,000 professionals around the world.

With so many options to choose from, you simply can’t go wrong with CSUN! click here to fill out the form and one of their representatives will contact you to arrange a free individual consultation.


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