20 Ways to Earn Money Reading Books Online (Works For Books Reviewers)

20 Ways to Earn Money Reading Books Online (Works For Books Reviewers)

In the 11th century, a Japanese woman named Murasaki Shikibu wrote The Tale of Genji, 54 chapters of court seduction that is believed to be the world’s first novel.


Nearly 2,000 years later, people around the world are still immersed in novels – even as the stories appear on handheld screens and disappear 24 hours later.


What exactly do people get when they read books? Is it just a matter of pleasure or is there a benefit beyond pleasure? The scientific answer is yes.


Here are the benefits of reading books: How it can positively affect your life

  1. Strengthens the brain.
  2. Increases empathy.
  3. Builds vocabulary.
  4. Prevents cognitive decline.
  5. Reduces stress.
  6. Aids sleep.
  7. Alleviates depression.
  8. Lengthens lifespan.

If this sounds interesting to you, here are 20 great ways to make money reading books. Of course, if you have the qualifications to apply for an examiner, editor, or proofreader.


Qualifications to earn money Reading Books

The only way to make money reading books is to work as a reviewer, editor, or proofreader. This work is only available to degree holders in English, literature, journalism, and fine arts, without exception.


And that’s not enough: you also need the skills to write critical reviews, edit and proofread books.

Because viewing, editing, or correcting books is a very serious business. Incorrect verification can cause great harm to writers and editors. Wrongly corrected books can mean that the printer has to discard all copies and create new ones with correct spelling and punctuation.


That’s why companies and organizations pay between $ 19 and $ 200 per hour to read books. As a result, most organizations and publishers have very strict standards when it comes to getting people to read books for a fee.


It is possible to work full-time, part-time, or even freelance as a critic and book reviewer, editor, or proofreader.

If you meet these requirements, here is a list of the top 20 ways to earn cash by reading books.


Top 20 ways to earn money for reading books

Before you apply for a book-worthy job, here are a few things to consider. The publisher may ask you to take a skills test.

And they allow you to search for books in only one genre, such as Fiction, non-fiction, spirituality, children, education, and others. Only in exceptional cases can you make money reading two different book genres.


The media books critic

On average, critically acclaimed books, otherwise known as book reviewers, earn an average of $ 63,000 a year when they work with leading newspapers and media companies. Your only job is to provide weekly or even daily reviews of the newly created books.


The New York Times is a leading book critic. Newspaper book reviews are one of the reasons why thousands of books have become best sellers in the world. Book critics are highly paid media reviewers.


 Work as a Librarian

Another great way to make money reading is to work as a librarian. This job requires skills as a library science degree. Of course, you can read books for free as long as you have time at the library.


At the same time, employers, publishers, and booksellers pay you to read, review, and advise whether to keep the book in the library. This is perfectly legal. This is because writers and booksellers are highly competitive for their books in well-known libraries, top colleges, and universities.

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Barnes and Noble Book Reviewers

Barnes & Noble prides itself on being the world’s largest online bookstore for one main reason. They publish many books for different genres by authors from all over the world. B&N operates in various locations in the US.


As America’s leading publisher, B&N also hires professional critics, reviewers, editors, and other staff to read new or upcoming releases. You can imagine the size of the Barnes & Noble business, with over a million titles available online and offline at any given time.


Upwork & FlexJobs.com

You can also get paid to read books as a freelancer. These jobs are usually available on free websites such as Upwork and FlexJobs.com.


They are available for skills such as editing, proofreading, rewriting, or even writing reviews. You may also find the work of certain authors who want great reviews of their books on Amazon and other websites.


While Upwork charges between five and twenty percent of your book reading revenue, FlexJobs.com charges a membership fee that is payable for a monthly subscription. There are other websites like Fiverr, Toptal.com, and Freelancer which you can use to find a job making money reading books.


Online book clubs

Online Book Club is an American organization that offers free and low-cost services such as book editing, book proofing, and reviews. Hundreds of authors submitted their manuscripts to Online Book Clubs for review before being released to the market or public reading.


You can apply to be a book critic at Online Book Clubs. And while waiting for a paid review, you can also read some other books from your favorite genres for free. This is the ideal forum for book lovers to read books before they are released and provide advice if necessary.


Kindle Desktop Publisher Reviewer

Amazon, in its paper and digital book offering, offers this excellent service known as Kindle Desktop Publishing. Enables beginners to self-publish books without hiring expensive agents and editors.

However, KDP offers writers the ability to find freelance editors, reviewers, and proofreaders to ensure their books are popular.


This is a freelance job and writers can choose to hire your services. However, Amazon Kindle relies primarily on free reader reviews to promote the book. Because of this, some authors pay to get excellent reviews of their books published on Amazon Kindle.


 Review for Kirkus

Kirkus Media offers the Kirkus Review Service, which allows new and experienced writers to get an independent opinion on their work for a fee. Hence, you can read some good books for free and make some money. However, this feature is only available to professional book reviewers with a proven track record of experience.


They also have book editing and editing services. Again, they only bring in qualified and experienced editors and proofreaders as some of the best writers also come to Kirkus Media to provide services. Apply via the portal with examples or proof of competence.


 Book Browse

BookBrowse.com accepts book review applications throughout the year. Depending on your workload, you’ll need some qualifications and experience to become a book critic with them. If you meet their standards, BookBrowse.com offers information on publication for a nominal fee.


Another way to make money is by entering their “Win the Book” contest. The contest is opened seasonally and the prize is a free book which is its main attraction. Read the terms and conditions of BookBrowse.com before registering to become a tester. They have strict quality checks.


