Passive Income: How to Create Assets That Make Money Without Working

Passive Income: How to Create Assets That Make Money Without Working
In other words, passive income is all those amounts of money that you receive in your bank account without the need for recent work or effort. However, it must be made clear that passive income does not mean that you will not have to do anything at all to obtain it and that it will magically appear in your bank account.

Passive income is about taking advantage of opportunities to achieve it in the medium and long term.

What is passive income:

Unlike active income, which requires your work, effort, and constant dedication, residual income consists of amounts of money that you receive periodically, without having recently worked to generate them.

Specialists, economists, and financial analysts speak of passive income as “the obsession of the rich”, who dedicate an important part of their lives to investing in everything that can put money in their pockets.

Passive income represents one of the starkest differences between financially successful people and those who live under financial stress.

While most people live by buying debt, millionaires go out and buy assets that generate residual income to live comfortably for the rest of their lives.

How do you earn passive income?

Passive Income: How to Create Assets That Make Money Without Working

Although passive income is obtained without the need to work directly, as we already mentioned, it does not appear in your account without first having made a series of decisions and actions consistent with your money.

That is, to learn how to generate passive income, you must first know how money works, and then use this knowledge so that it begins to work for you.

Some ways to generate passive income are:

The investment of money in assets:

For example, the purchase of a house, an apartment, or other property and then rent it and receive money monthly for this concept.

Investing money in stocks:

In this case, the money will be generated from the dividends that are paid monthly for being part (owner, partner, shareholder) of a company or organization.

The investment of money in owning a business:

It is an alternative in the medium or long term since it implies that you learn How to Start a Business, develop it, grow it, and hire people who are in charge of directing it. 

In this case, if you want to start a business, here we leave you more than 50 profitable businesses to start your business from scratch.

Additionally, you can generate passive income with other types of activities. For example, if you are a professional, you can develop online courses; or if you have letter skills, you can write a book.

Even with a YouTube channel with evergreen content -which does not expire- it is possible to obtain what is also known as residual income.

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Examples of passive income:

Passive Income: How to Create Assets That Make Money Without Working

On this subject there is a world of possibilities, the options are varied with different degrees of difficulty, which depend on the opportunities and knowledge of each one, but in general, they will help you generate a residual income in the future.

A company of its own:

It is the dream of many people around the world since it not only implies the possibility of ending that direct dependence on an employer but is also an important source of passive income once you have reached that necessary balance point with a good team of professionals. work that can be done.

This is possible through inventions or artistic creations; It also applies to book authors, movie creators, or songwriters, since it is something that was done once but every opportunity that it is used by another person implies the payment of what is known as royalties

Smartphone Apps:

It is an option that has become very popular in recent years and involves the monetization of these inventions that are highly demanded by many mobile phone users.

The options you have to generate income through a mobile application are the volume of downloads in different online stores, selling products within the same application, associating with brands, and charging for their presence in the App, among others.

Snack or coffee machines :

This idea consists of a very simple option that involves buying the device from authorized agents or someone who wants to sell it.

One of the keys is the location of the machine since it must be a place that you consider strategic within your city, that guarantees a good flow of people that generates sales without your presence.

Sale of insurance policies:

Although for many it is considered a job, this option offers you the possibility of generating passive income since, once you sell the product, the client must renew it every year, which guarantees you an annual income until the person decides to cancel the policy.

Other examples of passive income, depending on the country where you live, is an investment in financial assets such as bonds, debentures, and bills, as well as in the stock market, which will allow you to receive monthly, semi-annually, or annually a monetary recognition that falls within of this category.

Steps to living on passive income:

Passive Income: How to Create Assets That Make Money Without Working

No, it is not a utopia. Yes, it is possible to live comfortably without the need to work eight or even more hours a day.

But, to live on passive income, the fundamental thing is to know the subject in question to be able to invest with much more peace of mind and get the most out of it.

For example, for some specialists in the field, savings accounts are risky investments that are not worth it, since they do not generate higher interest and do not leave any learning or teaching that is useful for the future.

Although each financial reality is quite different, it is possible to offer some general recommendations to be able to live on passive income or so-called residual income:

1. It takes time:

The first thing to understand is that regardless of what anyone may tell you, getting to the point where you can be financially dependent on passive income does require significant effort and is not something you will achieve overnight. , because it is not an easy task.

2. Passive income involves sacrifices:

There are two sacrifices related to passive income that you have to be willing to make. The first has to do with an initial economic investment, and the second is related to an investment of time and effort, where persistence plays a fundamental role as the key to success.

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3. You should advise yourself before making a decision:

Before making an important decision with your money, and defining what you are going to invest it in, you must have criteria that justify your investment. For example, look for an alternative that has great growth potential and brings you money in the medium and long term.

