TikTok Becomes a New Launchpad for Young People to Seek Fame

TikTok Becomes a New Launchpad for Young People to Seek Fame

App monitoring company App Annie describes TikTok as having “changed the streaming market and social landscape”.


From an application released in 2016 by the Chinese company ByteDance, TikTok is now rising to compete with “giants” such as Facebook, Instagram, Youtube … and becoming a new launch platform for young people to seek popularity. language. 


The coverage is getting bigger

In a September 7 report by app monitoring company App Annie, TikTok overtook rival YouTube in average watch time in the US and UK, with better engagement. The company describes TikTok as “changing the streaming market and social landscape”. Note that this report only measures time on Android data and does not include the Douyin version – the “cradle” of TikTok in China.


According to App Annie, TikTok has surpassed YouTube in the UK since June 2020 and rose to the top spot in the US in April 2021.


Although TikTok has more views on average, YouTube still leads in terms of user count and overall usage time. Video giant Google is estimated to have around 2 billion users, while TikTok figures show around 700 million users at the beginning of 2021.

Statistics on the number of users of global social networking platforms. 


 TikTok Becomes a New Launchpad for Young People to Seek Fame


When looking at the top 8 social platforms by monthly active users, YouTube, LinkedIn, Twitter, and TikTok index higher in male users. Sites like Facebook and Instagram are more female orientated, especially Pinterest, which dominates with female audiences.


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Social network Male (% usage) Female (% usage)
Facebook 63 75
Instagram 31 43
Twitter 24 21
LinkedIn 29 24
Pinterest 15 42
Snapchat 24 24
YouTube 78 68
TikTok 56 44
Reddit 15 8
WhatsApp 21 19


Most-used social networks by gender split (% of the US population) – Sources: StatistaBrandwatchStatistaStatistaWorldometersOurWorldInDataData Portal, Social media platforms & Kepio’s Analysis


According to the 2020 GlobalWebIndex survey, 41% of TikTok users are between the ages of 16-24.  

Looking at the current forms of creative content, it is undeniable that the potential of TikTok’s coverage is still very large globally. 


Anyone’s creative treasure 

In the 2020 GlobalWebIndex survey on the purpose of using TikTok: The majority of respondents answered “find entertainment content”, the second most common behavior is posting and sharing content, the third is the purpose of updating news. As such, entertainment value is the crux of this social platform.


TikTok users can follow accounts and create new content based on recommended or favorite videos. This mechanism creates an endless stream of creativity to watch. This is the “addictive” nature of TikTok that is especially attractive to young people.


Whether you’re an amateur or a pro, it’s super easy to create TikTok videos to show off your personality. TikTok accounts with even the smallest followers can go viral and become famous overnight.

Fertile media market 

Not only satisfying the passion for creativity and entertainment for users, but this platform is also a fertile market being exploited by businesses. More and more press and media companies are encroaching on TikTok as a channel to publish important information and spread meaningful messages to the community. 

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One important aspect that the App Annie report notes, apps that come with live streaming, including TikTok, are making users spend more money on creators. The report found that apps with the main feature of live streaming accounted for three-quarters of the spending in the top 25 social apps in the first half of this year.


The bridge between talent and entertainment company

Instead of spending resources “sanding for gold”, TikTok is now a much simpler option for talent search companies coming out of the online world. Besides, the entertainment company can test the candidate’s ability through content quality, reputation, number of followers, and viral speed.


A classic example of the meeting between a young artist and an entertainment company is TikTok star Charli D’Amelio from Connecticut, USA. Joining the video-sharing platform TikTok from July 2019 to now, she owns a channel of more than 122.2 million followers. From a little-known schoolgirl, she is now sought after in Hollywood no less than any entertainment star.


Limitless creativity and contagious content are “huge” plus points for talents to easily shine and catch the “eyes” of businesses. When there is enough talent and ability, a perfect launch pad like TikTok is what young talents need.



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