Voice Over Jobs: How To Make Money Doing Voice Overs And Narrations From Home 

Voice Over Jobs: How To Make Money Doing Voice Overs And Narrations From Home 

Did you know that you can earn money from home using your voice? Several companies will hire you for various voice-over acting (or simply voice-over) jobs and in some cases, you will be able to earn money working on your own.

What is Voice Over or Voice Over Acting?

Voice Over refers to the off-camera recording of narration or dialogue that accompanies many audio and video productions. The announcers who emit these voices are known as Voice Over Actors and the practice of recording these voices is called Voice Over Acting.

In simple terms: voice-over occurs in all other places where you hear a voice, but don’t see the person speaking. It is also known as voice-over or voice-over.

Voice-over tasks are very similar to dubbing, but voice-over involves much more. They are not limited to videos either, since among the voice-over jobs you can also find narration or audiobook reading positions.

What do voice-over jobs consist of?

Recording a voice-over (also known as voice-over or voice-over) is generally straightforward: Actors are called upon to read the scripts aloud to create a recording that will be used to create: 

  • Radio ads
  • Audiobooks
  • Promotional videos
  • Cartoon
  • Dubbing of TV shows, movies, and documentaries
  • News reports
  • Video game voices
  • Advertisements
  • … And much more

Requirements for voice-over jobs

You don’t need a formal education to get a voice-over job. In fact, due to the need for these jobs, almost anyone is eligible to get these jobs.

To get a voice-over job, you will generally need to have good modulation and the ability to read a script with the right tone, emotion, clarity, and enunciation.

While there is no standard training for voice-over jobs, acting and modulation courses will be advantageous when looking for a job. In addition to learning voice control techniques, good communication skills will come in handy.

Another big advantage: you don’t need to have expensive equipment for voice-over jobs. Just like transcription jobs, you can start working with:

  • Computer or laptop
  • Good quality microphone (doesn’t have to be expensive, we recommend this one )
  • Free audio recording and editing software (such as Audacity )

How much money can you earn doing voice-over?

Most voice-over jobs tend to pay on a project basis, which means you won’t necessarily earn by the hour or as a salaried employee.

Voice-over actors typically earn between $10,000 and $55,000 a year, though they also have the opportunity to earn much more thanks to the royalties you can earn from these jobs.

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The best VO actors in the world can easily make over $100,000 a year, but that’s certainly not the norm.

Voice Over is like any other business. Slow at first, but as you gain experience and work hard, you find good ways to earn a living.

In addition, the gains are amplified due to the great employment opportunities. When talking about voice-over jobs, most people only think of cartoons and commercials.

But think of all the other places where you hear a voice but don’t see the person speaking: phone greetings, web videos, audiobooks, company instructional videos, safety videos, video games, apps, educational videos, etc.

In addition, by arranging and specializing in a niche market, you can find new job opportunities that allow you to obtain a higher salary.

Voice over jobs that PAY THE MOST this year

To be successful and earn a living working as a voice actor or voice-over actor, it is important to note that your results will depend on the industry in which you specialize.

Here are the highest-paying and most-in-demand voice-over jobs : (we’ll show you where to get these jobs later).


This is perhaps the easiest way to get started doing voice-over. Audiobooks have always been a good resource for the visually impaired, travelers, and people who prefer not to read, so they’re in high demand.

This year, we’ve seen audiobook sales boom, thanks to services like Audible, where a good book is just a click away.

You can earn money in two ways doing voiceovers with audiobooks: you can write your book (it’s not that difficult, and we’ll tell you how ) or you can create audiobooks for other people.

Usually, writers prefer not to read their books and hire voice-over actors or narrators to create an audiobook. This has created several high-paying job opportunities.


When was the last time you saw a voiceless advertisement? These ads are everywhere: on the radio, on TV, and on the Internet (for example every time you watch a YouTube video).

Many companies need the voice of people for the creation of advertisements and are willing to pay very well because they know that they will get more sales from their products and services.

Video games

According to the Statista site, almost 10,000 video games are released on the market each year (and the trend continues to grow). The vast majority of these games require the work of narration actors and voice-over staff. These jobs are often very well paid and are in high demand in many languages.

Dubbing of films and documentaries

Thanks to the rise of special effects (known as CGI), movie producers have less need for live actors, which has produced a high demand for voice actors (voice-over actors).

Jobs multiply when you consider that translating and dubbing movies means hiring new staff for each language.