For this, you could consult professionals who are capable of analyzing trends, who know the sector, and who can offer you an accurate recommendation.

4. Franchises are a good option:

You can consider investing your money in a local franchise that has good prospects.

In this way, you will be placing your resources in a business that you already know works well and has a future. Likewise, you can opt for a traditional business with a high probability of success or that involves innovation.

5. Generate residual income with your creativity:

One last piece of advice is to take what is in your head to get the most out of it. In other words, exploit any hidden talent you have and turn it into a business opportunity that, in the long run, becomes an important passive income.

We are talking about creativity at the service of your financial growth.

There are many other recommendations, but the idea is that you choose the one that best suits your current reality and your possibilities. Remember that even if you don’t believe it, you have within your reach many more possibilities than you think to achieve the desired financial independence.

Why is passive income important?

The objective is not to depend solely on salary to obtain income, since it is a very high risk that can be summarized as follows: if work stops for one reason or another, the income of money also stops and that is very serious.

We cannot be slaves to that income that implies the consideration of service but rather opt for other alternatives, through leverage, to achieve the long-awaited financial freedom.

When we structure a passive income it is because we have formed a flow that will be constantly entering without the need for a fixed work schedule as happens with conventional jobs and active income.

This is why you must keep in mind that this type of income requires a significant effort, although it is also valid to say that it is very well worth it.

On the other hand, if you do not have a lot of money to start your path to financial freedom, you should not be discouraged, because you can start with a modest investment.

How to generate passive income online:

Passive Income: How to Create Assets That Make Money Without Working

Among the many possibilities that exist to achieve passive income, the Internet can become a great ally, with considerably attractive alternatives, taking into account that they do not imply a high initial investment.

To start, here we leave you 30 ideas to earn money online.

Those who are dedicated to this area recommend great projects that can change your life. The basic idea behind it is to make money without relying on conventional income by looking at a much bigger picture with the help of the network.

Like conventional passive income, when creating an online business you must work so that it generates results. Remember that this requires effort, dedication, and hours of work, otherwise, it will not work.

Here are some passive income online ideas:

Affiliate Marketing:

If you have time available and do not want to continue being a slave to your fortnights, you can join the affiliate market.

This consists of advertising third-party products and earning a commission every time a customer buys any of these items or services. Depending on the platform the commissions have different percentages.

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Create your digital products:

Another alternative is to create your own products and it does not necessarily have to be something physical, but rather intellectual such as online courses, videos, books, texts, images, infographics, and audio that you can promote using different platforms.

Advertising on your website:

A third option is to allow your website, blog, or YouTube channel, to name a few examples, to display ads from advertising platforms like Google AdSense. 

The key to generating interesting passive income is to generate traffic, that is, the more visits you have, the higher your income will be.

For this last idea, you must have a website or a content blog where you can charge for your exclusive content. The more specific and specialized the content, the more profitable your website can be since you will be solving a specific need for the community that reads you.

Based on what you’ve just read, internet business opportunities will have a greater chance of success as you build a significant following.

For this reason, before putting a product on the online market, it is advisable to work first to build an audience that will surely support you later in your venture.

How to create assets that generate passive income:

Passive Income: How to Create Assets That Make Money Without Working

The good news is that it is not a requirement to have significant capital to create or build assets that generate passive income.

For example, easy assets that generate residual income could be web applications, real estate, dividend-paying stocks, social media content, YouTube videos, web pages, and a blog with traffic and advertising.

The creation of an asset certainly requires time, effort, and, likewise, resources, since for it to have the definition of an asset it must be able to be monetized; that is, you must invest money in your pocket.

Although we can also talk about something as simple as a computer, which is an asset that can very well generate passive income. It is an asset that, in short, can very well work for you, while you do other activities.

The key to passive income is precisely to generate money without the need for our physical presence. The idea is to delegate and make use of tools and systems that we have within our reach to leverage ourselves and achieve the objective.

Remember that you will not necessarily want to do what you currently do all your life or perhaps you will not have the same energy or time to do it and it is precisely at that moment when you will need passive income or residual income.

Finally, the million-dollar question, does passive income exist?

On passive income there is a lot to cut because there are many opinions that exist about it, even some experts say that they do not exist, or that they are not really what they seem.

Detractors of passive income claim that money does not actually work for us in a “magical” way, as some financial gurus claim, and that residual income as the key to financial freedom does not exist.

The argument they offer is that it is simply a utopia, an idea that sells a lot. But, according to them, the investment of time that is made to achieve residual income makes them stop being passive since you have to look for the investment, analyze it, make operations, and then monitor it, which means an activity.

However, with these ideas that you have just read, you can be certain that although you must work to generate income, when you develop a business or model that works without you, and more importantly, that generates income without your effort or work directly, you will be closer to achieving your financial independence.


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