25 Ways for Teenagers and Young Adults to Make Money

25 Ways for Teenagers and Young Adults to Make Money

Being young and adolescent is not always an impediment to generating income that benefits your current or future economy, even a young age can be considered advantageous in terms of time and energy if you want to earn money. For this reason, today we bring you 25 ways to earn money if you are young, quickly, and safely.

Can you earn money if you are 13, 14, 15, 1,6, or 17?

In most countries around the world, entering into a labor contract with a person under 18 years of age is a crime punishable by law. However, this is not an obstacle for a young man of 13,14,15,16, or 17 years to take advantage of her time and turn it into money; In the following sections, we will focus on giving you useful and profitable ideas that you can carry out.

How to earn money if you are a minor online

Earning money online if you are a minor is undoubtedly one of the first options to consider if you have a network connection at home. Although the subject is not always discussed by adults, the truth is that generating income online is something that has existed since the beginning of the digital age, being able to do the hours that you think are convenient without limit.

It is so easy that the internet offers you to find a stable and correctly paid job, that many young adults prefer to undertake through different digital platforms than in a physical job.

However, in this case, we will talk about alternatives to jobs that you can start as a young person under 18 years of age.

1. Play online games

One of the most fun ways to earn money as a teenager is through online video games. This option is the most used by young people around the world to generate income for the first time. Since it is not only an entertaining activity, but you can also take advantage of every minute of the day to play and win great rewards.

Also, you will be happy to know that to earn money with online video games, you will not need to limit yourself to using a specific device or settle for a single type of game. Since there are more and more platforms and applications created to give people money for advancing in level.

2. Social networks

Earning money with social networks is a modern option that fits perfectly with one of the hobbies most carried out by young people in the world, “sharing photos and various information through the Internet.” This, like other “digital entrepreneurship” options, requires a brief investigation, in which it is determined:

  • The social networks that will be managed: TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, Reddit, and Twitter.
  • The theme for the creation and publication of content: beauty secrets, photography, travel, product reviews, and trends, among others.
  • The digital marketing strategies will be addressed.
  • What are the tools that you will have at your disposal for the creation of content?
  • The social skills necessary to interact with your followers.
  • If you will use your influence on social networks to promote your products or those of some brands.

3. Create content for YouTube or Twitch

It is no secret to anyone that platforms like YouTube usually reward those creators who manage to activate the monetization plan; what is possible if you have more than 1,000 subscribers on your channel? Therefore, if you are good at performing in front of a camera and you also have the perfect idea to develop content, then earning money on YouTube and Twitch is an idea that you could consider.

On the other hand, on both platforms, you can start generating income from the acceptance of the audience. Many brands are willing to collaborate with content creators to promote their products. To monetize your account on these platforms, you need the following:

  • On Twitch: get subscribers, place advertising on your stream, get donations from the audience, and get sponsorship from some brands.
  • On YouTube: if you are not of legal age, you must get a legal guardian to help you manage payments, get views from those who are subscribed to YouTube Premium; place advertising on your videos, activate Superchat; acquire paid memberships from your subscribers, add the library of promotional items, among others.

We recommend you take a look:

4. Create a blog or website

One of the greatest advantages of the internet is that it allows its consumers to create a web space with which to earn passive income. However, contrary to most of the aforementioned proposals, creating a blog or online page to earn money requires an investment; of money, time, creativity, study, and patience.

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However, the monetary benefits you will get in the long run could be pretty high; especially if you add an advertising space within it. And this without counting, that you can also promote your social networks, digital services, or the products of your venture.

On the other hand, the following points of interest are what you should take into account before developing your blog or website as a teenager.

  • Define the purpose of your blog or website.
  • Find the name and hosting that best suits the vision of your project.
  • Post content regularly.
  • Optimize your content, prioritizing an SEO strategy on your page.
  • Add advertising.

5. Sell things you don’t need online

Social networks and the Internet will be very useful tools to auction or sell those objects that you no longer need.

To achieve this, you only have to photograph the product, make a detailed description of its time of use and its physical or operating characteristics; as well as the distance or location where you can carry out the sample and delivery of the merchandise. In addition, you must know how to sell online to get the maximum possible profitability.

