Spending much of the day in the office or doing work for the organization makes many people realize that work occupies an important place in their lives. Not only because they are paid monthly, but because the time they dedicate to their company helps them grow professionally.

But what happens if this environment, instead of helping them develop, becomes a space where everyone is waiting for the time to come out to escape from it? Probably, the time has come to make a change.

Although a good salary ties you to the workplace where you work, you have to evaluate what is best for you and your peace of mind. The Entrepreneur Portal introduces you to nine signs that tell you when to quit.

1. They ignore or scoff at your opinions.  If you feel that your boss or company does not want to listen to his proposals and if he makes them, he makes fun of them, making you feel that they are impossible to implement; It is time to value yourself and retire from your company. Nobody likes to be ignored.

2. Criticism in public. Although we all want feedback on our work to continue growing or correcting errors, it is best if they give it to us in private. Nobody likes to be exposed to others when they are criticized and even humiliated.

3. They have never thanked you. If you put all your effort to achieve the objectives at work and achieve what they had proposed, the least you ask is to be thanked for your effort; If they don’t, you’ll feel like no one appreciates your work.

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4. Your good work only helps boost your boss’s ego. If your boss, instead of working with his team, leaves you with all the responsibility, all he is doing is overloading you with work. Worse still, if the results are optimal and you pretend it was all your effort, don’t let them take the credit for something you didn’t do.

quit a job

When you don’t find sense in going to work, it’s time to quit that job. (Photo: Freepik)

5. You feel like you don’t have a purpose. If every day you come home feeling that you have worked, but that you have not achieved a purpose; He has lost the essence of going to work. As a person you want to feel like you’re part of something big, but if you don’t feel that way, quit now.

6. Feels like a number. If his boss makes him feel that he is replaceable at all times and is not interested in how he feels at work, it is time to value yourself and go find new things.

7. You are not excited about going to work. Although not everything is rosy in a workplace, there will always be good things to highlight. If, despite this, you no longer find emotion and meaning in going to work, the time has come to say goodbye.

8. You don’t see a future in your company. No matter how much effort you make, if you feel that you will not scale further in your organization, look for a place where your effort and knowledge will be valued. Don’t stay in a place where you will always be the eternal employee who reports to someone.

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9. You don’t think you can do anything else. The monotony has led him to think that he cannot do anything other than what he was already used to in his office. He does not believe that the routine is the best for a person because sooner or later he will end up hating that position. Do not let time pass and change jobs now.

quit a job

Quitting a job where you are uncomfortable is best for your health. (Photo: Freepik)

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