Proofreading services.com

Proofreadingservice.com is the best website to make money from reading books. As the name suggests, this is a web portal where you can get freelance proofreading jobs. This means you can bid to proofread any book by newbies or new authors. You can also read textbooks, comics, and more.

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Hourly rates for proofreaders in America vary from $ 18 to $ 25 per hour. You can earn up to $ 45 per hour for certain repairs. And you can read books of many genres for free and make money doing it. Although such jobs do not require special qualifications, they do require excellent English skills, perfect grammar, and punctuation.


WCW Online

The Welsley Center Women’s, or WCW, has a women’s service to review various publications and books while receiving money for their work. This service is called the “Women’s Review of Books”. In general, they review books by ambitious authors, students, and authors, as well as scholarship and dissertation applications.


According to various online sources, WCW Online pays up to $ 100 for good reviews. The speed depends on various factors. This is an excellent website for women who love books and have the skills needed to make money reading like a side concert.


Hodder & Stoughton

UK-based Hodder & Stoughton has been publishing books since 1868. It is part of the larger Hatchett Group, which is one of the largest book publishers in the world. You have published books by several legendary authors, including Sir Winston Churchill and Enid Blyton, to name a few.


You can apply for a full-time position as editor and book reviewer at Hodder & Stoughton, provided you have the necessary skills. They are the most highly respected and highly professional publishers in the world, and as a result, they are flooded with opinions from new writers. Therefore, they only offer positions if the most recent book submitted is accepted.


Baker Publishing House

Founded in 1938, the Baker Publishing Group is known worldwide for its religious books on the Christian faith. This group consists of several publishers, each of which specializes in Christian books. They employ book editors, reviewers, and proofreaders who, through their business, are very familiar with the Bible and other Christian scriptures.


Baker Publishing has always had space for spiritually-minded people to view, edit, or proofread books for Christian teaching and religious libraries. Most of their books are written by qualified officials. When you have that spiritual attitude, Baker Publishing is a great place to work, enrich your knowledge of Christianity, and make money.


Penguin Random House

America’s best publisher, Penguin Random House, requires that many people read, review, edit, and proofread books. And they are some of the best places to work for people with the skills needed. They work all over the world and are known for offering books in various countries at affordable prices.


Penguin-Random House is famous for its textbooks. Therefore, experts in any field including complex fields like medicine and engineering can try to make money from this organization. You have to apply through the career portal. You can work as an apprentice, experienced or first-rate tester, corrector, or editor in this super organization.


Government publishing house

If you are a lawyer or have experience in a particular area of ​​expertise, you can make money reading books and other publications published by US government publishers. And the GPO publishes books and publications for nearly all federal departments and agencies. Hence there is no shortage of jobs.


This is a federal job. This means that in addition to being paid to read books, you are entitled to all benefits as a federal employee. GPOs publish books and publications for a variety of purposes – from raising public awareness of something or a guide to standard operating procedures for various organizations.


Net Galley

The Net Galley serves as a meeting place for writers, publishers, and reviewers. Authors and publishers can submit their work online and ask for reviews and suggestions that can help improve a book. This is a very popular website for book lovers because they can read and make money for free.

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To get paid to read a book, check their website, terms, and conditions. The website is very user-friendly. Therefore, this book attracts tens of thousands of book lovers every week. According to various reviews for this website, you can make around $ 10 for reading books and leaving comments.



I’m not sure how Book List Reader allows people to make money reading books. However, many nerds testify that they are paid to read and review the latest books for a variety of buyers.


The book listing website itself does not list such a possibility. However, I do suggest that you explore different ways to make money here. However, book lists are a place where new authors can submit their work and seek feedback. This website lists different book genres.


Start your blog

Creating your blog is a great way to make money by reading books by opening your blog. But I only recommend this if you like books and are an avid reader who knows how to review books. Opening a blog can be very easy if you are reading these online tutorials or watching YouTube videos that teach blogging.


You can start a free or paid blog by purchasing a domain name and hosting. Writing good book reviews can also make you money by selling affiliate marketing books through your blog. Many writers and publishers can also pay you to post reviews on blogs.


Facebook Market

The Facebook market seems to like the least likely place on the planet to pay to read a book. Look again. You’ll find writers, educators, and libraries in your area who want reviewers, editors, and proofreaders to review books for a variety of purposes. I found such work by comparing the 1991 edition of the bestseller with the 2018 edition and seeing the difference.


You don’t have to be a professional reviewer or criticize a book to find a job like this on the Facebook marketplace. They are open to almost anyone who can read and speak English well. Libraries also look for book reviews before putting anything on their shelves for readers, as I mentioned earlier.


Create a YouTube channel

You can also open a YouTube channel that talks about books. In general, you provide video commentary on a book through author reviews and biographies, recent book releases, and other related matters. Opening a YouTube channel is free. All he needs is a Google account.


You can upload paid book review videos, submit ratings and comments, and generate vlog revenue with Google Adsense. Vlogging also does not require special skills as a book critic. However, if you have good knowledge, there is a chance that your YouTube channel will become very successful.



Elsevier is the largest web portal for research-based books in the medical field. This is an organization that has been helping the medical community around the world since 1880. Elsevier accepts only the best and proven medical research and books for its website. They can only be withdrawn by members for a fee.


To ensure that only the best medical research and medical books are online via the portal, Elsevier employs a team of highly qualified medical professionals as reviewers. If you’re a doctor this is a great place to keep up with the latest research and books in your field by reading them for free and making money as a reviewer.



In conclusion, I would like to add that book reviews, editing, and reading corrections are not just ideas for homework or a side concert to make a quick buck. On the contrary, it is a serious job that requires a worthy degree and, most importantly, an interest in reading. Only apply if you meet these requirements.


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