Why Is Harvard University The Best In The World?

Why Is Harvard University The Best In The World?

For decades, Harvard became popular thanks to the entrepreneurial mindset of its students: most of them received important prizes, made an amazing discoveries, or executed a brilliant plan that advanced society, the market, or an entire industry. Therefore, the reputation of the student was awarded to the university. Is Harvard the best university in the world? It is not the university that created great students, but the students that fostered its popularity. Harvard’s success depends more on the people who admit it than on its system. In the following paragraph,s we will tell you more about it.

We must consider this: who enrolls in this university? Many Americans have completed their studies at Harvard and most of them managed to reach a higher professional level than the rest. If you want an example of someone who became famous and studied here, just look at the following list, you will recognize 80% of the names (or rather, surnames):

  1. John Adams
  2. John Quincy Adams
  3. John F. Kennedy
  4. Theodore Roosevelt
  5. Franklin Roosevelt
  6. Barack Obama
  7. Rutherford-Hayes
  8. George Bush
  9. Etc.

Have you ever wondered why US universities generate so many outstanding businessmen, politicians, and artists? It all lies in the mindset. At the beginning of the 1990s, the professor and dean of Harvard made a summary of why American students had better performance than the rest, he was able to list the most important:

  1. America’s wealth
  2. demographics
  3. The philanthropic tradition
  4. And immigration policy (many of the most successful are foreigners, not natives)
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Business tycoons, Nobel laureates, and a big budget

Harvard University not only stands out for its system: it encourages debate among students to ensure that the information explained in class enters their long-term memory, but it is also known by the names of Mark Zuckerberg, Jacques Chirac, and Bill Gate, who led the list of the world’s richest men for many years. Similarly, it should be noted that it has at least 45 Nobel Prize winners, not counting those who stopped studying or participating in the university. Due to this fame, it has a budget of 32 billion US dollars.

What is the average price you should pay at Harvard?

The undergraduate tuition fee alone amounts to more than USD 50,000. You should also consider the mandatory expenses that you will make during your training, among them we point out accommodation, food, books, and travel. In total, you have to save more than USD 80,000 for annual expenses of this type.

What is the reason that US universities are so expensive?

High schools in the United States invest millions of dollars to keep their students competitive nationally and internationally. Not to mention that there is a lot of competition between their systems, their establishments, and their hiring periods. In the end, the higher the professional profiles, the higher sums they can receive for each student.

What are the most important universities in the world?

There is no other university that reaches the level of Harvard, considering that the culture that they inject into their students is superior. However, we can well give second place to MIT, which has quickly gained fame and evolved to the point of positioning itself above the universities of England (Cambridge & Oxford.)

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Why choose the USA to study?

One of the most impressive aspects of US universities is the campuses. Each one provides endless opportunities to enhance your creativity, become more flexible, and experience new cultures. Three aspects motivate students to improve. But this is not all, thanks to its reputation, you will have to make a less intense effort to reach a leadership position in the world of administration, science, education, or engineering.

Finance Harvard: what are the alternatives?

In case you don’t have a wealthy or prestigious family, the only way to access Harvard is through the sweat of your brow, starting a company, or with a scholarship. Every year, national and foreign students are offered to finance for their studies, however, they must have the best performance in their school.


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