What Professions Are Well Paid In The USA?

What Professions Are Well Paid In The USA?

The USA is one of the most profitable countries when it comes to working, however, the competition is tough, not to mention that most careers have a study time of five years. For this reason, we will list the best markets and short vocations with a maximum duration of 6 months and good remuneration; a quick outlet for good money.

Dental hygiene

Knowledge of oral inspection and dental hygiene are necessary to avoid diseases and inform customers about how to take care of their health, a clear example is to explain what are the best products to eliminate bacteria. But how well does it pay? The average salary is 70k US dollars annually, while the maximum exceeds 100k. The industry is growing by six percent every 12 months, suggesting that the demand for trained personnel is increasing.

The sonographer (medical diagnosis)

To be a diagnostic medical technician you must learn to use ultrasound technology to capture images; therefore, you must be able to read such images to accurately diagnose and treat patients. It is a delicate branch, so the average salary is 76k dollars, while its maximum amounts to 105k. On the other hand, the need for trained personnel maintains growth of 17% every year.

Registered nurse

It is a vocation to which both men and women can apply, what is its purpose? Provide and coordinate patient care in nursing centers, hospitals, and health environments that request this service. About its growth rate, due to the increase in the elderly population, employment positions increase by seven percent annually. What is the average salary? At least 75k dollars, while the maximum exceeds 115k without worries.

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Computer engineer

In the USA, computer science and programming predominate. Only the first two largest companies in the world, Apple and Microsoft, are located in the country. However, most of the careers that you must study to enter them are long. So we bet on computer programming, considering that it is the simplest of the market and all companies need to be trained personnel to make their machines work, repair them, format them, etc. You can also dedicate yourself to the repair of cell phones, tablets, consoles, desktop computers, laptops, smart watches, smart TVs, and more. You just need to know the basics of programming and software installation. How much can you get? An average of 80k a year and a maximum of 150k or more. Regarding the growth of the sector, it increased by eight percent.


It is considered by far the shortest career in the USA, considering that you only have to invest an entire month to receive your certificate. And how much is the return on investment? At least 40k a year, with a maximum of 90k. Many think that physiotherapy, is not in high demand, but it maintains a constant growth of 19%, almost five times the average of all other vocations. What should be your responsibilities? Ensure the condition of your clients, ensure their recovery throughout the rehabilitation, and know what the best care practices are.


You have to perform tests on older adults, take ultrasound images, and assist during surgeries for conditions related to cardiovascular health. The average salary of a cardiologist fluctuates between 40-60k dollars, but a professional with a couple of years of experience is capable of earning more than 95k. When it comes to supply growth, it’s increasing by five percent every year.

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The maximum duration of this career is 6 months, and the best thing is that it is a certification that you can acquire online, you just have to find an academy that provides it to you. As far as its profitability is concerned, the minimum you can earn is $40k, but the maximum is almost $100k. And don’t forget that their job growth is estimated at eight percent. It’s complicated? During the training you will be taught how to manage, treat, and install electrical current in buildings and homes, everything depends on how you assimilate the information in the course.


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