In the following list you will be able to know which are the most purchased second-hand objects on the internet:

  • Collectibles: letters, album cards, action figures, stamps, and records by famous artists, among others.
  • Functional electronic products: phones, tablets, computers, computer parts, and speakers, among others.
  • Sports equipment: jump ropes, bicycles, skateboards, skates, and dance shoes, among others.
  • Toys: dolls, remote control cars, stuffed animals, among others.
  • Clothing: in the case of used clothing, it can be sold without problem, as long as it is in perfect condition; like footwear.

6. Help your family sell online

Helping your family to sell on the Internet is another option to earn money online; For this, you will have to analyze which of your relatives are interested in selling an object of value and propose that you can help them find a buyer online.

Clearly, in this help proposal, there is the benefit of remuneration and this condition can be agreed with the owner of the object, that is, with your relative. Ask him how much he wants to sell his product for and how much he could pay you once the product is sold. Next, we leave you a list of where to publish the product for sale:

  • In the Marketplace section on Facebook.
  • WhatsApp States.
  • Buying and selling pages on the internet.
  • States own social networks, such as Instagram and Facebook.
  • On a free blog.

7. Apps for Android or iOS

Another of the most used methods to earn money when you are young is to install and use some apps. How is it possible? Everything will depend on the app you decide to install.

With some apps you will be rewarded for downloading and using them for a few days; with others, you will have to carry out tasks, surveys, purchases or accumulate points. Whatever the option, the result will always be quick and easy money. We recommend you take a look:

8. Taking paid surveys

If you consider yourself a person with an extraordinary ability for debates or to provide your opinion to others, earning money by conducting surveys on the Internet is your thing.

This alternative is characterized by requesting that users contribute their opinion on different random topics; once you have completed the surveys, you will receive remuneration or compensation for it; same that can be redeemable points or money.

The income obtained through this option can be used to contribute to the profits of the month; which is because it takes little time. In addition, it can be complemented facially with other methods to earn money online and achieve a higher income. Some of the best-paid survey pages are:

  • License.
  • Swagbucks.

9. Sell your photos online

Photography is a highly appreciated job on the Internet, therefore, the idea of earning money selling photos can be the ideal job for many; The best thing about this is that you don’t need a certain age to sell your photos, just a good camera and the vision of an artist, but how is this possible? On the internet, there are platforms or “photo banks”, where people buy photos to improve their digital content.

Now, if you want to succeed in one of these sites, the first thing you have to take into account is that you must capture images that can be used in blogs, pages, videos, or online buying and selling stores. Therefore, the quality of each photo must be the highest possible. Next, I leave you the most popular pages to sell your photographs:

  • Dreamstime.
  • Adobe Stock.
  • 123RF.
  • iStockphoto.
  • Depositphotos.

10. Watch ads online

Another of the methods to earn money as a teenager on the internet is through online ads. This is an option considered “Easy” since it only requires watching a certain number of ads from start to finish per day; As a result, you will obtain several points or money, which you can withdraw when you reach a specific amount (the amount that may vary depending on the page for which you work).

Although the investment of time will not be in vain, it is recommended that this type of activity be complemented with other work, all with the objective that the person can multiply the earnings obtained in the week even more. The list below shows some of the pages that pay to look at their ads:

  • NeoBux.
  • EasyHits4U.
  • Scarlet-Clicks.
  • HeedYou.

11. Complete tasks online

Surely the idea of ​​earning money by visiting a website or following someone on their social networks may seem fictitious to a large part of the population. However, this is a method that will help you earn money as a young person on the Internet; You only sew to dedicate adequate time to complete the maximum number of tasks per day; all to charge a higher remuneration.

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In the list that we present below you will find the most reliable pages to generate income for doing tasks online.

  • Swagbucks.
  • TimeBucks.
  • Kolotibablo.
  • picoworkers.

12. Take advantage of your skills

Generally, people tend to stand out from the crowd based on the skills they can perform with ease. If you, as a teenager, consider that you have a gift, knowledge, or ability to carry out a specific activity, it is your moment to use the Internet in your favor.

