How to quit your job professionally?

How to quit your job professionally?

There are many tips on finding a job on the Internet, but rarely does it explain how to resign professionally. Leaving your current job can be a very stressful and uncomfortable situation, but it is important to be prepared since the way you act could influence future projects.

Investigating this topic we have found a very useful article on the RED Global portal where they clearly explain how to quit a job with style. If you find yourself in this situation, we encourage you to read it. Here we summarize some essential points.

Meditate on the decision.

In life, it is never good to act on impulse. Are you fully convinced that you want to leave? You may have a solid reason such as a health problem or an offer for a position with better salary conditions. However, you should not resign due to a specific disagreement; once you have put this card on the table it will be very difficult to repent and even in the case of doing so, the trust with your employer will be damaged.

Respect the notice.

Review your employment contract and especially the clauses that specify your obligations when resigning from the position. Most contracts establish a notice period that you must respect in order not to lose part of the final payroll payment.

Sometimes there may be circumstances, such as a personal emergency, that prevent adequate notice. In this case, apologize for the inconvenience caused and show a collaborative attitude as long as you continue in the company.

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Talk to your boss in person.

Choose a quiet and convenient time to meet with your boss and explain in a friendly tone your willingness to end the employment relationship by finishing pending projects in the time that remains.

Whenever possible, raise the resignation in person. Notifying by means as impersonal as email is not elegant. Although if you don’t have the opportunity to talk face to face (for example, if you telework from another city), try to at least arrange a video call.

Prepare for possible reactions.

Understand that the reaction may surprise your boss and that it is not easy to assimilate the resignation of an employee. You must be prepared for negative reactions and even anger. It is best to try not to get into a long discussion on the subject.

It could also be the situation that you are presented with a counteroffer. It is important to be clear about the reasons for your resignation to take this step with confidence without anyone making you doubt it. Some studies ensure that a large number of employees who accept counter offers regret the following months. Attempts of this type are usually seen as an act of disloyalty on the part of the company and slow down the possibilities of internal growth.

Submit an official letter of resignation.

Even if you have already given verbal notice, you must also resign in writing to HR to avoid confusion about the date of notice and the date of the last day of work.

There is no standard format for resignation letters. Some important points would be:

  • A brief and concise statement expressing your willingness to resign from the position.
  • The date of notification of the resignation.
  • The reasons why you are leaving (it is better to be concise in this section).
  • A mention of thanks for the growth opportunity and the experience gained in the company.
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Be collaborative to the end.

Show your commitment to the company until the day you leave. This includes finishing incomplete tasks and facilitating the arrival of the person who replaces you, leaving everything well organized.

How to act last day?

On the day of your departure, try to arrive early to collect your personal belongings without interrupting the work of your colleagues.

It is recommended that a few days before giving notice of your resignation, you make a backup of any personal files that you may have on your office computer, uploading them to Google Drive or any other cloud storage service. Keep in mind that your boss could deny you access to the equipment once you make your decision to leave the firm, especially if you plan to move to another company in the competition.

Do not brag about your new job position among colleagues as this could create a bad atmosphere and, of course, avoid badmouthing your ex-bosses and ex-colleagues once you arrive at the new company.

If you follow these tips, you will likely continue to maintain positive relationships with people from your previous work environment and you will be able to get good references in the future.


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