How Kane Lim Reached A Net Worth Of $ 20 Million

How Kane Lim Reached A Net Worth Of $ 20 Million


Kane Lim’s youth

Born on December 5, 1989, Kane Lim is a Singaporean businessman and philanthropist known in Netflix’s Bling Empire. He moved from Singapore to Los Angeles ten years ago. By then, he had already found success as an investor. Named “Calvin Harris of Asia”, Lim started as a fashion designer after graduating from the Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising in 2013. Growing up, he did not behave like an egg-like most children. rich. Instead of being a driver, his father forced him to go to school by bus or van. According to Wealthy Gorilla, he started his own fashion business when he was 17 years old. He started trading stocks, earning his first million dollars. When he was 20, Lim approached his father for a $ 20 million loan to start his own business. His controversial family owns oil, shipping, and real estate companies. According to Clean Sheet, many people did not believe he would return the money to his father, given how hard he made him work. Most people did not realize that Lim had learned to work hard. He learned that all the privileges he received were the result of the hard work of his family. Most people did not realize that Lim had learned to work hard. He learned that all the privileges he received were the result of the hard work of his family. Most people did not realize that Lim had learned to work hard. He learned that all the privileges he received were the result of the hard work of his family.

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Why did Lim follow fashion despite the family business?

Contrary to what most wealthy dads would expect, Lim did not pursue his family business. He always knew that a sense of fashion with a touch of femininity would help him realize his dream of becoming a fashion star and entrepreneur. He likes to show off his impressive collection on Instagram, where he had more than 482 followers per 000. Today, Lim manages an investment fund in Los Angeles that specializes in hospitality, wellness, and renewable energy. His LinkedIn page lists him as the CEO of K-ix Capital. The company is responsible for investments in all investment products such as shares and real estate. It also provides services to clients as a business broker/broker.

How rich is Lim’s lifestyle?

Lim’s influence on Instagram has also boosted her fashion business. Her followers love the sense of fashion and the way she parties. Lim is warm and approachable, unlike other celebrities, and is not afraid to meet and greet fans. As a philanthropist, Lim believes that everyone has the right to a good life. He remembers how the COVID-19 pandemic affected people in Singapore and around the world. He has always supported charity on Instagram and social media. His parents have always supported non-profit organizations and he supports those who help patients daily with free health care.

1. The wealth of his family

His family has a $ 1 billion business, though he does not like to call his father (Kenny Lim Oon Cheng) a billionaire. Her father is currently managing director in Singapore. Kenny also has a brother (Lim Oon Kuin), the Singaporean founder of Hin Leong Trading (HIT). According to Dim Sum Daily, it is unknown how much Lim’s family earns as he likes to keep his affairs secret.

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2. His influence on Instagram

Lim has over 400 followers on Instagram and a thousand more on Facebook and Snapchat. This happens for two reasons: the sense of fashion and the parties she does. Did you know that Rihanna (an American pop star) is one of her followers? Everyone knows that Lim can take a photo or a video that will make them talk all month. He uses his influence to attract sales for his shoe line, which allows him to continue to win top awards.

3. He is a star in a reality

Lim demonstrates his rich lifestyle in Netflix’s Bling Empire among other wealthy Asian American kids. He is the star of reality from 2019 until today. In a 2019 interview, he admitted that he made at least seven-figure figures before his 20th birthday.


4. Has a collection of shoes

Kane’s love of expensive shoes finally paid off. His shoe collection is about $ 300. It is reported that it has over 000 pairs of branded shoes. He also loves jewelry and you can see him wearing some of the most expensive collections in the world.

5. Invest in commercial real estate

Lim is currently investing in fashion and commercial real estate. It’s just realistic because his family owns a lot of real estate at home. In September, he revealed that he was selling real estate in Los Angeles on his Instagram page. Zillow, for example, had a listing price of almost $ 2.7 million.

6. It is offered voluntarily

Lim credits her presence on social media as one of the key platforms that have helped her. She mainly uses social media to connect with fashion-loving fans. The second reason is his philanthropic work. He uses his influence to publicize the charities he supports. Although once rich and famous, Lim enjoys giving back to the community. Take a look at Kane’s Instagram feeds before the pandemic, you will notice how much he can bear to be a philanthropist. He even went on to spend Christmas with his family-run nonprofit, known as Miracles for Children. This organization deals mainly with children with serious illnesses.

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It is hard to imagine a rich kid like Lim having a net worth of $ 20 million when he has a billionaire father. But this is because he is smart and does not take advantage of his family’s success. His presence on social media, his investment ability, and his lovable personality are the reasons why he is one of the most successful celebrities in Singapore and the United States.



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