Many people are looking for a new hobbit to complement their life, and become a guide or teacher for those who are passionate about the same subject as you.

To do this, you only need to delve into the creation and publication of digital content to monetize your teachings according to the communication portal you use. Among the many searches, people explore online are:

  • Work as a transcriptionist from home.
  • Earn money translating texts.
  • Earn money being a teacher from home.
  • Teaching makeup.
  • Teaching Cooking.
  • Teaching crafts and art classes.
  • Teaching electrical product repair.
  • Teaching modification and making of clothing.

13. Participate in sweepstakes

Many businesses and brands use various product giveaways as an opportunity to gain more exposure on social networks, online catalogs, or websites. Participating in these contests is completely free, and on many occasions, it will only suffice to follow them on their official accounts.

However, it will be essential that your parents authorize you to participate and that the delivery of the product is through them.

On the other hand, if the prize for which you participate is not to your liking, remember that you can sell it on the Internet and earn money from it. Here you can see the best sites to find free giveaways:

  • On the official pages of some brands of cosmetics, video games, and electronics.
  • Generally, in advertising or some Instagram accounts.
  • Facebook pages.
  • YouTube channels.
  • Via Twitter.

How to earn money if you are a teenager without the Internet

Although the idea of ​​earning money online and from home sounds very tempting, the reality is that you cannot always have access to the Internet, a computer, or a mobile device. Regardless of the reason, the really important thing will always be to have several options that you can consider to earn money.

Next, we bring you a list of possible jobs that you can do without the need to have an Internet connection. It should be noted that every one of the ideas can be useful to complement the aforementioned ones; thus increasing the earnings of the month.

1. Walk or take care of pets

If you consider yourself a person who can easily sympathize with animals, this idea to earn money as a teenager is perfect for you. Walking or taking care of pets consists of taking care of the primary needs of the pet you have in charge of.

This is a very profitable job because although many people adore their animals, they do not always have enough time to attend to them 24 hours a day. On the other hand, a pet walker or sitter can offer the owner help with the following activities:

  • Take the pet for a walk.
  • Bathe her and attend to her basic needs.
  • Take care of her while they travel.
  • Take him to his vet appointment if they don’t have the time to do it.
  • Play with the pet for a certain time.

2. Help your neighbors or relatives

Your youth has many advantages, which can undoubtedly be useful and helpful to your neighbors or relatives; Analyze what older people you trust cannot easily do and offer them a good deal, which is rewarded with money. For example:

  • Water and prune your plants.
  • Do the market shopping.
  • Help them lift and carry heavy objects.
  • Give them a hand with cleaning their yard or house.
  • Order them in general.

3. Talk to your parents

Perhaps this is a method that you should consider when you need to earn money at an early age. Communicating your needs to your parents may encourage them to offer you a viable solution to contribute to your goal. Among the activities you can do to receive more money from your parents are:

  • Contribute to the general care of the family pet.
  • Do the house cleaning chores.
  • Take care of buying groceries for the house.
  • Help your little brothers to do their school activities.
  • Keep your room or theirs more tidy.
  • Among others.

4. Make money with your study skills

If you consider that you are very good at finishing academic activities with a good grade, then you should consider offering your friends, acquaintances, or family members private classes on the subject that you can best explain. Among the options that you can take into account to earn money for your help, are:

  • Help to complete a task (remember that helping is not the same as doing the task completely).
  • Give classes on the subject of study that is most difficult for your friends or acquaintances.
  • Get paid to make handouts, crafts, or slides from your peers.
  • Sell ​​study materials that they do not have on hand.
  • Help them prepare their speeches or summaries for class presentations.
  • Among others.

5. Sell sweets or desserts

Baking and selling homemade sweets is an excellent business option for any teenager. This is taking into account that older people and adults generally love to consume foods free of preservatives or products that are harmful to their health.

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Therefore, they will undoubtedly prefer to buy homemade desserts, than those sold in the supermarket. Among the sweets or desserts that you can prepare to sell and earn money, we have this list of the most purchased and demanded in the current market:

  • Diet cookies.
  • Gluten-free desserts.
  • Lactose-free desserts.
  • Cookies, cakes, and cupcakes without sugar.
  • Preservative-free and sugar-free jams for diabetics.
  • Traditional desserts and sweets.

