Tricks to find a job

Tricks to find a job

In the distant past, I have had to experience several crises that I did not cause and lost my job because of it. Thanks to this, I began to try to surpass the average knowledge and investigate how a country works, not only to be a citizen auditor but also to see problems coming and make personal decisions. However, these crises did not pass in vain, and the bitter experience of being unemployed not once, but several times, also gave me some lessons that I want to share today. 

In the distant past, it happened to me to be on the side of unemployed people and also to have learned first-hand about how a selection process operates in companies. Do not take me as an “expert” but only as someone who has already lived through this and who tells you about his experience.


When one loses a job, or when one lives in a hostile job environment, one’s self-esteem falls apart. If you are unemployed, having low self-esteem will not help you, as it will go against your attempts to find a job. You might imagine that without self-esteem one looks as if to say ” please hire me, I beg you ” when going to get the job. That does not work. Getting a job is selling the best product in the world: Your work. A salesperson would not be successful if he uses the strategy of getting down on his knees and saying ” please buy me something, anything, I beg you “.

When you’re unemployed, it’s like looking for a job is your job, a job that doesn’t pay a salary. My working hours, to improve effectiveness were from 8 AM to 4 PM. 

  • From 8 AM to noon, the job is to look for a job without wasting a moment. 
  • In the afternoon I dedicated myself to doing things that make you feel good, that raise your self-esteem, and that don’t require money. 

At first glance, it seemed like he was lazy for half the day, but he wasn’t. The reason is simple. In the afternoon people are already tired and they won’t pay the same attention to you. Investing time in your self-esteem is essential to get the job. Investing in your self-esteem increases your chances of getting a job. Without it, you will be like an unarmed soldier, bound hand and foot on the battlefield.

The log

I kept a log with the days, the hours, and all the data that I was getting. The blog had to be one per company so that you open the page and at a glance, you know everything you did. There is nothing worse than being called and saying “You wanted me to send you the resume, right? ” and being told, No, you already submitted it, you talked to me for a while, don’t you remember? “. The first thing you would think would be ” oops!! “. The log lets you know when, at what time, you did what. If they gave you phone numbers or names, write them down. Since you are talking on the phone, the interlocutor will not know that you are reading.

Be very orderly and meticulous when keeping this log. Be very systematic in your job search.

Where to look?

After trying all the conventional ways, from job fairs to job websites to newspaper ads, I found that they didn’t bring me much success. It is that the best jobs do not usually go out to public competition, except in a few exceptions. My experience at the beginning of my working life with newspaper jobs led me to jobs where everything was designed to fail because for some reason people did not last in the position.

It is not that you should not try those alternatives, but that you should go further. Where to look then? It is better to search where they are not looking.

Take the yellow pages and look for an industry or type of company in which you would like to work. Get a list of companies and phone numbers for your blog. Start systematically handing out printed resumes at each location. It’s better to keep it short, two pages at the most. There’s nothing better than leaving your resume conveniently in the hands of an employer who has thought they need someone like you. I have seen such cases. 

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You would think that you would save a few pesetas if instead of printing it and delivering it physically, you sent it by mail. If there are 150 incoming emails a day, you will be one more, and it is likely that in the unlikely event that they see all of them, many times they will want to print it to analyze it, which requires an effort. You better skip the line and deliver it printed.

The curriculum vitae is your business card, do not waste space with personal data, such as marital status, address, or even a photo (not putting a photo will save you money). What you occupy is a telephone number and an email address. It is that in the human resources departments, they discriminate against people based on impression. You hear absurd phrases to discard a resume like ” not this one,“. In other words, each extra piece of information you put in can reduce your chances.

How do you know what the hirer wants? Going to look for a job is like looking for a partner. Everyone wants something different, and what for some seems very good, for others it may not be. There are no recipes. In any case, there are some general tips to follow when going to the interview: How To Best Prepare For Your Job Interview

What you should avoid

Some take advantage of people in need. Beware of wonderful job offers in faraway places, who could be immigrant slavers, drug dealers, or a bad company of some kind. If something is too wonderful to be true, it probably is.

Some will deceive you and try to get paid to get you a job, or some even unethical people organize job fairs and get paid or companies that attend job fairs just to give an image even if they do not hire staff.

Business schools often advise their graduates to do the following:

  • Take care of the preparation of your curriculum vitae. If you have several areas in which you are strong, you may want to make several resumes instead of one that emphasizes one of your specialties or strengths.
  • Stay active on the social network LinkedIn. It is a social network where a professional can make himself known. Instead of trying to put a lot of material on the social network, it would be good for you to see videos on personal branding, which will help you market yourself better. Remember that mistakes can be made on the social network, so the one who talks a lot is wrong. In those networks, simply try to be relevant in your contributions. The best thing is that you write some articles that serve to publicize what you know, that look relevant in the area in which you are looking for a job. Other than that, Linkedin is a Facebook of pop psychology. Do not waste much time on the internet, nobody is looking to hire on LinkedIn or Facebook. Linkedin is just an online CV and nothing more, for people in the real world who want to search about you.

Of course, I’m not a great friend of social networks, but I had to comply with giving you the advice that they give in important business schools.  

How long to wait?

In conditions of moderate crisis, the figures are normally like this. For every 100 resume documents you send, you would have about 10 interviews and a job. I have seen people who live in the Barbie world get demoralized saying ” I already sent 15 and still nothing “. An exceptionally successful salesperson will typically get a 13% success rate, believe it or not. So if you get 10% interviews and interviews get 10% jobs, you’ve been successful.

