US Government programs to learn English for free

US Government programs to learn English for free
If you are looking for free online English courses, you have come to the right place.The United States government has launched a series of free English courses to help Hispanic residents improve their communication in the English language.

These courses are an excellent tool for those who are looking to integrate more effectively into American society, find jobs faster, and want to hone their language skills.

1. Initial English course

This constitutes the starting point in the series of courses sponsored by the United States Government.

Participants acquire basic language skills through instructional videos, which stand out for presenting content entertainingly and understandably.

With a total of 20 units, the content is structured to cover essential topics such as everyday aspects, time, weather, community places, financial transactions, and more.

One of the main features is the teaching of new vocabulary in each lesson, followed by practical exercises. These are essential to reinforce what has been learned and improve fluency when communicating.

The situations addressed in the free English course allow the student to navigate scenarios such as making an invitation, presentations, and ordering at a restaurant, among others.

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2. Intermediate English Course

For those who have passed the basic level, this course raises the challenge by introducing more complex situations. The goal is to prepare students to interact accurately in family and community settings.

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Like the initial course, the intermediate course has educational videos that focus on real situations.

Some of the topics covered are work environment, home life, legislation, family roles, and more. Each scenario is broken down into 4 modules, completing a total of 20 units.

Each video lasts around 30 minutes, where you can see how these situations develop and how the language being taught is used.

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3. Reading and Conversation Practice in English

This free English program from the United States government is ideal for those who already have a solid foundation in English and want to strengthen their reading fluency and comprehension.

It focuses on reading short stories that cover various topics, from family to work.

The main purpose is for the student to acquire greater reading fluency in English, an essential skill for those who aspire to develop professionally in the country.

. After each reading, comprehension and writing exercises are proposed, allowing the student to strengthen and expand their command of the language.

Through these practical exercises, participants have the opportunity to strengthen their knowledge and achieve their linguistic goals.

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