Sales Skill is a Life Requirement

Sales Skill is a Life Requirement

The ability for Sales is not a professional requirement, it is a demand that Life presents to achieve the purposes that it has. Sales and the deep sense of Business itself are not inscribed in the commercial sense of things, they are rooted in the character of everything that explains existence.

The act of “selling” is present in all human tasks, although it is usually associated with commercial dynamics. The sale constitutes an exercise in social relations, and man is, above all, a Being of a social nature. When he relates to his peers, he always tries to sell something: an idea, a good, a state of mind, an interpretation of things, an argument, an apology, a job, etc. The Sale, in the form of any of the things that are transacted, is perfected when another person Accepts what is being offered. Thus the circuit that builds the social fabric is completed.

The dynamics of community life have been approached from many angles, but it is infrequently interpreted from the perspective of Sales. This approach seems “inappropriate” for understanding social complexities, and in popular understanding comes dangerously close to violating the “generally conceived” interpretation of ethics. However, it is enough to evaluate the daily tasks to be convinced that the act of Selling is always practiced, and with a frequency that exceeds almost all other human activities.


Another unknown fact is the generic scope of the Business concept. The word Business comes from the Latin word “negotium” which means “activity that generates some kind of utility, interest or profit for those who practice it”. Under the strict interpretation of the concept, ALL human beings maintain and carry out some Business activity always, throughout their lives. The mere fact of eating is an activity that generates “utility, interest and profit”.

And two functions explain the Business (whatever it may be): the Production function and the Sales function. First, something is produced to be traded and then the exercise of selling it is carried out to achieve “utility, interest or profit”. This is not only so in commercial or mercantile tasks, it is in the same way in most of the facts that explain daily life. However, the Production function is only perfected through the Sales function, without the latter, Production remains orphaned and incomplete. Only when what is produced is sold is the Business perfected. On the other hand, many times only what is considered to be able to be sold is produced and therefore the Sales function finally takes precedence over that of Production,

Assuming that someone can satisfactorily go through Life without Sales skills is a huge mistake and assuming that Sales is an exercise reserved for certain trades goes from being a mistake to becoming a trap. No person can achieve a basic life balance if he doesn’t know how to sell, because he ultimately won’t be able to perfect her interests, whatever they may be. At least he will not be able to do it in the social logic that governs human civilization.

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With Sales skills and the correct understanding of what Business means, what happens in this world happens with many other things of vital importance: they are not included in the basic education of individuals. This is how they are deprived of a vital tool for the fulfillment of their lives, this is how their potential to achieve all the freedom they wanted is restricted. Popular conventionalism is concerned with the education that people should receive on the advancement of technology or knowledge of languages but gives as little importance to the ability to sell as it does to Financial Intelligence. And just like what happens with the latter, he often classifies Sales as a profane, banal activity, reserved for “mercantilism that addicts the human soul”, inappropriate and unworthy for the man of “higher education”. Thus, not only does he ignore that it is precisely the mercantile initiative of man that has allowed the progress of civilization,

Without Sales skills, the world would not have known the art of Raphael or the genius of Leonardo da Vinci, nor the contributions of Pasteur or the inventions of Tesla. And since selling ultimately seeks to find acceptance by others for what is produced, all the exchange of goods and services that generates the basis of the livelihood economy would not exist or would be, at best, very primitive. The very Malthusian theory that had terrified humanity for a couple of centuries, arguing that population growth would make food for all unsustainable over time, could have been fulfilled had it not been for man’s interest to produce in a way that allows you to make your merchandise, that is, to be able to sell it.

The Sales activity allows the development of people also in its strictly human dimension because every moment people sell a physical, emotional, or even spiritual “state”. Either you sell it to others or, more importantly, you sell it to yourself. “Acceptance” is a central element in the logic of Sales and achieving it requires the holistic growth of individuals. This growth is generated from the optimization of the “product” that wants to be sold. There is never a shortage (quite the opposite), of those who argue about the futility of gaining the acceptance of others and the need to be “genuine and original”, but these arguments ignore two transcendental facts of human nature: first of all, its inescapable social character and the need that emerges in this sense to relate “successfully” with others and, secondly, the imperative to accept oneself, of being a “product” that ultimately does not generate self-rejection. These facts necessarily lead to development, never to involution.

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Sales have everything to do with the current “consumer society” and at the same time, they are completely innocent regarding the results that their dynamics achieve. The underlying motive for what people “accept” in Sales transactions is an entirely different moral and ethical issue. If there is a “market” for audiovisual material related to dogfighting, fanatics who can blow themselves up, or child pornography, there will be Sales efforts that try to satisfy or even “develop” that demand, but that does not qualify the Sales activities, that qualifies the moral state of people, the character of their values ​​and principles, the nature of their deep “Being”. Those who deny that reality and intend to end society as we know it now, finally they are also trying to “sell” us their point of view. The fact that one or the other state of affairs prevails is also a reflection of the effectiveness that both have in their sales efforts.

Sales and its relationship with the improvement of the Business in its strict conceptual interpretation, constitute the foundation of the Freedom of man. Freedom not only to Do but also Freedom to Be. From “doing” emerges the development of civilization and from “being” the person is born. Without Freedom, there is no hope that things will change, and the fact that they change for the “better” will also depend on the success of those who sell those “improvements”.

Sales and the improvement of the Business in its strict conceptual interpretation (this reiteration is worth a lot), are also the foundation of personal fulfillment, both in its external and internal dimensions, that is, in the ability to “do” and “be ”. How can we conceive of a world without people who are looking for a way to fulfill themselves? “Doing” constitutes the essential functional dimension of the human being and “being” is its structural dimension. If both dimensions do not have the possibility of being realized, man is an incomplete construction that lacks meaning. What is “done” is sold and that is precisely how realization is achieved, what is “is” is sold, and thus the circuit is perfected. When what is “made” cannot be sold as expected, “external” growth occurs, and when one cannot or does not want to accept what “is” internal growth occurs. Every moment something is sold to others and one is sold to oneself.

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The interesting thing about all this is that the Sales activity can be supported by a rational and simple set of techniques, it constitutes a function that can be learned and practiced with some ease. When the understanding of its importance and value is clear, learning the “secret” of Sales is not complex, and its power is immense. No “undesirable” or improper results emerge from efforts to sell “something”, since in the process the “product” (whatever it was) is optimized and realization is achieved.

With the understanding and mastery of Sales techniques, a bit of what happens to some people with the computer and other electronic elements of modern life happens: on the one hand it seems like a world that is not essential to know, and on the other a stage full of of complexities. None of these things is true, the same as checking who finally interacts with a computer and progressively extracting all the benefits it has. However, unlike the computer, the knowledge and development of sales skills do not “open” a new world, rather it opens the doors of the world.

On some occasions, heartfelt claims can be read or heard for some things that are sold in life, from those people who sell “their soul to the devil” to get something, through those who sell the truth for 30 coins to those who claim that Coca is sold. Tail to “poison” people. All these claims ignore that all the good things in life are also for sale. They probably prefer to ignore them because of the facile and mediocre criterion that the things that matter in life cannot be bought or cannot be bought. That is false! There is no good thing in life that does not have a price to be paid, a cost to be accepted, and since the latter is true, there is something for sale and there is something to be bought.

LIFE, every day, every moment offers something, sells something, and the cost of acquiring it is insignificant, it lies in something very simple: Accept it. Life is a salesman who knocks on the door of the house every day offering everything available in the universe, and day by day the door closes in his face, even when he places his foot to try to avoid it. And yes, Life is a seller of good things, he is the only seller that will be missed when he stops knocking on the door.


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