6. Offer courses and workshops

Surely you have a skill that you would like to make known, and a good way to do it is by offering a course and helping other people to be as good as you. No matter how insignificant it may seem to you, the reality is that many people want to learn new things and if you are good at something, you can earn money with it. Among the ideas of courses that you can offer, are the following:

  • Language courses.
  • Music courses.
  • Teaches mathematics.
  • He teaches drawing classes.
  • Make-up.
  • Sport classes.
  • Personal care product manufacturing classes.
  • Among others.

7. Advertising for local businesses

Although digitized advertising is currently the best marketing option, there are many businesses that, due to ignorance, have not dared to try their luck on the Internet.

However, this is something that can be solved if you offer them your services as a social media connoisseur. That is why we recommend you offer advice and participation with the following to earn money :

  • Make a plan in which you set convincing promotions for the public.
  • Advise them and help them take pictures of their premises, products, and others.
  • Integrate the business to the social networks of the moment.
  • Recommend their services on your social profiles.
  • Create creative and useful content to increase your sales.
  • Manage your mailbox.

8. Recommend the services of a new business

If you do not want to complicate yourself so much, recommending the services of a business can also be an action to help increase sales of a newly opened store. This can be very useful for you if you consider that you are a social person and have a large group of friends; You just have to check with the owner of the place if you can charge him for recommending them. Offer among your services the following:

  • Recommendation on your social networks.
  • Make the place known among your neighbors and people close to the place.
  • Talk about the new venture with your friends.
  • Guide new people to the site frequently.
  • Distribute your contact cards with your family, acquaintances, and friends.

9. Teach seniors to join the digital world

Probably at some point in your life, you have had to teach an adult how to use the Internet or the devices with access to it. However, this help has been offered for free, and on many occasions, the person has come back to you with many more questions about it.

Now, if what you need is to increase your income, how about offering the adults in your family or close ones to use everything related to the digital world? This is at a price that they consider accessible and thus obtain greater motivation and time from you. On the other hand, an idea of ​​what you could teach him is:

  • Use of all WhatsApp functions.
  • Where and how applications are downloaded.
  • How to connect to a WiFi network.
  • What social media is used for and how to get the most out of it to communicate with your friends and family?
  • How to make video calls.

10. Sell your crafts

Creativity is undoubtedly a tool that you will need if you want to earn money during your best years of life; It is no secret to anyone that many people lack creative ideas, but if you have a lot of potential to create new and beautiful things, this is your opportunity to generate income with the following ideas:

  • Create gifts to give to couples and friends.
  • If you have sewing skills, produce trendy clothes and sell them online or to your friends.
  • Create action or animated figures with crochet techniques.
  • Sell ​​accessories made by you.
  • If you are good at drawing, then make personalized covers, paintings, backpacks, shoes, or clothing for your clients.

11. Offer your help in the family business

Talking with the adults around you will be a good impulse to start from an early age. In the world, solidarity and cooperation are values ​​that the elderly can generally provide to the young. Therefore, if your family has a family business that you would like to help in exchange for money, it is time to talk to everyone and propose the following ideas:

  • Help with the cleanup.
  • Contribute to customer service on social networks.
  • Provide them with trending ideas, to attract a young audience.
  • Help them with taking pictures and publishing them on their social networks.
  • Manage your business profile on trending social networks.

12. Work as a babysitter or nanny

Working as a babysitter is a job that has been in high demand in recent years, and although there are agencies that offer this service, this job can easily be performed by adolescents.

So, if you notice that in your neighborhood, in your social or family circle, there are parents who need help taking care of their children, offer them your services and start earning money. It should be noted that to carry out this activity, it will be necessary to understand the functions of a babysitter in the home, which are:

  • Protect the health of the child.
  • Attend to the basic needs of the child.
  • Carry out household activities.
  • Maintain communication with parents during your work hours.
  • To be responsible.
  • Play or help the healthy development of the infant’s recreational activities.


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