Top 10 Well-Paying Jobs for Hispanics Who Don’t Speak English

Top 10 Well-Paying Jobs for Hispanics Who Don’t Speak English
Although proficiency in English can open many job doors for you if you immigrate to the United States, it would be unfair to say that there are no good job offers for Hispanics who do not speak English.In reality, the Hispanic community that lives in this country has access to good employment opportunities despite not being fluent in the language.

Without a doubt, more and more industries are hiring Hispanic labor to perform important tasks and duties, especially in the hospitality and manufacturing sectors.

Jobs for Hispanics who do not speak English

According to data from Statista, in 2022 the Hispanic population in the USA exceeded 59 million inhabitants.

In this sense, it is understandable that the volume of jobs for Hispanics who do not speak English has also grown in the last decade in this country.

Below you will learn ten job alternatives that you could take advantage of if you are Latino and do not know how to communicate in the native American language:

1. Customer Service Representative

Companies that operate in other Spanish-speaking countries from the United States tend to hire Spanish speakers to work as customer service representatives.

Because? This workforce can improve customer service and satisfaction by being able to communicate with them fluently in the same language. If you have experience in customer service positions, you could stand out in recruitment and selection processes that do not include English in the list of mandatory requirements.

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2. Manual work

Jobs for Hispanics who do not speak English, such as those in construction, landscaping, cleaning, or agriculture, can help you make money in the USA.

These are usually jobs that do not require extensive command of the language. Consequently, you could be a good candidate even though you are not bilingual.

This is because most of the time the tasks are more physical than communicative. Therefore, you should not have problems carrying them out even if you do not speak English.

Within the construction industry, some trades could help you save money in the United States or balance your finances, such as:

  • Paint.
  • Carpentry.
  • Plumbing.
  • Electricity.

Employers, and employment agencies, are always looking for trained personnel regardless of their native language.

Although you will need to understand your superiors and follow their instructions correctly, it is unlikely that the language barrier will work against you in that industry.

Just make sure you compensate for that weakness with a great work ethic and a good resume.

Believe it or not, soft skills and expertise in a certain profession or trade can be more important than knowing how to speak English; even in the United States.

3. Restaurant and hospitality industry

The gastronomic and hospitality industry also has a wide variety of job offers for Hispanics who do not speak English.

If you reside in the United States, you can provide services in restaurants, hotels, and catering companies that have a large Spanish-speaking clientele.

Additionally, you could be hired as:

  • Receptionist.
  • Guest assistant.
  • Kitchen helper.
  • Waiter’s assistant.
  • Housekeeper.

4. Child and elderly care

Many Hispanic families are looking for caregivers who can communicate with their children or elderly relatives in their native language: Spanish.

Therefore, these job vacancies could fit you like a glove if you like to serve others or have experience as a nanny or caregiver.

5. Retail jobs

In US cities where there are large Hispanic communities, such as Austin and Miami, it is common for employers to hire Spanish-speaking staff to work in retail businesses.

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Even the largest retailers, such as Walmart or Target, have a large staff of salespeople and cashiers who do not speak English, or who do not master it perfectly. 

The objective is to improve communication and sales with those clients who do not feel comfortable with the language or who do not understand it 100%. Fluency in Spanish could be a great advantage for those people who have experience such as:

  • Cashiers.
  • Sales associates.
  • Store assistants.
  • Storekeepers.
  • Sellers.
  • Customer Support.

6. Start your own business in the United States

Starting your own business or offering services within the Hispanic community can be a viable option if you want to make money, but you don’t get along very well with this language.

You can leverage your language skills and cultural knowledge to offer small-scale translation, interpretation, tutoring, or catering services.

Entrepreneurship is a great self-employment alternative, especially if it costs you a lot of time and effort to be recruited by an American company.

This alternative can become a source of passive income living in the United States.

7. Specialized jobs in your area of ​​expertise

In cities that concentrate a large number of Latinos and Hispanics, companies interested in hiring these talents also tend to operate.

Many of these companies are usually led by Hispanics who do not hesitate to hire other qualified Hispanics who are experts in a specific area. If you have a professional qualification or have accumulated years of experience in a certain industry, do not hesitate to apply for job offers that do not require mastery of the English language.

8. Insurance brokers

Insurance agents are responsible for explaining policies, analyzing coverage options, answering customers’ questions, and assisting them with their claims.

Consequently, it is common for Hispanics who want to purchase health insurance in the United States, without speaking English, to demand the services of a broker who can communicate in the same language.

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Communication, understanding, and assertive negotiation skills are crucial to building trust with customers and successfully closing more sales.

Likewise, it should be noted that creating networks within the Hispanic community and exploring insurance agencies or brokers that serve Spanish-speaking clients could open many doors for you at a work and professional level.

9. Real estate agents in the United States

Spanish-speaking real estate agents often see great benefits in the United States. Especially if they serve in areas with large populations of Latinos and Spanish speakers.

However, you must keep your license up to date and follow all laws, regulations, and trends in the real estate industry to maximize profits and avoid problems.

 10. Niche restaurants

Restaurants that specialize in Hispanic cuisine value people who can contribute to the kitchen team by preparing traditional dishes. If you have culinary skills or experience in this field you could also receive important hires; regardless of whether you don’t speak English.

Do you want to work legally in the United States?

Getting a job in the USA, being Hispanic, is not an impossible mission. In fact, in some states, such as Washington or Columbia, the minimum wage is higher than in the rest of the country.

If you live in the United States you should not lose hope of being recruited by a serious and responsible employer.

Additionally, you must explore job opportunities in your area of ​​expertise and keep an eye out for companies or industries that especially serve Spanish-speaking communities.

However, if you want to apply for jobs for Hispanics who do not speak English, and whose salaries are more competitive, the ideal is that you become familiar with the language or improve your linguistic skills as soon as possible.


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