Voice Over on television

Most of the voice-over work is concentrated on animated television. Consider jobs offered by children’s television networks like Nickelodeon and Cartoon Network. There’s a voice actor behind each of those characters (and that’s not counting the cartoons that aren’t intended for kids).

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Virtual reality

This is perhaps the most promising industry that will present tons of opportunities for voice-over actors. We live in a time where virtual reality is getting more and more advanced (and the advances aren’t just limited to video games). As the VR industry advances, so do the opportunities for voice actors everywhere.

Where to find voice-over jobs (some to work from home)

Are you ready to start earning money doing voice-over? We will tell you how to find a job as a beginner or without experience in the industry.

We are going to break down the opportunities available based on skill and experience levels.

minimal computer equipment, a microphone, and free audio recording and editing software (such as Audacity),

1. Fiverr

The best way to find voice-over jobs as a beginner

If you want to start making money doing voice-over, Fiverr.com is a good place to find voice-over jobs.

Getting started on Fiverr will help you get a taste of what working as a voiceover means and you will be able to determine if this way of making money online really appeals to you.

It’s relatively easy to find job offers that will pay you $5 to record birthday greetings, announcements, and the like.

Of course, the $5 you’re going to collect is just the beginning. Since you can add “extras” to your service and earn more than $5 on each order. We explain how to do this in How to make money on Fiverr.

Another excellent resource for finding legitimate voice-over jobs is FlexJobs. You can find jobs all over the world, and they are 100% legit.

NOTE: You can also search for voice-over jobs on places like Freelancer.comUpworkGuru, and these other recommended sites.

See available jobs


Being an industry leader in voice jobs, Voices.com is quite efficient when searching for voice-over, voice-over, voice-over, and narration jobs.

You need to create a free account with your basic information, and once you find a potential client, you can submit your audition.

Voices.com also has a premium account option, but it’s not required to get the job. They also feature VoiceMatch technology that connects you with the right talent for the right project.

With over 200,000 registered users on the website, it is surely a popular platform for finding jobs. Depending on the project being worked on, compensation can range from $100 to over $1,500.

You can create your account from anywhere in the world, and you will get better job opportunities if you are bilingual.

See available jobs


This is another voice platform that hires voice-over artists and voice-over artists. It has more than 28,000 voice actors listed on its portal, and constantly connects voice actors with prestigious companies.

The application process is quite in-depth, and you need to pass a series of tests to get approved. Once approved, your profile will be shown to companies offering employment.

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We like this site because they give you the freedom to set your rates, and there are no commissions or subscription fees. Voiceover projects typically pay around $31.

See available jobs


You can apply for a job by contacting them via the “Contact Us” link. We suggest adding a resume to the list or a link to voiceover samples you’ve done (for example, your Fiverr profile and grades received).

Depending on the job demand they have, they will contact you and start you on the path of the professional world.

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This company has more than 250,000 narration, locution, and voice-over jobs. This site matches companies with potential voice-over actors for various projects.

To see the available jobs, you just have to create an online profile with your data.

Voice123 also has a paid membership with exclusive auditions, but this subscription is not required to find a job. You can find good companies with the free option.

See available jobs

6. Filmless

Filmless is a platform that connects you with companies that have jobs related to filmmaking, video editing, and graphic design. You only have to register for free and you will be able to see the existing job offers.

See available jobs

7. The Voice Realm

The Voice Realm is another platform that features hundreds of companies offering voice-over jobs to narrators, broadcasters, and more.

To find job offers, you need to register your details for free. You’ll have a better chance of finding a high-paying job by submitting your application along with proof of your work.

Once submitted, it may take some time as the companies must review your application. If you succeed, they will contact you to hire you.

See available jobs

8. Bodalgo

This company hires voice artists globally and has a huge voiceover talent base of thousands of people. Once you register online and are accepted, you can view the published projects and submit your voice-over samples along with your fees.

If you are selected, you will receive job proposals and details on how to start the project. There are no commissions or subscriptions for signing up.

See available jobs

Make Money Doing Voice-Over: Conclusion

With the rise of audiobooks, voice acting is becoming more important. So if you think you have the talent, give it a try.

Our best advice: If you’re not ready to jump right into this industry, start with a few test projects on a site like Fiverr.

You can join for free, offer your services and start earning money now. After completing a few jobs on Fiverr, you’ll have a pretty good idea of ​​whether or not you have what it takes to move on.

Plus, by then, you’ll have made enough money to justify paying for one of those larger job site membership plans.

If you have questions about how to make money doing voiceovers or about voice-over jobs, leave us a comment and we will do our best to help you.


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