How To Be Relevant In Roblox And Earn Money?

How To Be Relevant In Roblox And Earn Money?

Roblox is the online platform of the Alpha generation, which is the one occupied by children born between 2010 and 2020. And, make no mistake, it is, along with Fortnite, how they socialize on the Internet. Roblox has become super popular because, just by creating an account, you can access thousands of interactive video games that you can play alone, with a group of strangers, and especially with friends.

Let’s not fool ourselves, although for many TikTok or Twitch may seem like the social networks of the moment, because they are the favorites of Generation Z, in 10 or 15 years nobody will remember them. And it is that social networks, as we know them now, are destined to “die of old age”.

When they become strong in one generation, they grow at an unstoppable rate and, when it is the turn of the next generation to enter “social media”, instead of joining the current fashion platform, they all sack in a new network that has some small difference with the ones that already exist.

The best example of all this is Facebook.. 20 years ago all the millennials went crazy for entering this social network, but when their parents began to enter there too, they all fled like hell to Instagram.

And the same thing happened again. When we were all on Instagram, teens were raging because their parents saw what they were doing, and they went to TikTok. And when TikTokers become parents, they will have to enter Roblox to see what their children are up to…

The main disruption that Roblox brings is that it is not just a network for gaming. Not just to play. It is a kind of ideal platform for marketing in the metaverse (or rather, it is a web 3. o application) in which you play immersively, socialize and spend money. But what’s more, with Roblox Studio and a programming language called Lua, they can earn real money through rewards.

What makes this virtual world similar to social networks is that brands have a great opportunity to enter to generate content, pay for advertising, and create communities (or audiences) of fans. In Roblox, there are more than 40 million experiences. If you want to do marketing on Roblox, you should know that here you can create and publish a game in a relatively easy way…

However, in our experience, being relevant on this platform is a completely different thing, as many factors play a role. We are discovering many of them right now while developing some projects for our clients. Others we have seen seeing cases of use (and above all of NO use) made by some brands. We cannot tell you about others yet, because if you want to be relevant in Roblox, we should have a meeting to propose a strategic and exclusive project for your company.

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Despite everything, we give you some brushstrokes of what we believe a basic positioning in Robolx should be like.

You have to create unforgettable experiences in Roblox
You have to create unforgettable experiences in Roblox

How to succeed in Roblox?

To be successful on Roblox and make experiences popular, we recommend the tips that the same platform provides:

Create an attention-grabbing icon

Creating an attention-grabbing icon is a great opportunity to make a first impression within the Roblox community. Users are encouraged to choose an image that is colorful, aesthetically pleasing, well-framed, and reflects the style of the experiences the player will display.

Add relevant and quality images and videos

A well-thought-out icon helps to be successful on Roblox, but also adding relevant and quality images and videos in the gallery will be essential for other users to click on the profile. It can be key to selling it!

Create unforgettable experiences

Another recommendation is to create unforgettable experiences that make other users get hooked on the game. You can get it by doing the maximum number of badges and achievements, and even making the difficulty high and impossible to solve. This will make hardcore users want to reach the highest reward and get all the prizes.

Experience passes and VIP shirts

Players can also sell experience passes and VIP shirts to give users special powers that they can use to reach higher levels.

Announce the experiences by User Ads or Sponsored Experiences

Another important action to be successful in Roblox is to announce the experiences by User Ads or Sponsored Experiences. It provides great benefits such as getting noticed, it is a creative way of presenting yourself and it allows you to reach users who probably would have missed it due to lack of advertising.

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As you can see, you not only have to use these tools, but you also have to design creative, unique, and colorful ads to attract attention.

How to guide a developer to succeed in Roblox?

To become a Roblox developer you just need to access the creator tools for free on the platform’s website. It also provides a wide variety of tools and resources in the Documentation section, and Roblox Education, there are tutorials and a series of fun challenges.

The objective of the platform is to attract users who learn, create and have fun. Many gamers have started with no knowledge at all and have acquired skills such as problem-solving, teamwork, coding, and other technical skills that will open paths to areas such as web engineering, 3D design, etc.

Likewise, you can earn money as a developer in Roblox when other users buy virtual goods such as clothes for their avatars, and special benefits, among others, that they have created. And once you have enough Robux, the virtual currency of the said platform, you can exchange it for real money through the “ Exchange for Developers” (DevEx) program.

If all this is obvious to you because you already know how to develop for Roblox, maybe you can send us your CV and they’ll see how you can collaborate with the team =)

How to be relevant in Roblox?
Being actively connected to the community is a big step towards being successful on Roblox.

How to become an administrator in Roblox?

Roblox administrators are company employees who ensure that users enjoy a bug-free game, and prevent system tampering, or misuse by scammers. In other words, they keep one of the most popular video game platforms in the world safe. They should also be alert to those members who want to alter the proper functioning of the community.

On the other hand, an administrator in Roblox can be identified through a special badge or what they have called the Administrator Badge. And users can contact them through a “chat forum” or personal messages. Its functions include creating notices, publishing updates, establishing commands, making changes to the platform, applying maintenance, and even kicking players.

Let’s see how users can become Roblox admins:

Manager of a map

Managing your map is one of the simpler options. You only need to create a scenario from scratch, which belongs to you as an administrator, where you can do and undo all the elements you want.

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Game manager

To be a game administrator is a bit more complicated but not impossible. Among the requirements, you must meet: be of legal age, with more than 2 years of work experience within the platform, and be passionate about technology to have a better chance of being hired. Another condition is to live close to the company since teleworking is not accepted.

On the official Roblox page, you can find the labor demands made by the company. Or also click on Localized Jobs which is located at the bottom of the official page of the platform.

That’s the only way to get your admin badge from users!

The importance of the community: How to be a Community Manager in Roblox?
The importance of the community: How to be a Community Manager in Roblox?

The importance of the community: how to be a community manager in Roblox?

The community on any online platform plays a fundamental role. In the case of Community Managers in Roblox, their job is to maintain and strengthen this group of millions of users. In addition to encouraging their participation and guaranteeing an interactive and positive experience for all of them.

Among the key points that Community Managers in Roblox should take into account, we highlight:

  1. Create and maintain an active community in Roblox, that is, encourage players to interact with each other, also organize special events, and always respond to questions or comments from users.
  2. Promote a positive and safe culture for users. Community managers must be aware of any situation, and address it quickly and correctly.
  3. Establish effective communication channels, and use different channels such as forums, chats, and social networks, among others, so that the community is kept informed.
  4. Don’t leave out content creators on Roblox and form collaborations with them.

Image alt tag: Roblox offers tools to promote users such as in-game advertising, announcements, and special events

Discover the benefits of Roblox for your business

what was said If you want to discover the benefits of Roblox for your business, the team of professionals is at the forefront of advances in digital marketing to offer specialized tools and resources to make your brand or service succeed in the online world.

Roblox will allow you to connect with one of the largest communities on the internet, in addition to offering unique, interactive, and immersive experiences with which they can better understand your brand.


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