19 Tools to Create Images, Quotes, and Memes

19 Tools to Create Images, Quotes, and Memes

Every time users want to get and have tools that are easy to use, available, and accessible for any digital device, at any time and at any time.


Today I present these 19 tools that will help and support you to create images, phrases, quotes, and memes.


Benefits of using these tools

  • Accessibility at all hours and at any time.
  • No need to install programs on our computer, phone, or tablet
  • Can be used from any device
  • Easy to learn and use
  • You can create and edit any image
  • It has no cost


Tools for creating images

#1. Desygner

This website allows you to easily create any type of image, it is easy to use and learn, you do not need to be a graphic designer to use it, you can create images instantly.



#2. Canva

It is the tool most used by users, it is easy to use, it has the option of dragging and dropping graphic elements, it allows creating different images of different sizes, adapted to the needs of each social network.

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Tools to create cover or covers of social networks


#1 . Coverjunction

It is a free web tool, you do not need to register to use it, it is easy to use and you can create Facebook covers in less than 1 minute and thus always have something new to show 




#2. AmazingProCovers

It is a web page that allows you to create a different cover, header, or header for the Facebook social network, it has hundreds of professional images to be adapted to the needs of each brand.

The headers stored in AmazingProCovers can be downloaded in PSD format, this allows us to edit them in the Photoshop tool. 




#3 . FirstCovers

FirstCovers gathers thousands of images to be able to design a cover adjusted to the dimensions or size required by the Facebook social network, within this web portal we can find different cover categories, so I invite you to browse and review this place. 




Tools to create quotes or phrases

#1. Quozio

This tool allows you to create images with phrases or quotes of any text that you want to use, you can add the name of the creator of the phrases, select the background you want and that’s it, you already have your image, you can share the image on social networks, send it by email or download it. 




#2. Mega Cool Text

This tool allows you to create phrases with different fonts offered by the said tool, you can embed the phrase and add it to the web page or blog you want, share them on social networks and download them. 

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#3 . PixTeller

It is a complete web tool, you can create images with quotes or text, but you can create images of different sizes for social networks, banners, cover for social networks, among others. http://www.pixteller.com/


#4. Pictotool

It is a web application that allows you to create images with quotes or phrases, very original and creative, all images have a photo and are accompanied by text, you can choose different formats.




#5. PicFont

One of the most complete online tools to create images from texts. It has many options, we can even apply filters to beautify the images or insert cliparts. 




6 – Recite

It is very easy to use and allows you to create impressive images. You just have to choose a template and write the text you want; there are many templates to choose from.




#7 . AddText

You can easily and quickly create images and memes with quotes or phrases. You can choose the different styles, fonts, and the size of the texts and thus customize your phrases. 




#8 . LiveLuvCreate

LiveLuvCreate is a website, which allows you to create beautiful and simple images with famous thoughts, phrases, and quotes.

You can apply different filters, layouts, and backgrounds. It has an internal community, where all users who participate in the platform, exchange their phrases, designs, and professional opinions.




#9. Paul

It is a tool where you can create images with quotes and phrases in a matter of seconds. 

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Tools to create a meme


#1. SuperLame

It is a tool that allows you to create comic-book style images, it is a very fun and easy-to-use tool and I know you will love it.




#2. Meme Creator

This web tool has a large collection of images for creating memes of all kinds, it also allows you to upload your own images to create memes.

It is easy to use and you can create images in a few seconds. 




#3 . Livememe

It is a directory with the most viral memes at the moment, it also allows you to create custom memes and the images can be quickly exported to Reddit.




#4. Quickmeme

It allows you to create and customize memes to your liking and it also allows you to download and spread them on social networks.




#5. Meme Dad

It is a site where you can create memes, but its disadvantage is that for each image you create it must have a watermark. It also allows you to link it to Reddit.




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