Remember that companies are in no hurry to hire, so what you can do is follow up every one or two weeks, using your blog. Every 6 months forward your resume. Some companies have a policy of discarding old resumes. You may be lucky and get hired the first month, but don’t get ideas and celebrate only when they tell you that you’re hired, because it’s normal for one to search for months, especially in a crisis.

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Sometimes one tries ad hoc strategies. I remember years ago that I tried 3 times to join a company until I succeeded the third time. I knew someone who had made it on the fifth try. That means that even if they say no, you could always end up working at that company.

Job interview

There will be time to demonstrate your good performance, looking for a job is a matter of impression. Looking for a job is akin to courting. You’re just not courting a partner, but looking to sell a very specific idea.

Waiting for your interview there can be many people, from a dozen to several hundred, and that’s kind of depressing. The thing to remember is that if the job is for you, it will be. Of course, there is only one opportunity to make a good first impression, in the first minutes of interaction.

When you are in the interview, you must remember that the interviewer is not a counseling service, nor a psychologist, but rather someone you are trying to sell an idea to. Do not make the mistake of being honest about your bitter current situation, do not tell him about the loud and disrespectful ex-boss, do not tell him about your anguish, or engage in emotional catharsis activities.

Everything enters through the eyes, so try to dress as elegantly and impeccably as possible. Shave off your mustache and beard, the one with no hair on your face makes a better impression. 

Even if you have the best presentation in the world, if you’re nervous, it will show, and it will not only show, but it will make you look ridiculous. Your averbal language says more than the verbal one. You need to arrive naturally, but not overconfidently. It is about presenting “good vibes”. Research the term “personal branding” on YouTube to see how to project a better image of yourself.

All employers look for different things, so there are no fixed recipes. You will have to adapt to the situation. The problem you will have is that in job interviews they always look at things that have nothing to do with what they need in a worker. They look at your appearance, your physique, what you say, how you say it, and your body expression. It’s like a beauty pageant, more than an exam of skills and abilities, where you will be judged by the most absurd criteria, and when you talk and move, and answer questions, you will be judged by the same superficial criteria that a contestant is judged on. On TV. It’s absurd, but that’s how it works. Prepare well for the absurd, unless you have friends who can connect you more directly.

Sometimes some companies will look for the most elegant ones, others will look for those with a more casual appearance, it all depends on the organizational culture and the idea they have of how the wardrobe reflects the characteristics of the candidate. Yes, it is very annoying that they look for different things. It is the same as having a partner, because even if you think you are an expert and you think you know what to do for having had a partner, in the next one you start from scratch.

Sometimes there are situations where they will ask you things that go against your interests, like “what do you consider to be your biggest flaw? ” and you will have to use your cunning, to show your virtues as flaws, ” my biggest flaw is that I like work until things are finished “, ” hey, but that’s not a defect “, ” for me it is, because it takes time to be with my family “. If you survive the first 3 hostile questions, the next ones will be easier.

How do you know if you are doing it right? Normally you should listen twice as much as you talk. If your interlocutor talks much more than you, you are on the right track, and you will have to find the moment to close the deal. For this, there are no recipes, because even sellers have a hard time determining when it is time.

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Recruiters have a bad habit of behaving like a young lady on a blind date. A bad manner, a bad gesture, a bad posture, unpolished shoes and they will discard you. Girls on a date are easily scared and recruiters have a bad habit of looking for candidates in the same way that girls look for a partner. So logically you go to the tricks used to avoid scaring the girl on a blind date.

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Elon Musk had applied to Netscape but was rejected. It’s that he didn’t know what you just saw in that video. It is the curse of the timid, neither a partner nor a job. You’re not alone.

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We already know that the interviewer is going to evaluate your body language. But you can also evaluate yours.

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Just like girls don’t look for nice guys in the “friend zone,” so you shouldn’t fall there during the interview either.

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Normally I would consider this advice un-educational, but it seems to me that beating recruiters at their own game is better.

The meaning of unemployment

I wondered about the existential meaning of unemployment, to find what could be learned and never suffer from it again. It is that if life puts you to do something, or not to do it, it must have some meaning. I understood that when I was unemployed it was because I did not have inner peace, I was not reconnecting with my most serene state, with “the divine part of me” (others call it the soul or even the connection with God through meditation or prayer ).

Not having peace, life separates one from the world, to seclude you in a kind of monastery called unemployment, so that you can gain peace. ironically, unemployment takes away peace, so you swim against the current. My experience tells me that until I found peace, I was not going to have a job. At a less existential level that had a reason and that was that without peace he was not going to project a good image.

I also learned that by having inner peace, things are simplified around me, even amid uncertainty. and it is there where having the certainty that everything is going to go well for you makes things go well for you. Some will call it a “self-fulfilling prophecy” and others simply “faith.” The truth is that it has worked for me.

You have a mission in life, and life gives you what you need, not necessarily what you want. So the best thing is to go in the direction of our life mission, and even if things get difficult, things will eventually work out, because God does not miss the opportunity to have a collaborator.

Perhaps part of that mission would have been to pass on what I learned to people on the other side of the ocean. And if you are not unemployed, perhaps today you have this information that you can share with unemployed people. And if you can’t help unemployed people much, economically speaking, you can occasionally help them with a meal, or a blanket (mainly in winter if they don’t have heating), or simply boost their self-esteem and inject positivity, which is something that doesn’t cost any money.

And if one day you feel overwhelmed, or discouraged, remember that he who gets tired loses. 

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